Easiest way to heal yourself from a health issue



People often ask me, how can we heal ourselves quickly from the health issues that we face.

And I tell them… Just access the Zero point ‘No-Mind’ state and your body will quickly start healing itself using its own intelligence.

When I tell them this, they usually have two questions in their mind.

  1. Is there any science or logic on how the No-Mind state helps in healing?
  2. how do we get to the zero point state to heal ourselves. Is it that easy?

So let me first explain about the Zero point ‘No-mind’ state.

You see, for any problem to be solved, we essentially need to go one level below it. We call this as going down to the root cause and solving it there.

So if a Body has a problem, then we need to at least go down one level deeper i.e. to an ‘Organ level’ to treat it and that’s exactly what a surgeon or a physiotherapist does. For better healing we need to go further deeper from Organ level to Cellular level and that’s where nutrition therapy, naturopathy, ayurveda works. For further deeper healing, we need to go deeper below the cell to the Atom level and that’s where conventional medicine, allopathy, chemo therapy, steroids would work. For further better healing, we can go down deeper from Atom level to Sub atomic particle level and that’s where homeopathy works. For even better healing we need to go deeper below the particle and that’s where Waves exist. That’s where modalities such as Radiation therapy, light therapy, Mantra therapy, Reiki and other modalities work. And now, if we want the best and fastest healing, then we need to go below the wave level and below the wave level, there’s Nothing … absolutely nothing and if we get to that state, which is the deepest level of our existence, and if we initiate a corrective action there, then at that level, the body can very quickly get into a balance of energy and order using the universal intelligence and immediately a change is felt in the body.

This state of Nothingness, and Stillness is called as the Zero point state.

I personally get to witness these very quick healings when I am at the Zero Point state almost everyday when I am treating people across the globe remotely on video call.

Now let me answer the second question.. How do we get to that state.

There’s a simple method of reaching the Zero point state practically in minutes. Hundreds of people have learnt how easy it is to get to the zero point practically in minutes and then heal themselves on their own. This involves anchoring ourselves to the ‘Present moment’ using full body consciousness and anyone can learn how to do this in minutes.

I have a recorded course on Quantum Healing that most people find very useful in learning this healing process.

To know more about this wonderful healing modality, visit my website www.Instanthealingtherapy.com

I am committed to personally guide people in achieving better health using this powerful healing method.

You can connect with me on my Whatsapp number +91 9819858269 to know about this technique or if you want to try a healing session for yourself on Video call.

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