The Power of Consciousness and how to achieve it in a simple way

Consciousness is undoubtedly, the most valuable thing to have in life. No wonder that people who were able to access their consciousness were willing to let go of all worldly pleasures and luxuries since they realized how worthless everything else was, in comparison with their consciousness.

The purpose of this post is to give you some interesting facts about consciousness with the hope that you too get excited about exploring this wonderful thing that’s luckily accessible to each one of us. Money, luxuries, fame, etc. may or may not be accessible to all, we really don’t know… but consciousness is undoubtedly 100% accessible to each and every one of us, and if we achieve just that much, then I have experienced that Prosperity, Joy, and good health automatically comes to us in abundance.

Well friends, what I’m writing today got triggered by a couple of very interesting experiences that happened last week. Although these experiences might look like miracles to you, these have become a normal experience for me for the last 5-6 years, since the time I got into Consciousness Healing. Let me first quickly share 1-2 experiences and then the message that I have for you.

The first experience is of a lady from the city of Bangalore in India who had painful and stiff fingers of both hands as well as pain in her legs due to arthritis. I connected with her on video call and practically within 30 seconds of focusing my consciousness (pure awareness) to her body, she started telling me about some waves and vibrations that she felt in her fingers and later in her entire hand too. In 3-4 minutes more, I asked her to check her fingers and to her surprise, she was able to effortlessly open and close her fingers to make a fist, which was not possible earlier due to lot of pain and stiffness. In the next 10 minutes, I focused on her legs and she was able to get up more easily and then walk around without pain. Quite amazed, she asked me how did this happen, and my reply as usual was … “It’s the miracle of consciousness, dear”. I had just provided her body with my consciousness for about 15 minutes and that was good enough for her body to heal itself quickly. Don’t forget that I was sitting at Mumbai and she was at Bangalore, a distance of around 1000 kilometers.

Three days ago, a man from Pune contacted me with severe back pain and leg pain. I just provided his body with my pure awareness /consciousness and we had just 30 minutes of interaction during which he started burping repeatedly, which meant that his vaat system was getting corrected. Next day he reported that his back pain was completely gone. He told me that he had this pain for more than 20 years and he had gone to several doctors and specialists (Including   AIIMS Delhi) who were unable to provide a solution. He asked me how a 20 year old ailment could disappear in just 1 interaction and my answer was again the same … “It’s the magic of consciousness, dear.” I told him.

I have been humbled by these miracle almost every day for the last 5-6 years while treating more than 800 people from across the globe who suffered from various health issues. Interestingly, people who learnt how to build consciousness from me, have themselves experienced similar miracles within minutes of acquiring this skill. So it is not something which needs several years of penance or going up to a mountain top and meditating. I personally never did any of this.

Friends, consciousness is actually the most wonderful and powerful quality that we humans could ever possess. Unfortunately our situation is like a poor man searching desperately for a pot of gold/ diamonds to change his life, while being completely unaware that he’s himself been sitting on top of it for years.

I have also realized that while consciousness is extremely simple to achieve, the most difficult part is maintaining it over a period of time. Consciousness is very easy to lose and it goes away in minutes or even seconds unless we develop a robust way to maintain prolonged levels of mindfulness and awareness.

I invite you to a journey in consciousness and request you to include it as one of your high priority goals for the year 2022. Here’s what you can do to achieve awareness or consciousness in your day to day life. These are simple steps that you need to follow.

Please note that I am not asking you to do this for 15 days. Just follow these steps for 3-5 days and maybe from day 2 itself you’ll start feeling a very different unique never-before felt kind of sensations inside your body. Trust me, you’ll get ample proof that something within you is definitely changing, shifting and getting better. You’ll start feeling lighter, healthier, more energetic, stress free and expanded in consciousness. You’ll start experiencing a never before level of peace and joy within along with a deep level of one-ness and belongingness with everyone around you & everything around you, even including tables and chairs or even the cellphone in your hand.

After you go through this experience, I will no longer need to convince you to do this further since you will yourself continue it once you start enjoying the benefits of consciousness. Once consciousness becomes a part of your life, you’ll also notice much faster and easier manifestation of your desires.

There are several known ways to gain higher consciousness, to avoid confusing you and to keep things simple, I am sharing the simplest method that you can follow.

