Holding Space for someone you want to Heal

I recently came across a beautiful post on Facebook which was on the topic of Holding the Space. I have inserted it here for your reference without any changes:

What-it-really-means-to-be-there-and-HOLD SPACE for-someone-else
“A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.”

~Maryam Hasnaa

I was sobbing quite hysterically, huddled into myself sitting on the kitchen floor. It literally felt like my life was falling apart. And so was I. I had been striving so hard to start a meaningful business that would change the world and help others, as well as heal myself from intense ongoing physical symptoms. But it seemed the harder I tried, the less things worked.

My head bobbed slightly off my knees as I took ragged breaths.
What the hell was wrong with me? The thought that was driving my meltdown was unintelligible in my brain, due to the crashing waves of my emotional reaction. But somehow, eventually, I found myself able to fully lift my head and stare straight on at my distorted reflection in the stainless steel door of the dishwasher. The whole while, he sat with me. My endlessly loving partner, Jonathan, held space.

I remember when I first turned to a friend and said, “What does holding space really mean?” I asked with the inquisitiveness of a child, like a small human who does not yet know what a word means.
Because with something like this, can any of us really find the words to accurately explain it?

She used a story in an attempt to define it, “When I was really freaking out about something, I went over to my friend’s house and just let it all out. My friend was able to just listen to me and just you know… hold the space.”

“Holding space” is a concept that is hard to define without using the exact same words to define it. But as she explained it to me, I realized I’ve been lucky to have many experiences of people holding space for me, and I for them.
When it comes down to it, what are we really doing when we are “holding space?” The interesting thing about this term is that we aren’t actually “holding” anything.

When your daughter comes home from school and wants to tell you all about her day, and you listen intently… you are holding space. When your friend vents about how hard work was that day, and you give him your full attention… you are holding space.

When you are flipping out over one thing or another or all the things, and someone looks at you with complete acceptance… that is holding space.
When you are both recognizing what is currently is going on, and open to stepping into a new reality… that is holding space.

Holding space is about being in the space.  It’s about being fully present with the experience. Holding space is viewing someone without judgment and seeing him or her through loving kindness. Holding space is recognizing that although we all may stumble, we are all also so powerful.

Holding space is like holding the door open for someone to walk through to experience a new model of the world. Instead of feeling like the walls are caving in, holding space literally gives breathing room to express, open up, and simply be where we are.

What we are really doing when we hold space is nothing but pure acceptance—of ourselves, of others, and of the moment.

As Brene Brown says, “When we are looking for compassion, we need someone who is deeply rooted, is able to bend, and most of all, embraces us for our strengths and struggles.”

Those compassionate, rooted people in our life are invaluable to help us weather the storm and stand in the light again. But what happens when that other person just is not available to you in that moment?

Holding space doesn’t have to involve anyone else physically being there with us or listening to us directly. You can each hold space for yourself. When you are going through something big (or seemingly small), you can hold space for yourself by tapping into self-compassion.

Dr. Kristin Neff defines three components of self-compassion as self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness. Self-kindness entails being warm and understanding towards ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate. Instead of ignoring our pain or hurting ourselves with self-criticism, self-kindness involves being gentle with yourself when you encounter a painful experience.

Common humanity is that reminder that we all suffer. We are all mortal, vulnerable, and imperfect. This suffering is part of the shared human experience. Realizing that can help us feel less isolated and more connected within that space.

Mindfulness is taking a balanced approach to our challenging emotions so that feelings are neither suppressed nor exaggerated. Instead of “over-identifying” with our thoughts and feelings, mindfulness is a willingness to observe our negative thoughts and emotions with openness, clarity, and equanimity. It’s a non-judgmental way of becoming aware of our inner experience as it is, without trying to suppress or deny.

We cannot ignore our pain and feel compassion at the same time. This means, the more you can hold space for yourself, the more you can hold space for others. In that space, we all experience what it means to feel unconditional love.

When you feel unconditionally loved, you are able to fully own your own experience and truly be who you are. There is a calmness and clarity and an ability to also love the world as it is. This is where true power comes from. When we are able to be in unconditional love, all of our thoughts, words, and actions flow from it. We are bringing more of that love into the world.

