Hi Welcome to my Blog !!

The purpose of writing this blog is to share some thoughts, ideas and insights on the topic of Life and Success.

This blog is divided into following three sections:

  1. Life & Success
  2. Healing
  3. Meditation

The section on Life and success has tips on how one can achieve effectiveness and efficiency so as to create success in life. The section on Healing introduces three profound healing techniques using which anyone can easily achieve Instant healing. The section on Meditation has simple guidelines that can help you to achieve a meditative state of being.

You can  access the content of each section by going to the Post Index and selecting the category of your choice from the Menu. I hope the content presented here is of use to you on both a Personal and Professional front.


Become a Healer : Create an additional income from a noble profession

Become a Quantum Healer  You can easily create a substantial additional income of more than 3000 USD per month for yourself through a very noble and respectable work of an energy healer. Across the globe, there are millions of people suffering from variety of health issues which conventional medicine is unable to cure. In such …

Easiest way to heal yourself from a health issue

HEALING  OURSELVES  USNG  THE  ‘ZERO POINT’ OR  ‘SILENT MIND’ STATE People often ask me, how can we heal ourselves quickly from the health issues that we face. And I tell them… Just access the Zero point ‘No-Mind’ state and your body will quickly start healing itself using its own intelligence. When I tell them this, …

About Sachin

Sachin is a Mechanical Engineer and MBA Marketing from Mumbai.

He has over 25 years of Industry association in areas such as Manufacturing, Design, Engineering, Marketing and Training. He has been associated with 140+ organizations for offering Consulting and Training services in the areas of Leadership development, Behavioral Skills & Soft Skills.

Sachin has authored a book titled ‘Instant Healing for Self and Others’ which covers three profound Quantum healing techniques and he has helped hundreds of people in achieving good health using these. He is also involved in teaching these techniques.

Sachin lives with a dream that one day every human on this earth will have access to these healing methods thereby creating a Beautiful and Blissful universe with Good Health, Prosperity, Love and Harmony.


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