Become a Healer : Create an additional income from a noble profession

Become a Quantum HealerĀ 

You can easily create a substantial additional income of more than 3000 USD per month for yourself through a very noble and respectable work of an energy healer.

Across the globe, there are millions of people suffering from variety of health issues which conventional medicine is unable to cure. In such cases, most people opt for energy healing due to the kind of results that energy healing can give.

You may not know that each one of us has the ability to trigger a powerful healing response in a body just by accessing a silent mind state called the Zero point. If you get into this state of No-Mind and then connect with any ailing person (even on a video call), then his/ her body immediately starts correcting itself using its own intelligence in the presence of the Quantum Vacuum that you have presented it with.

Within minutes, the person being treated can expereince healing corrections happening inside the body. In most cases he/she would get excellent improvement or relief in the next 12-24 hours.

I have personally treated various health issues using Remote Quantum Healing on Video call. Right from Headaches, Migraine, Joint pains, Back pain, neck pain, knee pain, Digestive disorders, female gynaecological issues, blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid etc. and a variety of other health conditions.

I have observed that patients especially in the western part of the world are willing to pay as much as 50-70 USD for a 30 minute healing session. For them this is much lesser than what medical specialists would charge them. This translates to 100-150 USD per hour. Even if you choose to put in 1-2 hours per day for healing services, you can easily earn ranging from 100-200 USD per day. I normally ask people to pay only and only if they experience results. However almost 80-90% people are happy to pay because they do get results right from the very first session.

Once your healing services get popular, even if you assume that you do healing only 15 days in a month, you’ll still comfortably can earn upto 3000 USD per month. If you do it with a complete dedicated focus, sky is the limit.

The only thing you need to do is to learn the technique, for which the investment is only 30 USD (For lifetime access to the course on Quantum Healing). Once you learn the technique, you will need to start doing treatment to people to build your credibility. within a few weeks or months, once you have 10-15 success stories, these in turn will create references which will bring more and more people to you.

You can write about your healing services on your blog or on your facebook page or even respond to questions on facebook groups. All of this will bring in a steady flow of patients to you and generate a steady flow of income to you.

My Masterclass on Quantum Healing will help you learn how to access the zero point state and thereby do the healing on various health issues. The course covers techniques, concepts, principles, demonstrations, healingindicators and various real healing examples and experiences.

I am psonally committed to help you learn Quantum healing. You can visit my website for more details on the course content and to check what people have written about the course.

Sachin Karve (Quantum Healer)

Tel: +91 9819858269 (Cell and WhatsApp)


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