Which means holding space isn’t just beneficial for one. It benefits all.
By loving ourselves, we also hold space for the world .

Danielle LaRock

Pain is not a Problem, it’s a Solution

Most people dislike pain and look at it as an undesirable aspect of an illness. When they realize that they are unable to get rid of the disease, they try their best to get rid of the pain. While this is quite natural, one must not look at pain in that way.

In this post, would like to draw your attention to a very important aspect of healing and sensitize you that pain is actually not a problem, rather is the solution to the problem.

A very interesting but less known fact about Awareness, is that Awareness or consciousness helps in healing things and bringing the body in a state of harmony or balance. Whenever any part of the body is unwell, injured or tired, it obviously needs healing. The body knows that this healing can be quickly achieved by two ways

1.  By feeding it with Awareness (Because awareness helps in healing)

2.  By ensuring that the body part gets rest to prevent it from further wear and tear.

The body achieves both of the above simply by creating a feeling of Pain. The more the awareness is required, or rest is required, greater will be the pain.  Therefore, the body’s immediate response is to create pain which then quickly attracts our awareness or attention.

So, say for example, your knee is not well, then to heal itself quickly, it needs your awareness and to get that its only way of communicating this to you is by creating a feeling of pain or discomfort in that area, so that you immediately put your attention or awareness there .

At this time, if you give it your full awareness, your knee can actually heal itself instantly in minutes. (I say this with confidence after having done hundreds of such instant healing) . However what we do these days is that instead of listening to the knee and simply giving it our pure awareness, we ask it to shut up by taking a pain killer.

That’s where everything starts going wrong. A result of taking the pain killer is that we no longer are conscious or aware of the knee and also no longer feel the need to give it rest, and so we continue with our stressful use of the knee thereby damaging it further.

Don’t you think this is the start point of all trouble. I always tell people that look at pain not as a problem but as a solution. If we simply give our pure awareness to the part that’s paining, in a short while the body or unwell part will do the needful that’s required and will get fine. Once the root cause is gone, pain (which is the symptom) will disappear automatically.

Think about this and next time you have pain, you know exactly what to do and what to avoid.

In my next post, I intend to write about how to create a deep state of awareness by listening to the body at a Zero point mindless state.

Learn healing in 10 minutes flat

When I talk to people about the healing that I do and when I tell them about my dream to teach this to the whole world, a question that is always asked is ..How much time does it take to learn?.

I tell them that it takes just about 10-12 minutes and this includes the time taken for me to explain the concept, help them get the feeling on their hands and then demonstrate how it is done.  This helps them to instantly start trying the healing on others. Very often, they are initially not willing to believe that they will be able to immediately start doing healing that gives instant results, but when they see miraculous results right in front of their eyes, they get completely convinced.

I  will share a recent experience while I was teaching this to a group of people who were attending my workshop on Leadership skills. At the end of the day, I mentioned to them about the healing that I do and some of them showed interest, so after dinner, we sat together and I explained the principle and application to them. After activating the palms of few in the group, some of them asked me who they could try it on. Luckily, there were a couple of others in the group who had back pain, leg pain, neck pain etc. so I suggested that they could try their newly acquired skill on these people.

Groups were formed and they started doing the healing. To their surprise, those who were being treated, almost immediately told them that they were feeling some movement happening inside their body. They could feel different sensations happening and a strong flow of something within. I told them that they should be happy that the healing process had started.

In a few minutes, one of the person being healed said that his back was feeling better and the pain had almost gone. In a short while, another lady started burping loudly and this went on continuously with burps after burps non-stop.

I told them that the burps were indicating a release of stuck vatha (Flow) from her back which was causing her the pain and that her back was definitely going to heal. They did treatment to her for 10 minutes more. She reported that she was feeling much lighter and relieved of pain and the next day she reported that the pain was completely gone.

Suddenly all those who were doing the healing the previous night realized the amazing power of healing that they had got within with just 10 minutes of learning. This would be with them for ever and they would be able to use this on their loved ones and several others who needed healing.

