Twisted/Sprained leg that troubled for an year healed in 5 minutes

This is a very interesting experience that I had in 2017. This happens to be one of my early experiences in healing and was instrumental in encouraging me and pushing me deeper into further practice and experimenting.

A yoga teacher who’s known to my father had slipped from a carpet at home an year ago and her leg had got slightly twisted due to the fall and she was unable to walk properly. She also experienced pain in her knee and entire leg.

She had tried various treatments but nothing worked. She was unable to get into several yoga postures due to this and was affecting her ability to do demonstrations during her yoga training sessions. She was unable to walk properly and had pain.

One day, my father casually mentioned to her about the healing treatment that I do, and asked her to give it a try. She agreed and the very next day I went to her home for doing the healing treatment. I too was not sure whether it would work since these were the early days of my own practice and experimentation with these healing methods. However I decided to give it a try.

I made her lie down comfortably, focused my attention to her legs. Then I started using my palms to listen to her right leg keeping my palms about 10-12 inches above her body. I consciously kept moving my hands trying to catch the signals that her leg was sending. In a few minutes she said that she had started feeling strong vibrations in her knee. In a few minutes more she noticed that her knee joint(especially the cap) was actually moving inside as if it was trying to adjust itself into a particular position.

I had focused my entire awareness on her body and was watching what was visible outside as a result of what was happening inside her leg. Within the next few minutes, we were both shocked to see her entire right leg shake, move and turn automatically in one direction by a few degrees and set itself in a proper place.

Instantly her pain reduced and she started feeling better. I asked her to stand up and walk and to her surprise she was able to walk normally without any pain. She said that her legs were feeling very relaxed and light.

While I was delighted with the healing that had taken place almost instantly, I felt sorry for the fact that she had to suffer for almost an year while the solution could have been achieved in just a few minutes had she approached me earlier. Everything has its time and now the time had come, is the only thing that I could comment.

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