Just become more and more aware of your body. Our body is the easiest and ever available tool to achieve awareness. So, as you go about with your regular routine, just place a certain degree of your awareness on to your body or to your actions every time. Do this while you walk around, drive your car, buy groceries, cook food, while you’re having a bath or even while having some intimate moments with your partner. If you follow conscious eating, that itself will feed you with a huge dose of consciousness at least 3 times a day. Attentive eating is so amazingly therapeutic that those 10-15 minutes where you completely immerse yourself in the eating process, can give you benefits greater than the greatest meditation.

If you want to make this further easier to do, simply slow down your actions and movements by just 10% while you go about with your routine. This is an amazing way to bring your consciousness to your body immediately. If you want proof of this right now, just try moving your hand slowly from any point A to point B… do it very very slowly. Do it in slow motion for just half a minute

I’m sure that while you were doing this, you must have definitely felt the presence of a very silent and conscious mind, some peace and probably some tingling sensations or something different somewhere in your body. That was due to presence of your consciousness and energy flow.

Once you start doing this, for a few days, you’ll have to pull your awareness back to your body several times and you might suddenly realize how quickly our awareness goes away and we start doing things unconsciously. Again pull your awareness back and you’ll probably have to do this several times for initial 2-3 days till it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you would never go back to living an unconscious life.

You might soon experience profound changes and positive shifts in your life and in your health. Your body would start releasing energy blocks in just 2-3 days of doing this and you’ll start feeling better and lighter in your body.

Just in a few days after this, while you are in a deeply aware state of mind, if you just look at an ailing body part of any person, he/she might spontaneously experience instant healing due to the Zero point entrainment process that happens when we feed our consciousness to any ailing body.

Do this and let me know how was your experience. Do connect with me on my number +91 9819858269 or my mail address if you need any further guidance.

Lots of love and wish you a Wonderful 2022 and beyond that’s full of Consciousness and Bliss.

An effortless approach to meditation

A lot of people spend years trying to learn how to meditate. They get confused trying to figure out what is the right posture for meditation, what to chant,  what guided meditation steps to follow, which chakra to focus on, how to breathe etc and finally end up nowhere.

After more than 20 years of struggling with meditation, I finally have been able to achieve a very silent still and Blissful state which now remains with me throughout the day. I have realized that this doesn’t need any particular posture, chant, steps or any guided process. It is downright simple.

These days, I wake up in this state and am able to consciously hold on to it for very long duration, very often for the entire day. I have achieved this primarily through awareness and achieving the zero point state of no-mind. I would like to share this with others so that they too know how to do it.

One mistake that most people make is that they consider meditation as an activity to be done for a certain duration every day. So, people get into meditation, spend a certain time in a meditative state and then come out and get back into their routine life.

I think that instead of this, it would be be great if we can make our entire life a meditative experience right from morning to night.

I have given a link for a video that I have recorded so as to explain this approach in a way that anyone will be able to understand the principle and the method.

This doesn’t require attending any courses, nor any particular sitting posture , no chants, no breathing sequence, nor visualization, nor long guided meditation. We do this simply through awareness of the here and now.

Three Steps to Quickly achieve a state of Bliss that can also help you in Healing

I have written this post keeping in mind the following two types of people:

1.  Those who are interested in becoming a Healer using the No Mind state of Bliss or the Zero Point.

2. Those who are keen on experiencing a deeply blissful state of presence in just a few minutes and eventually experience eternal bliss in their day to day life.

For both of the above, we simply need to achieve a state of ‘No-Mind’ where we are present at the deepest level of existence. At that state, healing self and others happens spontaneously.

Many people keep struggling to reach the point where they can experience a state of Bliss and end up trying various approaches to achieve this state. Fortunately there are hundreds of books written on this topic, however unfortunately most of them have made this process too difficult to understand and too cumbersome to practice. The process has been made too complicated by most experts. People simply get lost following several complicated processes and rituals, chanting, meditation, visualization etc and finally give up.

The need of the hour is a simple, straightforward and easy to practice method to experience bliss. Healing will come to you naturally and effortlessly just like a side effect. This post will introduce you to the simplest way to experience bliss in three easy steps as explained below.

What is important to note here is that the key factor that needs to be present throughout the process is ‘AWARENESS‘ .

