Healing at the Deepest Level: The Zero Point & Stillness

We all know that for solving any problem, we need to go to the Root of the problem and then resolve it. The deeper we go, the better.

In case of our body too, when any disease starts, it starts in the form of a disturbance in either Energy or Order at a very deep quantum level from where it starts creating impact on upper levels and at the end of it, the disturbance manifests into a disease which we can see as a physical form in the body.

In most cases people make the mistake of treating the symptom which doesn’t help at all. This primarily happens because the symptom is the only thing that we see and feel and therefore have an inclination towards treating it. This is however a mistake. The principle of problem solving says that never solve a symptom, solve the cause and the symptom will automatically disappear. Resolving the issue at a surface level doesn’t help.

The Root cause of the problem / illness is often hidden deep within and people don’t bother to go deeper.  However, one must note that if we simply treat a health issue at a superficial level but do not resolve it at the deepest level where it has started, then the problem will soon return.

Therefore, in the process of healing, the deeper we go, the better is the effect we get to see.  Now, let’s understand what we mean by going deeper into the body for healing.

If we have to treat a Body, we need to go down a level deeper i.e. an Organ Level . That’s where a surgeon goes and tries to treat the problem by cutting, correcting, adjusting, stitching, or replacing things physically.

If we have to go further deeper, then we need to go down to a Cellular level, where probably treatment such as nutrition therapy, Ayurveda, Herbal Therapy /Naturopathy etc would work. If we had to go deeper, we would have to go further deeper to an Atomic level where treatment would be done by using various medicines/ drugs / chemicals / chemotherapy etc used by doctors following conventional medicine or Allopathy. If we had to go deeper than this, we would need to go to a  Sub-Atomic / Nano Particle level, where healing methods such as Homeopathy work.

If we decide to go further deeper to do the healing, then below nano particles, there are Waves. (Waves come together and form Particles). So, treatment at this level is done using Radiation therapy, Light therapy, Colour Therapy, Sound therapy etc..

However, if we decide to go further deeper, then below waves, then below waves there’s Nothing. Waves are created from a state of complete stillness, a complete state of nothingness. So, if we want to go down to the deepest level to do the healing, then we need to access this state. This state is called as the Zero Point. It’s a state of Stillness. It’s a godlike state, as rightly described by Eckhart Tolle.

We all have the ability to access the state of Zero point if we want. However, for this, we need to be able to completely silence the mind. The mind keeps jumping to the Past or Future and rarely allows us to experience the zero point. At the Zero point, the mind simply doesn’t exist. it disappears, and then from that arises a state of bliss, stillness and complete unity with the universe. It is simple to achieve this state if we really wish so. I can teach you how to do this.

Once we reach the zero point, our body or the  body of the person we are treating instantly creates a correction in Energy and Order, thereby eliminating the root cause of the disease. Then in an instant, all other levels above undergo a change and we can see healing happening almost instantly.

I recently treated a lady with breast cancer & metastatic cancer spread at many other places  and she told me that she could feel the lumps in her breast and other parts simply dissolve and move out of her system the moment I started treating her. Recently, after a couple of months, and a few chemo sessions, her doctor was surprised to see the unbelievable healing that had taken place.

I have witnessed more than 500 healing events of various types over the last 2-3 years which people called as miracles since they couldn’t understand the simple process and logic behind it.

The Zero point is like a Still pond of water. Just drop a small tiny intention into it and it will instantly create ripples.  It’s a zone full of Love, Oneness, Silence and Stillness. A state of Non-Duality with the universe and a state of Complete Bliss . and in this state, each one of us has the potential to heal anything that’s out of place.

For more information on this healing method and two other very powerful healing techniques, you can refer to an e- book that I have published on Amazon. The link is given below:



Healing my car’s dying battery

This experience of healing my car’s battery is something which any logical person will not believe to be true. I’m quite sure that most of you would definitely laugh at this. In fact, being an engineer, I too would not have accepted it if someone else had told me this. Here’s what happened.

My car’s battery had started giving me trouble. For several days, every morning I would have trouble starting the car. I knew that it had already completed 3.5 years and was practically on the verge of dying. Due to a busy schedule, I was somehow not able to spare time to get it replaced.  It was not charging well, neither it was holding charge for long. At long signals, if I would turn off my car, it would have trouble starting. After several instances where I had trouble with the ignition, I got the battery inspected by a battery technician who told me that the life of this battery was absolutely over and that it I could land up in trouble anytime if I did not get it changed immediately. He said that  there was no solution apart from replacement.