Just yesterday, I taught the technique to a person attending my session in as little as 5 minutes since we were really short of time and next day in the morning, he said that he had tried it on his wife who suffers from chronic headaches and that with just 5 minutes of treatment to her, the headache had completely vanished and she was feeling better.

All those who want to learn this technique, be assured that you can learn this in a very short period of time…practically in 10 minutes. The advanced concepts take a few sessions more, but to start the healing process, 10 minutes of learning of the fundamentals is good enough. If this excites you, do get in touch with me and I will be happy to teach this method to you.


The body is intelligent. It knows what to heal

In almost all of the healing treatment that I have done for people, one thing that I have experienced is that the body of the person being healed knows exactly where the healing is required and also how the healing has to be achieved.

I am not a doctor and therefore I do not have an understanding of the internal biology of the human body. I do not understand the muscular system and how one needs to get rid of a particular pain or sprain or injury.

When people get cured from their health issues and ask me what exactly did I do to get them cured, my answer is always the same. I did nothing. I tell them that I went into the state of nothingness and did nothing. The better nothing I do, I have observed that the healing is faster. It is difficult for them to understand this state but a little explanation usually gets their doubts clarified.

At times, issues which were not even told to me by the person I was healing have been healed automatically. Recently I was helping a person to heal his severe back pain (as usual by doing nothing), and surprisingly within 4-5 minutes, his 6 month old severe back pain got completely healed. His body automatically made all the movement of bones in the spinal cord to achieve the desired effect. I could practically see his entire body tremble for a few minutes after which he instantly got cured.

However what was surprising was that his wrist pain due to an accident that had happened a fortnight ago also simply vanished. What was most surprising to him was that he had not even mentioned about this to me. This gave us both a glimpse of the body’s intelligence. It really knows what needs to be done to achievement a complete cure. The healer actually needs to know nothing and do nothing.

A couple of years ago, I had a similar experience where I was treating one person for a finger injury. I did a 5 minute healing session for him. Next day he reported that while the finger was significantly better than before, swelling had gone, pain had gone and he could bend it better, surprisingly, that night, he found that one of his tooth which was paining for a very long time was suddenly feeling better. The tooth pain had completely gone. Interesting isn’t it?

I repeat, the healer really needs to know nothing and do nothing. It is in this state of pure nothingness or pure stillness, or a state of no mind or whatever we call it, that the healing spontaneously happens. It feels as if suddenly everything starts getting into order and the current reality just gets dropped as if it didn’t exist at all.

Those of you who are excited to learn this healing technique may contact me. I look forward to the day when every human on this earth is aware of this powerful healing method.

Severe back pain cured in minutes

I am sharing a very interesting healing experience that happened today. As always, the healing actually happened in minutes.

While I was conducting my training session on Team building at Ahmedabad, I noticed that one participant, Mr. J N Mukherjee, was strapping a memory foam cushion /support to the backrest of his chair. When I asked him about it, he mentioned to me that he was suffering from severe back pain for a long time. I immediately offered to treat him during our tea break and he agreed.

During the tea break, he approached me for the healing and I asked him for further details. He told me that he had this severe back pain for around 6 months and that he was under doctors observation and had to take medicines daily to deal with the pain. Also had to take certain injections regularly. I then asked him to stand in front and I started the treatment by trying to sense if there was any communication from his back by moving both of my palms in the air about 1.5 feet away behind his back.

I was almost instantly able to sense strong vibrations on both of my palms. It was as if his back had lot to talk to me and was just waiting for someone to listen to it. Now that I had offered a listeners ear (or rather palm), I started feeling as if there was a huge load of information coming to my hands.

Almost instantly, his entire back started twitching on its own spontaneously. I could see his shoulders jump up and down, hands twitch with jerky vibration and visible movement of his backbone. It appeared to me from behind as if his upper body was going through a quake. He was surprised to find that something like this had started happened inside  his body.

I quickly identified that this was a strong register and was clearly an indication that healing had started. He too mentioned to me repeatedly about the fact that his upper body was uncontrollably shaking and that he was not doing it. It was not stopping even when he was trying to restrict it.