Without awareness being present throughout, we will get nowhere. So, here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Become aware of your Body for 2-3 minutes or slightly more. Being aware means simply putting our attention to our body parts either one by one or together.  Best is to sit at one place and be aware of the body, breath, clothes touching the body, body touching the chair etc.  Simply do this for 2-3 minutes or more and you’ll experience a certain  feeling of Joy somewhere in your body and mind. This is typically a feeling of calmness, peace and happiness that you will feel within few minutes. It is often a feeling of lightness where your thoughts have drastically reduced. There will be a gentle smile on your face. For this, you could simply maintain awareness on your body or any slow action that you are performing. Even rubbing your tongue gently to the upper palate of the mouth is good enough to make us aware. doing this will deeply anchor us to the NOW/ PRESENT MOMENT , thereby creating a feeling of Joy . So, basically to sum up step 1, maintaining BODY AWARENESS for just a few minutes creates JOY. At this stage we are ready for step 2.

Step 2: Become aware of the feeling of JOY that you have felt in step 1 for 2-3 minutes or slightly longer, and within minutes you will experience a feeling of stillness and deep sense of calmness within yourself. You will feel very still, centered, deeply calm and peaceful, you might feel secure, complete, as steady as a rock and very stable. You will feel as if you have become immovable. This feeling is especially felt in the lower part of the body or at the base of the spine where we feel centered. So to sum up step 2, Maintaining AWARENESS of JOY creates STILLNESS. At this stage we are ready for step 3.

Step 3: Now simply become aware of the STILLNESS that you have started experiencing within and within a short while, say 2-3 minutes you will experience a deeply blissful feeling of mindlessness and bliss. This is a state where you might feel a complete absence of thoughts, no identification with the Ego, a sense of security and one-ness with everything around. It is a feeling of Unity (Advaita or Non-Duality) with the universe. This is often a floating feeling and you might feel as if you are endless. NO start, No end, just seamlessly present united with everything around. There’s an unbelievable feeling of Stillness, Feeling of being rooted deeply into the universal energy, a feeling of being seamlessly connected with everyone and a BLISSFUL feeling due to the state of No-Mind. It is a state where we experience our inner spirit. So to sum up step 3, Maintaining awareness of STILLNESS will create the state of BLISS.

To sum up the entire process, have a look at the figure below:

Once you learn how to reach stage 3 and have successfully done it a couple of times, you will find that the process now becomes easier as your awareness learns to identify the trigger of each state easily i.e. Awareness of Body, Joy and Stillness. You will learn to spontaneously and effortlessly get into step 3 which is Bliss very quickly and almost at your will.

Once you achieve this state of Bliss, You can do healing for anyone using the Triangulation method that is explained in an earlier post dated 20th July 2019. (Being aware of 3 points i.e. Point A on the Body of Patient, Point B on the body of the patient and Point C which is your state of Bliss. ). Instantly healing will happen without you doing anything.

Try this and let me have your feedback. Would love to hear from you.


Holding Space for someone you want to Heal

I recently came across a beautiful post on Facebook which was on the topic of Holding the Space. I have inserted it here for your reference without any changes:

What-it-really-means-to-be-there-and-HOLD SPACE for-someone-else
“A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.”

~Maryam Hasnaa

I was sobbing quite hysterically, huddled into myself sitting on the kitchen floor. It literally felt like my life was falling apart. And so was I. I had been striving so hard to start a meaningful business that would change the world and help others, as well as heal myself from intense ongoing physical symptoms. But it seemed the harder I tried, the less things worked.

My head bobbed slightly off my knees as I took ragged breaths.
What the hell was wrong with me? The thought that was driving my meltdown was unintelligible in my brain, due to the crashing waves of my emotional reaction. But somehow, eventually, I found myself able to fully lift my head and stare straight on at my distorted reflection in the stainless steel door of the dishwasher. The whole while, he sat with me. My endlessly loving partner, Jonathan, held space.

I remember when I first turned to a friend and said, “What does holding space really mean?” I asked with the inquisitiveness of a child, like a small human who does not yet know what a word means.
Because with something like this, can any of us really find the words to accurately explain it?

She used a story in an attempt to define it, “When I was really freaking out about something, I went over to my friend’s house and just let it all out. My friend was able to just listen to me and just you know… hold the space.”