Once, when I was traveling towards Powai, a suburb of Mumbai for a meeting with a client, on the way, the battery died and my car wouldn’t start at all. I tried the ignition multiple times but it didn’t help. The fan was working at very slow speed and same was with lights too which clearly indicated that the battery was dying. The horn was also not working.

I thought of trying after waiting for a while and so, about 5 minutes later tried again without any success. The only option left was to push start the car and travel to a battery shop to buy a new battery. Unfortunately there was nobody who could help me with giving a push, and I didn’t know where I could find a battery shop nearby.

Suddenly a crazy thought crossed my mind. I questioned myself, by any chance, would the heart energy healing or the Listening to Bio field method work on my battery. Laughed at myself on this stupid illogical thought and dropped the idea. Tried ignition a couple of times and soon realized that by this time the battery was completely dead. The horn too was not working, neither were the lights.

Finally, said to myself, what’s the harm in trying. Why not give it a try?
So I opened the bonnet and started moving my palms above the battery trying to listen to my battery with my palms. Luckily there was nobody around to see me waving my hands over the battery like a crazy person. In a few seconds, I started feeling very strong vibrations on my palms. I was amused and continued the healing, holding an intention in my mind to revive the battery. My own belief in the process was very low since the engineer inside me was telling me that this was the most stupid thing ever and there was no chance that a completely dead battery would get revived by doing this.

In about 3-4 minutes, to check if there was any change, I decided to try turning the ignition and while I had zero hopes, to my surprise, in my first attempt the engine turned on. I was glad that my car had started and that now I could at least reach a reliable battery shop near my residence and get it replaced.

To my surprise, all the symptoms of a dying battery had instantly disappeared.
The horn was sounding good. Fan was working fine, and the low battery indicator too which was earlier coming on occasionally was now off. I thought of observing it for a couple of days more before taking a decision to replace. However, in a week’s time I realized that there seemed to be no reason to replace it. To be on the safer side, I took my car to a battery shop to get it inspected and the technician checked it using his measuring gadgets and told me that it was perfectly fine. He topped it up with some battery water and told me that there was nothing wrong with the battery. it was charging well and was holding charge perfectly. You will be surprised to know that after this incident, for next 6 months, till the time I sold my car, the battery did not trouble me even once.

I knew that the healing technique worked on humans, but for the first time I had seen it giving a wonderful healing outcome for something that we call as Non-Living. We often forget that it is the same universal energy that is flowing through us as well as through everything Living or Non-Living on earth. In fact there is nothing that is Non Living. Everything is just a different form of the same universal energy. I encourage you to learn this technique. My blog has detailed steps, however, do let me know if you want further guidance.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Healing a beautiful Blue Bird

This happened in the month of May 2017 when I was on a holiday with my family at Tall trees resort which is a lovely riverside resort a few kilometers before Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

After having a lovely sumptuous lunch, we were relaxing in our cottage when all of a sudden there was a very loud sound of something crashing into the window pane of our cottage. I got up and thought of going outside into the veranda to check what had happened. As I stood up, through the long glass window, I was able to see a beautiful blue bird that had fallen to the floor and was completely motionless.

All of us inside were watching it and for about a minute there was no sign of any movement. It was completely unconscious. Soon, its partner came beside it, and tried to revive it, but without any success. Its partner seemed to be very disturbed and tried its best to make it move by pushing it and pecking it with its beak.

There was a mark on the glass pane too indicating that it was a very severe impact for the bird. With no signs of revival, I decided to do some healing for it.  I went close to the bird and seeing me, its partner immediately flew away and perched itself on a branch nearby watching me. I sat next to the bird and held my hands out. I used both Heart energy healing and the technique of listening to the bird’s bio field for about 10 minutes to help it heal.

Soon the bird was looking better and was moving a bit but was still not ready to fly off on itself. After a while, I gently slid my hand below it and took the lovely bird in my hand. Its eyes were open but it was not moving its wings neither its neck. I continued the healing process for about 5-7 minutes. Soon the bird seemed to be happy and comfortably sitting on my palm. Never in my life had I seen such a beautiful bird from so near.