I told him that this was normal and was a part of the healing process.Within less than 2 minutes, he mentioned that he was feeling significant improvement and in the next 4-5 minutes, he was able to feel complete relief from pain. He checked by bending his back ahead and behind as well as sideways repeatedly and was happy to find that there was no pain at all.

Later, I did one more short sessions of 5 minutes of quantum entrainment by placing one palm on his shoulder and one on his back. Basically that was just to ensure that he got deeper healing. While I was doing quantum entrainment, he suddenly started moving his wrist turning it around rotating it clockwise and anticlockwise repeatedly. I was surprised to see him do it and when he did this once more, I finally asked him what the issue was.

He said to me that about 15 days ago he had badly injured his wrist when he fell down from his bike due to which he was not able to move his wrist joint and had a lot of pain if he tried doing it. During the quantum entrainment session, he had suddenly realised that his wrist had got free and he was able to move it completely freely without any pain. That’s why’s he was surprised and was trying to check if it was indeed cured.

I realised that while I wasn’t even aware of his wrist pain, his body which was aware of it, on its own had started the healing process as soon as I had offered it the zero point environment. This is a phenomenon which I have observed happening several times, but for him, it was a surprise since he had not even mentioned to me about this pain.

I then did a further 3-4 minutes of treatment for his wrist after which he felt perfectly fine. I am happy that I was able to be of help to a very nice human being who was suffering from pain for a long time .

Zero point healing never fails to surprise people who can never imagine that such instant healing can happen in reality.

If you find this exciting and want to learn this technique, please contact me and I would be really glad to teach you this simple healing method.

I live with a dream to make this technique reach every human around the world. Your initiative in learning this will help me achieve this dream.

Shoulder pain healed in minutes

This is a recent experience that I had during a training program that I was conducting on problem solving Techniques at Ahmedabad.

During a discussion on root cause analysis, I explained to the group that we need to go down to the Root cause to solve problems. The deeper we go, better will be the solution. The Why-Why Analysis helps us to go deeper and identify the Root cause and if we go deep enough, we can solve problems instantly, practically in minutes.

I told them that I was involved in healing which worked on the same principles and that for me such instant healing occurrences were common. The group didn’t seem to be convinced about my statement, and I understand that since this indeed is difficult to believe unless one experiences it personally.

There was a participant who interrupted and mentioned that he had lot of pain in his shoulder due to which he was unable to lift his right hand above horizontal and was unable to move or turn his hand comfortably without pain. He requested me to demonstrate the healing on him.

Since we were at a juncture in the program where we were supposed to have a 10 minute tea break, I offered to demonstrate the healing process to all by doing 2 minutes of healing by listening to his shoulder (using sensory ability of palms) and 2 minutes of zero point healing.

In about 4-5 minutes, I asked him to check his hand and to his surprise his hand was able to go up straight pointing up to the ceiling effortlessly. He tried moving it up, down sideways, everywhere and said that the pain had completely vanished.

If you want to learn this method, simply go through the step by step guidelines given on this blog in an earlier post dated 6th July 2019.


Healing at the Deepest Level: The Zero Point & Stillness

We all know that for solving any problem, we need to go to the Root of the problem and then resolve it. The deeper we go, the better.

In case of our body too, when any disease starts, it starts in the form of a disturbance in either Energy or Order at a very deep quantum level from where it starts creating impact on upper levels and at the end of it, the disturbance manifests into a disease which we can see as a physical form in the body.

In most cases people make the mistake of treating the symptom which doesn’t help at all. This primarily happens because the symptom is the only thing that we see and feel and therefore have an inclination towards treating it. This is however a mistake. The principle of problem solving says that never solve a symptom, solve the cause and the symptom will automatically disappear. Resolving the issue at a surface level doesn’t help.

The Root cause of the problem / illness is often hidden deep within and people don’t bother to go deeper.  However, one must note that if we simply treat a health issue at a superficial level but do not resolve it at the deepest level where it has started, then the problem will soon return.