“Holding space” is a concept that is hard to define without using the exact same words to define it. But as she explained it to me, I realized I’ve been lucky to have many experiences of people holding space for me, and I for them.
When it comes down to it, what are we really doing when we are “holding space?” The interesting thing about this term is that we aren’t actually “holding” anything.

When your daughter comes home from school and wants to tell you all about her day, and you listen intently… you are holding space. When your friend vents about how hard work was that day, and you give him your full attention… you are holding space.

When you are flipping out over one thing or another or all the things, and someone looks at you with complete acceptance… that is holding space.
When you are both recognizing what is currently is going on, and open to stepping into a new reality… that is holding space.

Holding space is about being in the space.  It’s about being fully present with the experience. Holding space is viewing someone without judgment and seeing him or her through loving kindness. Holding space is recognizing that although we all may stumble, we are all also so powerful.

Holding space is like holding the door open for someone to walk through to experience a new model of the world. Instead of feeling like the walls are caving in, holding space literally gives breathing room to express, open up, and simply be where we are.

What we are really doing when we hold space is nothing but pure acceptance—of ourselves, of others, and of the moment.

As Brene Brown says, “When we are looking for compassion, we need someone who is deeply rooted, is able to bend, and most of all, embraces us for our strengths and struggles.”

Those compassionate, rooted people in our life are invaluable to help us weather the storm and stand in the light again. But what happens when that other person just is not available to you in that moment?

Holding space doesn’t have to involve anyone else physically being there with us or listening to us directly. You can each hold space for yourself. When you are going through something big (or seemingly small), you can hold space for yourself by tapping into self-compassion.

Dr. Kristin Neff defines three components of self-compassion as self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness. Self-kindness entails being warm and understanding towards ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate. Instead of ignoring our pain or hurting ourselves with self-criticism, self-kindness involves being gentle with yourself when you encounter a painful experience.

Common humanity is that reminder that we all suffer. We are all mortal, vulnerable, and imperfect. This suffering is part of the shared human experience. Realizing that can help us feel less isolated and more connected within that space.

Mindfulness is taking a balanced approach to our challenging emotions so that feelings are neither suppressed nor exaggerated. Instead of “over-identifying” with our thoughts and feelings, mindfulness is a willingness to observe our negative thoughts and emotions with openness, clarity, and equanimity. It’s a non-judgmental way of becoming aware of our inner experience as it is, without trying to suppress or deny.

We cannot ignore our pain and feel compassion at the same time. This means, the more you can hold space for yourself, the more you can hold space for others. In that space, we all experience what it means to feel unconditional love.

When you feel unconditionally loved, you are able to fully own your own experience and truly be who you are. There is a calmness and clarity and an ability to also love the world as it is. This is where true power comes from. When we are able to be in unconditional love, all of our thoughts, words, and actions flow from it. We are bringing more of that love into the world.

Which means holding space isn’t just beneficial for one. It benefits all.
By loving ourselves, we also hold space for the world .

Danielle LaRock

Create Stillness for thoughts to Manifest into Reality

I’m sure a lot of people around are interested in knowing how to manifest their dreams and goals. Very often people put in tremendous effort and engage their mind in endless thinking about their goals and how to convert these into reality., without getting results. This post will serve as a guide to them.

It is important to understand that everything on this earth has always and will always emerge or come from ‘No-thing’. i.e. the state of Nothingness is the state of creation and in order to create something, effort is not required, rather effortlessness is required in the presence of a deep state of Nothingness.

Till the time our mind keeps endlessly running after plans and strategies to make our goals real, we might be missing a very critical ingredient of the recipe. Please understand that I do not imply that planning and strategy is not required, however, if the most fundamental ingredient is missing, no matter how much we plan or create strategies, things will not manifest.

If you have a very turbulent ocean and you throw a large stone into it, it will not create ripples, however, if you have a very still pond of water and drop a tiny grain of sand in it, it will instantly create a ripple.

Note that our entire universe is in the form of vibrations or waves of energy and these energy vibrations can help matter take any form based on their nature. A simple experiment can demonstrate this. Have a look at this link.

If energy is already in a disturbed state, it will not be able to reorganize matter into what you want. and even if it does, what you get will not be exactly what you wanted. It will be distorted, diluted, modified due to the noise.