After a while, though I was delighted to have the bird in my hand, I finally decided to slowly push it in the air in an attempt to check if it could fly now. As soon as I did that, the bird flapped its wings and flew up into the sky. Its partner which was eagerly waiting nearby, joined it almost instantly and they both flew away into the woods.

Triangulation: A Powerful Healing Technique

I have found Triangulation to be a very powerful method of healing, and in today’s post, I am sharing the method by which this is done.

Like any other healing method, the prerequisite for this method too is a deep sense of awareness of the present moment. If you maintain awareness on your body for a certain duration of time, it normally automatically leads to a feeling of peace, calmness and joy within just a few minutes. Once this feeling of stillness has kicked in, the healing process can begin. Over a period of time, you will notice that as soon as you take up a case for healing, this calm state of stillness will automatically come up.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Place one palm on the part that you desire to heal. Let’s call this as point ‘A’. Now become completely aware of point A, as intensely as you can. Feel the touch of your skin with the other’s body, feel the temperature or pressure at that point. Feel the surface of contact. Feel anything that is happening in your palm as you touch point A. Be aware of this for about 30 seconds to a minute.
  2. Now, intuitively place your other palm on any other point on the body of the person that you are healing. Let’s call this point as Point ‘B’ . Note that there’s no particular way to choose this second point. simply go by what your mind tells you. Become fully aware of this point too, as intensely as you were aware of Point A. feel the touch, sensations, pressure, temperature etc.. with as much awareness as you can maintain.
  3. Now, simultaneously bring your attention to Point A and Point B together as intensely as you can and then simply add a 3rd Dimension let’s call it Point C . Point C is nothing else but the feeling of stillness and bliss that is within you as a result of your own awareness of your body and witnessing the whole process.  Just be aware of A,B, and C together, and hold on to that awareness for 4-5 minutes.

Since the last 6 months, i.e. starting from Jan 2019, I have used this method very frequently for doing healing treatment and it has given me excellent results. When I use this method, usually within a minute, the person I’m healing starts feeling changes happening inside. This are in the form of twitches, shifts, movement, flow, jerks etc.. which I call as healing indicators.

I usually ask people to rate the intensity of their problem/ pain/ discomfort on a 1-10 scale prior to the treatment and then make them rate it after the treatment. In most cases there is a significant change either immediately or in a day’s time.

I have observed that the healing process depends largely on the feeling of stillness and joy that I experience i.e. Point C within myself. For you, getting this feeling simply depends on your level of awareness on your body. I have charged this page with my consciousness of my being and ideally, as you read this, the frequencies would have already made a change within your consciousness too. To check, stop reading for a moment, take your awareness inside to your spine and check if right now, you feel a much deeper sense of calmness, stillness and joy. I’m sure you must be feeling it.

If this method excites you and you want to learn this, drop me a message and I will be glad to help you learn this. Have a great day ahead !!

Frozen Shoulder healed in 5 minutes

I was traveling to Gujarat for a 2-Day training program, and as usual, I told my participants on day 1 that if any of them had any physical ailments that weren’t getting cured by conventional treatment, I would be glad to help them out with the healing method that I used.

A participant told me that he was suffering from Frozen shoulder and that he wanted me to help him heal that. He put both of his arms out sideways and showed me  how his hands were barely going up to a horizontal level and if he tried to push them up, it was terribly painful.

I told him that I would work on him during the 10 minute tea break and accordingly, after having a cup of tea, I started working on his right shoulder and right hand. I used my palms to sense the energy field around his shoulder and upper arms and soon started getting strong communication signals from his body. I kept listening to the signals and kept working on his shoulder for about 5 minutes.

Then I stopped and asked him to check his hands. when he put his hand out, to his amazement, his hand could go completely up vertically, and that too without any pain, which was something that was impossible for him to do previously. All others who were watching this too were surprised on seeing this miraculous change. I told him that I would work on his other shoulder and hand too in the evening after the day 1 training session was over.

As promised, I worked on his shoulder and hand in the evening for 5 minutes but there was no change in his condition at all. The right hand had become perfect but the left side wasn’t getting cured. I too was wondering why it didn’t work this time. I told him that I’d try again next day in the morning and when I tried it again in the morning, it still didn’t work. I realized that there was something that was blocking the process.

Then I felt that my mind or his mind that was attached to the outcome was probably blocking the process. So I decided to completely drop my attachment to the result and I also decided to treat him when he was not aware that I was working on him.