Therefore, in the process of healing, the deeper we go, the better is the effect we get to see.  Now, let’s understand what we mean by going deeper into the body for healing.

If we have to treat a Body, we need to go down a level deeper i.e. an Organ Level . That’s where a surgeon goes and tries to treat the problem by cutting, correcting, adjusting, stitching, or replacing things physically.

If we have to go further deeper, then we need to go down to a Cellular level, where probably treatment such as nutrition therapy, Ayurveda, Herbal Therapy /Naturopathy etc would work. If we had to go deeper, we would have to go further deeper to an Atomic level where treatment would be done by using various medicines/ drugs / chemicals / chemotherapy etc used by doctors following conventional medicine or Allopathy. If we had to go deeper than this, we would need to go to a  Sub-Atomic / Nano Particle level, where healing methods such as Homeopathy work.

If we decide to go further deeper to do the healing, then below nano particles, there are Waves. (Waves come together and form Particles). So, treatment at this level is done using Radiation therapy, Light therapy, Colour Therapy, Sound therapy etc..

However, if we decide to go further deeper, then below waves, then below waves there’s Nothing. Waves are created from a state of complete stillness, a complete state of nothingness. So, if we want to go down to the deepest level to do the healing, then we need to access this state. This state is called as the Zero Point. It’s a state of Stillness. It’s a godlike state, as rightly described by Eckhart Tolle.

We all have the ability to access the state of Zero point if we want. However, for this, we need to be able to completely silence the mind. The mind keeps jumping to the Past or Future and rarely allows us to experience the zero point. At the Zero point, the mind simply doesn’t exist. it disappears, and then from that arises a state of bliss, stillness and complete unity with the universe. It is simple to achieve this state if we really wish so. I can teach you how to do this.

Once we reach the zero point, our body or the  body of the person we are treating instantly creates a correction in Energy and Order, thereby eliminating the root cause of the disease. Then in an instant, all other levels above undergo a change and we can see healing happening almost instantly.

I recently treated a lady with breast cancer & metastatic cancer spread at many other places  and she told me that she could feel the lumps in her breast and other parts simply dissolve and move out of her system the moment I started treating her. Recently, after a couple of months, and a few chemo sessions, her doctor was surprised to see the unbelievable healing that had taken place.

I have witnessed more than 500 healing events of various types over the last 2-3 years which people called as miracles since they couldn’t understand the simple process and logic behind it.

The Zero point is like a Still pond of water. Just drop a small tiny intention into it and it will instantly create ripples.  It’s a zone full of Love, Oneness, Silence and Stillness. A state of Non-Duality with the universe and a state of Complete Bliss . and in this state, each one of us has the potential to heal anything that’s out of place.

For more information on this healing method and two other very powerful healing techniques, you can refer to an e- book that I have published on Amazon. The link is given below:



Healing my car’s dying battery

This experience of healing my car’s battery is something which any logical person will not believe to be true. I’m quite sure that most of you would definitely laugh at this. In fact, being an engineer, I too would not have accepted it if someone else had told me this. Here’s what happened.

My car’s battery had started giving me trouble. For several days, every morning I would have trouble starting the car. I knew that it had already completed 3.5 years and was practically on the verge of dying. Due to a busy schedule, I was somehow not able to spare time to get it replaced.  It was not charging well, neither it was holding charge for long. At long signals, if I would turn off my car, it would have trouble starting. After several instances where I had trouble with the ignition, I got the battery inspected by a battery technician who told me that the life of this battery was absolutely over and that it I could land up in trouble anytime if I did not get it changed immediately. He said that  there was no solution apart from replacement.

Once, when I was traveling towards Powai, a suburb of Mumbai for a meeting with a client, on the way, the battery died and my car wouldn’t start at all. I tried the ignition multiple times but it didn’t help. The fan was working at very slow speed and same was with lights too which clearly indicated that the battery was dying. The horn was also not working.

I thought of trying after waiting for a while and so, about 5 minutes later tried again without any success. The only option left was to push start the car and travel to a battery shop to buy a new battery. Unfortunately there was nobody who could help me with giving a push, and I didn’t know where I could find a battery shop nearby.