You might wonder what noise am I referring to. It’s the noise of our mind, the endless chain of thoughts that happen to us. The mind like a drunken  monkey keeps jumping around creating endless noise which doesn’t allow stillness to exist. and without stillness, we won’t be able to manifest our dreams.

So, as a first step, learn how to create stillness in yourself. This can be done in three simple steps. Just by becoming AWARE.

Step 1: Become aware … deeply aware of your body or any action that you are doing in the present moment.(When we are anchored in the present moment, the mind simply disappears. it has no existence in this zone called present)

Now that your mind has vanished, you’ll feel some nice feeling of silence, peace, joy within. Your ability to catch this feeling is important. Once you catch this feeling, only then you are ready to move to step 2.

Step 2: This step needs you to simply be deeply aware of the above feeling within. Just be aware of this inner feeling for a few minutes. So first was awareness of the body which lead to the feeling of joy, peace and calm. Step 2 is about being aware of this joy peace and calm. This awareness will bring you to a very deep feeling of stillness in your entire body especially in the base of the spine. You’ll feel very still and calm. as if you have become a rock solid statue. this brings you to step 3.

Step 3: In step 3, just be aware of the Stillness that you have started to feel within.  Do this for a few minutes and you’ll feel the stillness get deeper and deeper and more stable. This is the state where you’ll be experiencing a state of Nothing. This is the fertile ground where the seed has to be sown. Here the mind is absent, but our being is present. the whole universe and its potential is available for us to use.

In short, just getting deeper aware sequentially moving step by step into deeper levels of awareness can get you here. This is what will create the fertile ground for your dreams to manifest.

Try this and let me know if you need any support or guidance.


Alpha Brainwave meditation

In this post today, I am sharing with you a very powerful mediation called as the Alpha Brainwave meditation. This meditation can give you a very deep relaxation in a short duration of 7-10 minutes.

I recommend people to do this daily at their workplace for 5-7 minutes after their lunch break. It can give the mind and body a fantastic level of relaxation from workplace stress and mental fatigue.

To give you a bit of background, our brain operates at different frequencies ranging from 0.5 Hz to 40 Hz or even more, depending on the degree of activity of the body or mind. These frequencies can be measured using an EEG by probes attached to the head and body.

At an alert and active state the brain operates at Beta frequency band which is from 15 to 40 Hz. If we start relaxing ourselves then the frequency will get lowered into the Alpha range which is from 7 to 14 Hz. Relaxing below that will get one into Theta which is from 4 to 6 Hz and below that is Delta i.e 4 Hz and below indicating extremely deep sleep.

The picture below shows the frequencies.

The Alpha Brainwave meditation, in just 7 minutes can give very deep relaxation equivalent to 2 hours of Nights sleep. To achieve the Alpha state we simply must relax ourselves to the alpha zone (7-14 hz) and then maintain our awareness at that state without allowing our brain to go down to Theta level where we would fall asleep.

Just follow the steps below and in 5 minutes you will be in the Alpha state. You might ask how you’d know that you are at alpha. There’s a way to figure out that out too. At the alpha brainwave state, our eyelids get locked. So, once you reach a fairly deep level of relaxation, just check (don’t forcefully open but just check) if your eyelids feel locked or heavy. That is an indicator of successful entry into alpha.

Then you can stay in the alpha state for 5-7 minutes and follow the simple 10 count process to get out from alpha to beta state.

The moment brain frequency cones above 14 hz, eyes would automatically open.

Steps are as below:

