What is Quantum Healing and how does it Work

What is Quantum Healing and how does it work

In this writeup, you will get answers to following three questions:

  • What is Quantum Healing ?
  • How does Quantum Healing work ?
  • What health issues does Quantum Healing work on ?
  1. What is Quantum Healing? 

Let me try to make this very simple to understand.

Any physical health problem with the Human Body can be treated at six different levels and according to the level at which the treatment is being done, a different type of therapy is required.

The Six Levels at which the Human body exists are listed in the chart below. For any ‘Body’ to be treated we need to go down at least one level and a specific therapy will be required for treatment at that level. So if we go down to the Organ Level, then Surgery or Physiotherapy will be required. However if we desire to have better healing, then we just need to go one more level deeper to the next level below and use the corresponding therapy required at that level. Every time we go down below each level, we arrive at the next level of the body’s existence and the results of treatment keep getting better and faster.

Quantum Healing Levels

We need to understand that as we go deeper and deeper, the healing is Faster and Better and therefore, when we go down to the deepest level of the Body’s existence (The State of Nothingness/ Quantum Field), and do treatment using Quantum Healing, then one can find changes that happen very fast and in a way that conventional logic cannot explain.  To someone who doesn’t understand the above logic, it often appears like a miracle whereas in reality it’s just plain science. Any change triggered at the Quantum Level changes the Waves, which changes the particles, which changes Atoms, and that triggers changes in cells and thereby organs and finally the Body experiences Healing.

However, because our conventional medicine hasn’t ventured into this zone at the deepest level, therefore it becomes difficult to explain such healings during research experiments and so most people end up wrongly calling it as Woo Woo, Pseudo Science, Faith Healing etc.

Many renowned people have acknowledged the presence of this state of Nothingness. As per the Ancient Indian Spiritual wisdom this is called as the state of Oneness (Advaita), Emptiness and Stillness.

Therefore, Quantum Healing is a Therapy that works by creating a change in the body at the deepest level of Human Existence.

  1. How does Quantum Healing Work?

Let’s try to understand how Quantum Healing works. For that, we need to first understand how our  Body systems work to maintain good health and harmony. Our body has three regulatory systems which are called as VATA, PITTA and KAPHA as per the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda.

VATA SYSTEM keeps the Flow mechanism of the Body working fine, PITTA SYSTEM maintains the Body’s metabolism and Energy levels and KAPHA SYSTEM keeps the Body’s overall structure and Lubrication in working order.

When we work at the deepest level (Quantum Field), the body uses its own intelligence together with the intelligence of the universe and triggers a change in the Vata, Pitta, Kapha Systems which can be actually experienced by the person being healed. VATA correction can be experienced in the body as tingling, vibration, flow, release such as burping, passing gas etc, PITTA correction can be felt as energy, heat, cold etc.  and KAPHA correction can be experienced as Twitching, external or internal movement, Swaying of body etc.. There are in all 15-18 different healing indicators that are commonly observed. Soon the body starts getting into a state of harmony on its own and the patient feels relief from the condition.

Now, let’s understand what a Quantum Healer needs to do while doing a healing session so as to trigger this healing response. He/She simply needs to go down to the deepest level of No-Mind, Stillness, One-ness, Nothingness and connect with the person being treated either physically or even energetically / remotely on Video call. The process of ENTRAINMENT takes place and the patient’s body connects to the Quantum field and starts experiencing healing indicators. It is as simple as this.

  1. What health issues does Quantum Healing work on?

It is observed that Quantum Healing gives good results on health issues such as Headache/ Migraine, Body Pain, Joint pain, Cervical spondylitis, Back pain, Slipped Disc, Knee pain, Digestive disorders, Correcting the Thyroid or Pancreas, Female Gynaecological issues, Frozen shoulder, Injuries and Sprains and many other common health concerns.

How does one Learn Quantum Healing?

My Masterclass on Quantum Healing explains how anyone can easily learn to do this healing. It explains the five principles of Quantum Healing, how one can quickly get to the state of Nothingness/ Zero point and do the healing for self or others. It explains key aspects of the treatment along with demonstrations and guidelines. This course is a 11 Hour fully recorded course and has 70+ video lessons that explain everything step by step. It can be viewed on any mobile device or PC and comes with a Lifetime access to the content. It is available at a hugely discounted price so as to make it affordable to all.

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Sachin Karve (Quantum Healer and Leadership Trainer) is a Mechanical Engineer and MBA Marketing with 30 years of corporate experience. He has authored a book on Instant Healing and has more than 5000 students across 102 countries learning Quantum Healing using his Masterclass. He also offers healing sessions to people across the globe on Video call using remote Quantum Healing. He’s based at the city of Mumbai in India.

Easiest way to heal yourself from a health issue



People often ask me, how can we heal ourselves quickly from the health issues that we face.

And I tell them… Just access the Zero point ‘No-Mind’ state and your body will quickly start healing itself using its own intelligence.

When I tell them this, they usually have two questions in their mind.

  1. Is there any science or logic on how the No-Mind state helps in healing?
  2. how do we get to the zero point state to heal ourselves. Is it that easy?

So let me first explain about the Zero point ‘No-mind’ state.

You see, for any problem to be solved, we essentially need to go one level below it. We call this as going down to the root cause and solving it there.

So if a Body has a problem, then we need to at least go down one level deeper i.e. to an ‘Organ level’ to treat it and that’s exactly what a surgeon or a physiotherapist does. For better healing we need to go further deeper from Organ level to Cellular level and that’s where nutrition therapy, naturopathy, ayurveda works. For further deeper healing, we need to go deeper below the cell to the Atom level and that’s where conventional medicine, allopathy, chemo therapy, steroids would work. For further better healing, we can go down deeper from Atom level to Sub atomic particle level and that’s where homeopathy works. For even better healing we need to go deeper below the particle and that’s where Waves exist. That’s where modalities such as Radiation therapy, light therapy, Mantra therapy, Reiki and other modalities work. And now, if we want the best and fastest healing, then we need to go below the wave level and below the wave level, there’s Nothing … absolutely nothing and if we get to that state, which is the deepest level of our existence, and if we initiate a corrective action there, then at that level, the body can very quickly get into a balance of energy and order using the universal intelligence and immediately a change is felt in the body.

This state of Nothingness, and Stillness is called as the Zero point state.

I personally get to witness these very quick healings when I am at the Zero Point state almost everyday when I am treating people across the globe remotely on video call.

Now let me answer the second question.. How do we get to that state.

There’s a simple method of reaching the Zero point state practically in minutes. Hundreds of people have learnt how easy it is to get to the zero point practically in minutes and then heal themselves on their own. This involves anchoring ourselves to the ‘Present moment’ using full body consciousness and anyone can learn how to do this in minutes.

I have a recorded course on Quantum Healing that most people find very useful in learning this healing process.

To know more about this wonderful healing modality, visit my website www.Instanthealingtherapy.com

I am committed to personally guide people in achieving better health using this powerful healing method.

You can connect with me on my Whatsapp number +91 9819858269 to know about this technique or if you want to try a healing session for yourself on Video call.


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