Healing a beautiful Blue Bird

This happened in the month of May 2017 when I was on a holiday with my family at Tall trees resort which is a lovely riverside resort a few kilometers before Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

After having a lovely sumptuous lunch, we were relaxing in our cottage when all of a sudden there was a very loud sound of something crashing into the window pane of our cottage. I got up and thought of going outside into the veranda to check what had happened. As I stood up, through the long glass window, I was able to see a beautiful blue bird that had fallen to the floor and was completely motionless.

All of us inside were watching it and for about a minute there was no sign of any movement. It was completely unconscious. Soon, its partner came beside it, and tried to revive it, but without any success. Its partner seemed to be very disturbed and tried its best to make it move by pushing it and pecking it with its beak.

There was a mark on the glass pane too indicating that it was a very severe impact for the bird. With no signs of revival, I decided to do some healing for it.  I went close to the bird and seeing me, its partner immediately flew away and perched itself on a branch nearby watching me. I sat next to the bird and held my hands out. I used both Heart energy healing and the technique of listening to the bird’s bio field for about 10 minutes to help it heal.

Soon the bird was looking better and was moving a bit but was still not ready to fly off on itself. After a while, I gently slid my hand below it and took the lovely bird in my hand. Its eyes were open but it was not moving its wings neither its neck. I continued the healing process for about 5-7 minutes. Soon the bird seemed to be happy and comfortably sitting on my palm. Never in my life had I seen such a beautiful bird from so near.

After a while, though I was delighted to have the bird in my hand, I finally decided to slowly push it in the air in an attempt to check if it could fly now. As soon as I did that, the bird flapped its wings and flew up into the sky. Its partner which was eagerly waiting nearby, joined it almost instantly and they both flew away into the woods.

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