During a particular topic, I had given participants some group work and they were fully engrossed in building a certain model.  I quietly stood behind this person and without his knowledge, started working on his left shoulder standing a couple of feet away. After doing the treatment for about 5-7 minutes, I tapped on his shoulder and he was startled to see me behind.

I asked him to try lifting his left hand up and to his shock and surprise, he was able to lift it completely to the top of his head. he checked and realized that he was now able to comfortably and painlessly lift both of his hands up above his head.

He later told me that he had undergone several months of physiotherapy for this problem without any results and was very happy that in just 24 hours, his frozen shoulder was completely cured.

The above story is from the year 2016 sometime in November or December. I have another recent experience of healing frozen shoulder in 5 minutes, which I will share in another post.

If this experience excites you, I recommend that you too should consider learning this wonderful method of healing.


Twisted/Sprained leg that troubled for an year healed in 5 minutes

This is a very interesting experience that I had in 2017. This happens to be one of my early experiences in healing and was instrumental in encouraging me and pushing me deeper into further practice and experimenting.

A yoga teacher who’s known to my father had slipped from a carpet at home an year ago and her leg had got slightly twisted due to the fall and she was unable to walk properly. She also experienced pain in her knee and entire leg.

She had tried various treatments but nothing worked. She was unable to get into several yoga postures due to this and was affecting her ability to do demonstrations during her yoga training sessions. She was unable to walk properly and had pain.

One day, my father casually mentioned to her about the healing treatment that I do, and asked her to give it a try. She agreed and the very next day I went to her home for doing the healing treatment. I too was not sure whether it would work since these were the early days of my own practice and experimentation with these healing methods. However I decided to give it a try.

I made her lie down comfortably, focused my attention to her legs. Then I started using my palms to listen to her right leg keeping my palms about 10-12 inches above her body. I consciously kept moving my hands trying to catch the signals that her leg was sending. In a few minutes she said that she had started feeling strong vibrations in her knee. In a few minutes more she noticed that her knee joint(especially the cap) was actually moving inside as if it was trying to adjust itself into a particular position.

I had focused my entire awareness on her body and was watching what was visible outside as a result of what was happening inside her leg. Within the next few minutes, we were both shocked to see her entire right leg shake, move and turn automatically in one direction by a few degrees and set itself in a proper place.

Instantly her pain reduced and she started feeling better. I asked her to stand up and walk and to her surprise she was able to walk normally without any pain. She said that her legs were feeling very relaxed and light.

While I was delighted with the healing that had taken place almost instantly, I felt sorry for the fact that she had to suffer for almost an year while the solution could have been achieved in just a few minutes had she approached me earlier. Everything has its time and now the time had come, is the only thing that I could comment.

Severe Leg and Back Pain vanished within a day.

I recently had a very interesting experience of healing a lady who was suffering from severe leg and back pain and had almost become restricted to her bed for a couple of months.

One day our housemaid mentioned to my wife that her sister in law was suffering from severe pain in her leg and back was unable to walk. My wife told her that I would help her out but at that time I was continuously traveling for various training assignments for days together, and this slipped off my mind.

In the meanwhile this lady consulted various doctors and underwent treatment without getting any relief. Her condition had become so bad that finally she completely stopped going to work and was restricted to her home. She could barely walk from her bed and had intense pain. Doctors suggested MRI scan, CT scan and various other tests. However, none of these could lead to any diagnosis. She also tried massage therapy and several other treatments without any results and finally was dependent on pain killers daily.

One day, when I was back from a hectic training schedule, my housemaid reminded me of her sister in law and told me that now it was more than 2 months that she was in pain and had not even gone to her office. Since my housemaid herself had experienced the power of this healing method (in 2016, she was the first person I had tried this on) , she requested me to help her sister in law without any further delay.

I went to her place the same day and did a healing session for her leg and back for about 20 Minutes. I used both techniques i.e. Listening to the Body’s energy field using my palms as well as the Heart Energy Healing  for 10 minutes each. Though I was feeling very strong vibrations and signals in my palms,  she was not feeling any change inside  her body nor any relief.  I almost felt that this was not going o work for her. I asked her to wait for 1 day and let me know what happens next morning.

