Triangulation: A Powerful Healing Technique

I have found Triangulation to be a very powerful method of healing, and in today’s post, I am sharing the method by which this is done.

Like any other healing method, the prerequisite for this method too is a deep sense of awareness of the present moment. If you maintain awareness on your body for a certain duration of time, it normally automatically leads to a feeling of peace, calmness and joy within just a few minutes. Once this feeling of stillness has kicked in, the healing process can begin. Over a period of time, you will notice that as soon as you take up a case for healing, this calm state of stillness will automatically come up.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Place one palm on the part that you desire to heal. Let’s call this as point ‘A’. Now become completely aware of point A, as intensely as you can. Feel the touch of your skin with the other’s body, feel the temperature or pressure at that point. Feel the surface of contact. Feel anything that is happening in your palm as you touch point A. Be aware of this for about 30 seconds to a minute.
  2. Now, intuitively place your other palm on any other point on the body of the person that you are healing. Let’s call this point as Point ‘B’ . Note that there’s no particular way to choose this second point. simply go by what your mind tells you. Become fully aware of this point too, as intensely as you were aware of Point A. feel the touch, sensations, pressure, temperature etc.. with as much awareness as you can maintain.
  3. Now, simultaneously bring your attention to Point A and Point B together as intensely as you can and then simply add a 3rd Dimension let’s call it Point C . Point C is nothing else but the feeling of stillness and bliss that is within you as a result of your own awareness of your body and witnessing the whole process.  Just be aware of A,B, and C together, and hold on to that awareness for 4-5 minutes.

Since the last 6 months, i.e. starting from Jan 2019, I have used this method very frequently for doing healing treatment and it has given me excellent results. When I use this method, usually within a minute, the person I’m healing starts feeling changes happening inside. This are in the form of twitches, shifts, movement, flow, jerks etc.. which I call as healing indicators.

I usually ask people to rate the intensity of their problem/ pain/ discomfort on a 1-10 scale prior to the treatment and then make them rate it after the treatment. In most cases there is a significant change either immediately or in a day’s time.

I have observed that the healing process depends largely on the feeling of stillness and joy that I experience i.e. Point C within myself. For you, getting this feeling simply depends on your level of awareness on your body. I have charged this page with my consciousness of my being and ideally, as you read this, the frequencies would have already made a change within your consciousness too. To check, stop reading for a moment, take your awareness inside to your spine and check if right now, you feel a much deeper sense of calmness, stillness and joy. I’m sure you must be feeling it.

If this method excites you and you want to learn this, drop me a message and I will be glad to help you learn this. Have a great day ahead !!

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