  1. Sit on a chair in a relaxed way with your back completely resting on the backrest, feet firmly on the ground and hands on thighs. Neck should be straight and eyes gazing at any point on the horizontal plane.
  2. Keep breathing normally and close your eyes. Surrender the entire weight of your body to the chair and floor through the backrest and your feet.
  3. Starting with a count of 30 in your mind, with every exhale, count down one number and keep relaxing your body parts one by one from toe to head. Keep relaxing as you count from 30-29-28-27 with every exhale and do this till the time you reach zero.
  4. Keep relaxing your toes, feet, ankle, calves, knee, thighs, hip, abdomen, back, shoulders, hands, (palms, wrist, fore and hind arms, ) head region, forehead, eyes. Have a  gentle smile on your face.
  5. By this time you would have reach down to a count of 0. Keep relaxing yourself for 1 minute more every time you exhale. Now your brain would have already reached the Alpha zone.
  6. To check if you have reached alpha, check if your eyelids feel heavy  or locked. if this happens, it is a proof that you have reached Alpha. Be here in this zone for 5-7 minutes. let thoughts come in and go out as the want. don’t interact with those thoughts. be a spectator/ witness to their entry and exit.
  7. Now is the time to get out from Alpha back into Beta. Simply start counting from 1 to 10 min your mind, every time make some gentle movements of your legs, hands, head etc. by the time you reach 10, you’d be close to Beta. then rub your palms together and check if your eyes open. If they open it means you are back to Beta. in case they don’t open, just rub your palms again and move them over your face till eyes open.
  8. You are back to beta and may continue with your day. Hope you enjoy this experience.

Alpha meditation is also used for manifesting things by visualization. However, I will write about that in another post.

Have a nice day ahead.

A Simple & Quick approach to achieve a deep state of inner stillness: Moment to Moment Silent commentary

In my earlier posts, I have suggested some easy methods for achieving a state of stillness by completely silencing the mind. Some people who try these but are still not able to achieve a still state of the mind, come to me asking for further easier methods. In such cases, I recommend the Moment to moment mental commentary method which according to what I have experienced is the easiest method to achieve a mindless state especially for people who find it very difficult to sit at one place and meditate or keep their mind still.

In this method, there is no need to sit at one place, instead we can go ahead with whatever we are doing but have a commentary of what we are doing, running silently in the background. (Not loudly .. but in our mind). Along with this commentary, we also need to maintain awareness of the body and the actions that we are performing. I have found that it is helpful to become mindful and aware of our actions. It helps us to access the now by becoming anchored to the actions that we are performing. It is helpful if we slow down our actions a little bit by about 10-20 %  or more while doing this.

Also, it helps to disassociate our real self i.e. the witness deep within from the Body which has a name and identity. For instance, my name is Sachin, which is the name that my parents gave to this body of mine when it came into existence. However, the real me, the one who’s been eternally present, who’s wearing this body of mine like a clothing, and who’s been witnessing everything my body does, is different from Sachin. This spirit doesn’t  have any name and form. This spirit was there before this body came into existence and will remain after this body ceases to exist. So, the idea is to become aware of the fact that our real presence is different from this body of ours that is in action. it can actually watch the body silently from the background. Now let’s understand how to do this.

As I get up from my chair, I say in my mind.. ” Sachin is getting up from the chair”  then as I walk up to pick up the newspaper, I say .. “Sachin is now walking” then .. Sachin is picking up the newspaper, Sachin is reading a news related to India’s win in Olympics …   and I let the commentary go on silently in my mind . Then if I go to the kitchen to toast some bread, I say Sachin is putting bread into the toaster, Sachin is applying butter to it, etc… Basically, I am anchoring myself to the NOW, the Present moment. And when we anchor ourselves to the NOW, the mind simply disappears. It cannot exist in the Here and Now.

After a few minutes of doing this, the commentary will become very silent and will fade into our awareness. we just are deeply aware of each action but are not saying it in my mind. Just let this continue for a while and you’ll feel a deep sense of silence, stillness and calmness in my body. Gradually, you might feel as if you are floating (This will take time. Don’t expect this if you are doing it for the first time) .

Everyday spend 5-10 minutes doing this moment to moment commentary awareness meditation and you will start realizing a very deep change happening within.

I suggest that you do this at a time when you are at home and not at your workplace. Choose a time when you don’t need to interact with anyone face to face or phone.  It becomes too challenging that way. Do it when you are with yourself at home or having a morning walk or while shopping.

Try this and let me know if you need any support from my side. Have a nice day ahead !!

Self Realization by simply being ‘Aware of Awareness’

In this post, I am giving you a simple way to achieve a very profound state of awareness.

Simply follow the steps listed below.

1. Sit in a relaxed position on a chair or cross legged and have a pillow placed on your lap.

2. Place both of your hands on top the pillow with your palms facing down.

3. Become aware of your palms touching the pillow. Look at your hands – fingers and be aware of their presence. Do this for 2 minutes.