Surprisingly next day she told me that she was able to walk properly and almost 70-80 % pain had disappeared. I realized that the treatment was working and did one more session for about 15 minutes the next day. The very next day she told me that she was perfectly normal and immediately resumed her duties at her workplace.  People at her home were amazed since after suffering so badly for more than 2 months and after trying several treatments, none of which worked, this simple method of healing could get her back on her feet in just 2 consecutive short sessions done over 2 days.

My house maid still believes that I have god’s gift of healing and I keep telling her that this is something that anyone and everyone can easily learn and practice.  If this story excites you about the power of this healing method, what are you waiting for … Learn this immediately and become a healer.

Heart Energy Healing: Severe Neck pain gone in minutes

I have a very interesting experience in healing sever neck pain that I would like to share with you. In December 2016, I was at Delhi for conducting a training workshop for Reliance General Insurance and during our tea break, I told participants about the healing that I do, and asked if anyone had any health issues that I could help them with. One person who had severe neck pain approached me and I started working on him using the Heart Energy Healing method.

I told him to sit comfortably on a chair about 2-3 feet in front of me. After sending him healing energy of love from my heart chakra for about 5 minutes, I asked him to check and he was surprised to find that he was able to move his neck comfortably towards the left and then to his right and the pain had completely vanished.

He then asked me whether I had touched his neck during the process. When I replied in the negative and told him that all the time I was standing a couple of feet away from him, he was shocked and told me that he actually felt a pair of hands grab his neck from behind, pull his entire head up forcefully and set in place the upper bones of his spine, after which the neck had become free and pain had vanished. All the time he was thinking that I was doing it with my hands.

We both realized that there was something else at play here and someone or something beyond me was present there quietly doing whatever was required to heal the problem.

He was delighted to find that the severe pain that he had for several months had vanished with just five minutes of treatment. The healing power of Heart Energy i.e. Love is indeed amazing.

Healing by Listening to the Body at Zero Point: A healing experience

Today, I am sharing with you an early experience in healing that I had sometime in September 2016 when I had just started experimenting with this healing method (Healing by listening to the Body).

I was traveling to Gandhidham in Gujarat by train for conducting a Training workshop at Adani Ports. A lady of age Approx 50-55 sitting in my compartment appeared to be in pain and was searching for something in her luggage. after a while, I asked her about it, she said that she was suffering from Varicose Veins and that she had severe pain in her leg. She was searching for her tablets but it seems she had forgotten to carry them.

Since she was in pain, I mentioned to her about the treatment that I do and that I could try it on her leg. To be on the safer side, I warned her that I had never used this on Varicose Veins and wasn’t sure if it would work at all, however was going to give a sincere attempt. She agreed and I started moving my palms 8-10 inches above her leg kept trying to sense the communication from her leg. Soon I started feeling strong vibrations in my palms and continued the treatment for a total of 5 minutes. When I looked at her and asked her to check, she was looking relieved and told me that the pain had completely vanished. She almost considered it to be Miracle.

I was surprised too and happy that it had worked especially since this was a very initial state of my healing trials by this particular method.

While this was going on, a gentleman who was sleeping on a lower berth in our compartment suddenly got up and asked me if I could  help him. He had overheard what all had happened and wanted me to help him with his back pain. when I asked him about it, he told me that he was from Tanzania and was traveling to Gandhidham for some personal work. He told me that he had severe pain in his lower back and it was so intense that he was unable to stand comfortably even for a minute or two without intense pain. This was  happening for a long time and no doctor was successful in treating this condition.

I told him that I was myself a novice at this method and wasn’t sure if it would work for him. He requested me to try and I agreed. After about 5-7 minutes of treatment he suddenly burped and for me this was an indication that some Vatha that was stuck in his lower back had probably moved out. I told him that this was a good sign and continued the healing for 5 minutes more. In all after 10-12 minutes, I asked him to check and he was shocked to find that the pain was almost gone and he was able to stand properly after a very very long time.

He was so delighted that he started walking around the compartment excited like a small child and told me that he had not walked this much since a very long time.

What happened now was even more surprising. A short while ago, this very man had got into an argument with a lady. She was asking him to shift to her upper berth and give her his lower berth. He had refused stating that it was impossible for him to move up. He soon agreed to shift to the top berth and comfortably could climb up without any pain. In the morning, he came down and sat beside me and told me that I definitely had special magical powers. I told him that this was something that each one of us could do if we wanted and if we learnt this simple technique.

