Healing my car’s dying battery

This experience of healing my car’s battery is something which any logical person will not believe to be true. I’m quite sure that most of you would definitely laugh at this. In fact, being an engineer, I too would not have accepted it if someone else had told me this. Here’s what happened.

My car’s battery had started giving me trouble. For several days, every morning I would have trouble starting the car. I knew that it had already completed 3.5 years and was practically on the verge of dying. Due to a busy schedule, I was somehow not able to spare time to get it replaced.¬† It was not charging well, neither it was holding charge for long. At long signals, if I would turn off my car, it would have trouble starting. After several instances where I had trouble with the ignition, I got the battery inspected by a battery technician who told me that the life of this battery was absolutely over and that it I could land up in trouble anytime if I did not get it changed immediately. He said that¬† there was no solution apart from replacement.

Once, when I was traveling towards Powai, a suburb of Mumbai for a meeting with a client, on the way, the battery died and my car wouldn’t start at all. I tried the ignition multiple times but it didn’t help. The fan was working at very slow speed and same was with lights too which clearly indicated that the battery was dying. The horn was also not working.

I thought of trying after waiting for a while and so, about 5 minutes later tried again without any success. The only option left was to push start the car and travel to a battery shop to buy a new battery. Unfortunately there was nobody who could help me with giving a push, and I didn’t know where I could find a battery shop nearby.

Suddenly a crazy thought crossed my mind. I questioned myself, by any chance, would the heart energy healing or the Listening to Bio field method work on my battery. Laughed at myself on this stupid illogical thought and dropped the idea. Tried ignition a couple of times and soon realized that by this time the battery was completely dead. The horn too was not working, neither were the lights.

Finally, said to myself, what’s the harm in trying. Why not give it a try?
So I opened the bonnet and started moving my palms above the battery trying to listen to my battery with my palms. Luckily there was nobody around to see me waving my hands over the battery like a crazy person. In a few seconds, I started feeling very strong vibrations on my palms. I was amused and continued the healing, holding an intention in my mind to revive the battery. My own belief in the process was very low since the engineer inside me was telling me that this was the most stupid thing ever and there was no chance that a completely dead battery would get revived by doing this.

In about 3-4 minutes, to check if there was any change, I decided to try turning the ignition and while I had zero hopes, to my surprise, in my first attempt the engine turned on. I was glad that my car had started and that now I could at least reach a reliable battery shop near my residence and get it replaced.

To my surprise, all the symptoms of a dying battery had instantly disappeared.
The horn was sounding good. Fan was working fine, and the low battery indicator too which was earlier coming on occasionally was now off. I thought of observing it for a couple of days more before taking a decision to replace. However, in a week’s time I realized that there seemed to be no reason to replace it. To be on the safer side, I took my car to a battery shop to get it inspected and the technician checked it using his measuring gadgets and told me that it was perfectly fine. He topped it up with some battery water and told me that there was nothing wrong with the battery. it was charging well and was holding charge perfectly. You will be surprised to know that after this incident, for next 6 months, till the time I sold my car, the battery did not trouble me even once.

I knew that the healing technique worked on humans, but for the first time I had seen it giving a wonderful healing outcome for something that we call as Non-Living. We often forget that it is the same universal energy that is flowing through us as well as through everything Living or Non-Living on earth. In fact there is nothing that is Non Living. Everything is just a different form of the same universal energy. I encourage you to learn this technique. My blog has detailed steps, however, do let me know if you want further guidance.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

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