4. Become aware of your surroundings using all of your sensory organs – Eyes, Ears and Touch, Smell etc (look at and listen to your surroundings, feel the touch of your clothes or your body touching the chair. (While doing this, simultaneously maintain your awareness on your hands/ palms touching the pillow.

Let’s call all these things that you are aware of as A, B, C….. Now be aware of these for 2-3 minutes.

5.  At this stage as your awareness goes deeper, you will feel a certain feeling of peace within. You will feel calm and relaxed. There’s a chance that the chatter of your mind jumping around might have reduced significantly. Experience this feeling of peace and calm.

6. This is the most crucial stage.  By this time you are already aware of some A, B, C things around you as well as your body. Let’s call this state of being aware as X.

Now simply be aware of this awareness (not of the objects ABC but aware of of the state of being aware i.e X ).

In a short while you will get a glimpse of something either inside you or in the background that’s aware of your awareness. You’ll soon feel deeper peace as you get introduced to this entity. I am not calling it a a Thing because it is actually No-thing (Nothing)

This diagram will be able to explain how awareness becomes aware of itself.

7. This no-thing ness is nothing else but our true self that has always been present in the background since eternity, in the form of pure awareness. It’s been the only thing that’s been with us, aware of each and every thing right from our birth till date and even right now.

8. As you be come aware of this pure awareness, you will start feeling an amazing sense of bliss and joy.. Experience this for a few minutes more.

9. A few minutes later, you might start experiencing a feeling of stillness within yourself. This stillness feels as if you are deeply rooted or grounded at the place where you are sitting. It is a state of peace, joy, bliss, stillness, unboundedness and a feeling of oneness (non duality) with the surroundings.  Experience this for a few minutes.

10. Spend some time being aware of this state of stillness and then whenever you wish, you can just gently get up from your chair and continue with the rest of your day. Since your body will be in an extremely relaxed state, please do not immediately get into anything that will suddenly give it a shock. Let the transition be a bit gradual.

I am confident that these steps will help you to experience a deep state of pure awareness and stillness. Keep in mind that step 6 is the most critical stage. Do let me know if you need any further support.

Have a wonderful day ahead!!


Enlightenment : What I was seeking, surprisingly was within me all the while

At the age of about 20 years, I used to read a lot about spiritualism and was a great fan of Osho and other spiritually enlightened masters who had written about achieving oneness with the universal spirit.

Time and again I had read that it is all within us and we need to go nowhere to find god, to find our true essence. It is right within us was what everyone said.  Eckhart Tolle had also written that it is Nowhere else but Now-Here simply in the Here and Now.

Today, 25 years later I have realized that what they said was true. It is indeed right here every moment with us. Just that we are unable to feel it. While I was aware that the key to reach here was simply awareness of the present moment and nothing else, (based on whatever I had read) , what I had not realized was that there was something like a threshold yield point which had to be crossed for the process to begin.

During my engineering studies, I had studied about the voltage threshold of an FET (field effect transistor) after which conduction begins or the yield point where a wire being stretched moves beyond the elastic zone into the plastic deformation zone and permanent change starts occurring. However I did not realize that the same would be applicable for my journey towards finding myself and getting a feel of my soul.

I used to read that when one gets a glimpse of our inner self, i.e. our soul, he/she will experience an amazing level of peace, stillness, silence, security, being unending i.e. starting from nowhere and ending nowhere, unbound joy for no reason at all, tremendous love and oneness with everyone and everything around (be it living or so called non living) , and a feeling of eternal bliss.

Until recently these were things that I had only read about In books and experiences written by masters. However, now I know what each of the above feeling really means after having experienced it myself, not just once as a glimpse but regularly during the time I’m awake, and often when I wake up at night.

Earlier I used to have these feelings very occasionally and these would be very mild compared to what I experience now. Also the feeling would be very short lived and would quickly vanish. At times it would not even last for a few hours. However, now this feeling seems to have come to me to stay with me for a long time.

What I guess had happened earlier was that I had reached close to the threshold yield point but had not crossed it with enough awareness required to get me fixed and steady in it. (Please read about my awakening experience in an earlier post where I have mentioned about having a similar experience of love and joy at the end of a grounding exercise about 25 years ago that was very short lived.) Practically for a few minutes it was there and then it was gone for years.