My own confidence in the technique was now growing. During that visit at the Adani township, I also helped 10-15 more people with the healing technique and almost everyone experienced significant relief. I will share one more very interesting experience about a Frozen shoulder case, however, in another post. Till then Good Bye !!

Healing by Listening to the Body at Zero Point : Principle & Method

A very powerful way of healing is by simply listening to the body’s energy field while at the Zero point state of Mind (A Mindless State). However, instead of using our ears as an input device, this listening has to be done by using our palms and our eyes as input and feedback sensing devices. Once we develop sensitivity of our palms, it is very easy to pick up and receive signals that are being transmitted by an ailing body. Our eyes simultaneously catch the healing indicators to guide us through the process.

Listening can be therapeutic is something that we all know. However what we are probably not aware of is that this applies to our body illnesses as well and if we intently listen to the complaints of the body, then the body has the ability to heal itself by creating a balance of energy and order.

In my experience, this listening process almost immediately triggers a flow in the body and probably starts correcting Vatha Imbalance or Blocks. For those who are not aware of Vatha, Vatha as per Ayurveda, is the force that creates various types of flow in the body. There are five different Primary flow systems and then further secondary flow systems in the body which regulate the flow of blood, urine, digestive juices, saliva, sweat, tears, gas, toxins, nutrients, nerve impulses etc etc. across the body.  (I will explain this later in a separate post about Vatha and its importance in our body)

A block in any particular flow system  creates a disease and then puts the other flow systems into imbalance. This healing method can trigger a corrective action and bring the body into balance.

In this method, I simply bring my entire attention to my palms and hold my palms near the ailing person’s body at a distance of anything between 1-3 feet. Then in my mind, I request the other’s body to tell me whats wrong and that I’m there to listen to it. Normally, in about 10-15 seconds, my palms are able to catch signals and these signals are in the form of various feelings that I feel on the skin of my palms. Paying attention to the feelings deeply anchors me to the present moment (NOW) thereby creating the Zero point state of mind ( A No mind state) . In this state, healing spontaneously takes place to restore energy and order wherever you intend to or wherever required by the body.

The feeling that I get on my plans typically is like vibrations, heat or cold, air flow, tingling, pinching, twitching, magnetic push or pull, or anything that feels different to the palm.

I keep listening to the body that I am treating through my palms and keep moving my palms around as if I am rotating a radio knob and trying to catch a radio station. The moment I get a signal, I stop my palms there and intently listen to the signals while moving my palms in a random clockwise or anti clockwise motion or for that matter any random motion.

After a few moments, I intuitively shift my palms to a new position where I get a signal and then do the same as mentioned above. Simultaneously I keep my awareness on the body of the person who I’m treating to check for healing indications which usually start happening inside the other’s body.  People tell me that they have started feeling movement, vibrations, flow, tingling, pins and needles inside their body. Very often I can see twitching or jerking of their fingers or other body parts, which indicates that the healing has started.

Basically, how I think this works is that during the listening process our mind automatically gets into a deeply silent state, commonly called the Zero point i.e. A mindless state of Pure Awareness. This state of awareness and oneness of spirit opens up a portal where our intention of healing manifests into a instant corrective action that is done by the body being healed. It connects the ailing body to the universe and thereby can access the infinite healing potential of the universe. In this method, we as a healer are practically doing nothing apart from Listening. Everything that is required is done by the universe and the body that’s being healed.

I do the above for anything between 5-7 minutes and then ask the person to check if there is any change in the symptoms. Very often, in just 5 minutes, people suffering from joint pain report significant reduction of pain or ease of movement of limbs. I have used this method to treat various issues with such as back pain, knee pain, neck pain, problems with the digestive system,  injuries, Pain, Headaches or Migraine, Sprains, diabetes, constipation, dental pain, earache etc. Basically I try it on whatever comes my way and watch for results.

I must say, I have been lucky to have experienced some amazing results which I will write about it in later posts.

The only requirement to use this technique is the ability of one’s palms to catch the signals of a body. To check if your palms are sensitive, I suggest that you could just hold your palms in front of each other and check if you feel any sensations between them.

If you don’t feel anything, I will help you in activating your palms. You can contact me on my email sachin.karve@gmail.com or call me on my cell number 9819858269.  I have assisted a lot of people on phone and since then, they have been successfully healing themselves and others.


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