I kept trying for months and years, but silly me didn’t realize that I just had to go within myself with a deep sense of awareness and only when the threshold yield point was crossed, then it would become a fairly permanent state of being for me.

Over the years I have understood that our mind is so terribly fickle that holding on to present moment awareness even for a few moments is the most difficult thing in life. In fact I guess the mind doesn’t want us to be aware of the Now since, in the Now, a state of pure awareness is created and then the mind has no existence. It simply vanishes. So it wants to keep itself alive by jumping around like a drunken monkey into the past or into the future all the while.

Now I have realized that after crossing the threshold the same task of maintaining awareness has become so simple, so natural and so effortless that I don’t even have to think about it. The mind is simply calm and vanishes when not required, leaving behind an eternal feeling’s of bliss. Even when I’m alone I feel not Alone but ‘All-one’ (one with all) and not lonely. I feel tremendously joyful and that too for no reason. Happy just like that. Seems as if happiness is my true nature and after shaking off the dust gathered on top, this feeling of joy has started getting deeply felt.

To me, it feels as if a very important goal of life has been achieved. A goal to be happy and in eternal joy.

Sat-Chit-Anand (which means eternal bliss) is what my parents wanted my name to be. So at the time of birth, they kept that name and then for ease of use, on the birth certificate and for regular use, my name was shortened to Sachin. Today, As I effortlessly experience bliss, I feel that their goal of seeing me in ‘Sat-Chit-Anand’ is achieved.

Now my objective is to continue further and explore where this leads me to and simultaneously to help people around me, everyone who’s seeking what I was seeking all these years.

Do connect with me if you need any support in your journey towards enlightenment.

Always remember ….What we are desperately seeking, is also desperately seeking us. And moreover, it’s all there within us… Right now, Right here, just waiting eagerly for us to become aware, look within and unite with it.

Have a splendid day ahead !!!

Our Body: A fantastic tool for the Journey towards Enlightenment

Enlightenment is something that everyone seeks. Or at least those who have risen above the basic needs such as Food, Shelter, Clothing, Money, Safety, Job & Position, Security, Social needs etc..

There are different ways towards enlightenment mentioned in ancient books such as 1. Bhakti Marg (Devotion and Surrender to Divine ), 2. Karma Marg ( Focusing on Doing or Action ) and 3. Yoga Marg (Achieving Unity ‘YoG’ using the Physical Body) and different people follow different paths according to their choice.

We must understand that all these paths lead to the same place. i.e. ‘Awakening’ or ‘Enlightenment’  where we can experience the Non Dual Spirit and energy that flows through each one of us, where the Illusion of physical reality ‘Maya’ no longer exists and we identify ourselves as Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey.  (And Not Human Beings on a Spiritual Journey) .

From whatever I have learnt and experienced over the years, I have understood that a very effective tool that is present with us all the time is our Body.  After my awakening experience through a grounding exercise years ago, (about which I have written in a separate post recently) , over the years, I realized that the key to awakening is Pure Awareness and that anything which can help us become deeply aware / conscious in the present moment can be a door to enlightenment.

Luckily our body is with us all the time and therefore is available for us to anchor on at our will, practically 24×7. Becoming deeply aware of our body just for a week’s duration can bring about a powerful shift in our consciousness. It is easier said than done, since holding our awareness to our body even for a minute at a time is very difficult, since the mind keeps jumping around from thought to thought and very soon the awareness is gone.

With several things around us to distract our minds these days, it becomes even more challenging to maintain body awareness for a long duration. If we can simply maintain our attention to our body, breath or any action that we are performing using our body, that is good enough to take us to a deep feeling of joy and eternal bliss (Sat-Chit-Anand)

As an action point, starting from this moment, try to maintain full body awareness as long as you can. Catch yourself losing awareness and pull yourself back even if you have to do this several times a day. For a while or few days, you might feel nothing different apart from a little bit of calmness and some joy. I have observed that there’s a particular threshold point or a tipping point  and once you cross that, then the change in your consciousness will become very strong evident and noticeable to you.

You might suddenly start feeling a deep calmness, stillness and unbound Joy coming from within. For no reason, you will be happy, and will have a smile on your face. Just by looking at you, people will realize that something within you has changed.




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