Suddenly a crazy thought crossed my mind. I questioned myself, by any chance, would the heart energy healing or the Listening to Bio field method work on my battery. Laughed at myself on this stupid illogical thought and dropped the idea. Tried ignition a couple of times and soon realized that by this time the battery was completely dead. The horn too was not working, neither were the lights.

Finally, said to myself, what’s the harm in trying. Why not give it a try?
So I opened the bonnet and started moving my palms above the battery trying to listen to my battery with my palms. Luckily there was nobody around to see me waving my hands over the battery like a crazy person. In a few seconds, I started feeling very strong vibrations on my palms. I was amused and continued the healing, holding an intention in my mind to revive the battery. My own belief in the process was very low since the engineer inside me was telling me that this was the most stupid thing ever and there was no chance that a completely dead battery would get revived by doing this.

In about 3-4 minutes, to check if there was any change, I decided to try turning the ignition and while I had zero hopes, to my surprise, in my first attempt the engine turned on. I was glad that my car had started and that now I could at least reach a reliable battery shop near my residence and get it replaced.

To my surprise, all the symptoms of a dying battery had instantly disappeared.
The horn was sounding good. Fan was working fine, and the low battery indicator too which was earlier coming on occasionally was now off. I thought of observing it for a couple of days more before taking a decision to replace. However, in a week’s time I realized that there seemed to be no reason to replace it. To be on the safer side, I took my car to a battery shop to get it inspected and the technician checked it using his measuring gadgets and told me that it was perfectly fine. He topped it up with some battery water and told me that there was nothing wrong with the battery. it was charging well and was holding charge perfectly. You will be surprised to know that after this incident, for next 6 months, till the time I sold my car, the battery did not trouble me even once.

I knew that the healing technique worked on humans, but for the first time I had seen it giving a wonderful healing outcome for something that we call as Non-Living. We often forget that it is the same universal energy that is flowing through us as well as through everything Living or Non-Living on earth. In fact there is nothing that is Non Living. Everything is just a different form of the same universal energy. I encourage you to learn this technique. My blog has detailed steps, however, do let me know if you want further guidance.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Healing a beautiful Blue Bird

This happened in the month of May 2017 when I was on a holiday with my family at Tall trees resort which is a lovely riverside resort a few kilometers before Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

After having a lovely sumptuous lunch, we were relaxing in our cottage when all of a sudden there was a very loud sound of something crashing into the window pane of our cottage. I got up and thought of going outside into the veranda to check what had happened. As I stood up, through the long glass window, I was able to see a beautiful blue bird that had fallen to the floor and was completely motionless.

All of us inside were watching it and for about a minute there was no sign of any movement. It was completely unconscious. Soon, its partner came beside it, and tried to revive it, but without any success. Its partner seemed to be very disturbed and tried its best to make it move by pushing it and pecking it with its beak.

There was a mark on the glass pane too indicating that it was a very severe impact for the bird. With no signs of revival, I decided to do some healing for it.  I went close to the bird and seeing me, its partner immediately flew away and perched itself on a branch nearby watching me. I sat next to the bird and held my hands out. I used both Heart energy healing and the technique of listening to the bird’s bio field for about 10 minutes to help it heal.

Soon the bird was looking better and was moving a bit but was still not ready to fly off on itself. After a while, I gently slid my hand below it and took the lovely bird in my hand. Its eyes were open but it was not moving its wings neither its neck. I continued the healing process for about 5-7 minutes. Soon the bird seemed to be happy and comfortably sitting on my palm. Never in my life had I seen such a beautiful bird from so near.

After a while, though I was delighted to have the bird in my hand, I finally decided to slowly push it in the air in an attempt to check if it could fly now. As soon as I did that, the bird flapped its wings and flew up into the sky. Its partner which was eagerly waiting nearby, joined it almost instantly and they both flew away into the woods.

Triangulation: A Powerful Healing Technique

I have found Triangulation to be a very powerful method of healing, and in today’s post, I am sharing the method by which this is done.

Like any other healing method, the prerequisite for this method too is a deep sense of awareness of the present moment. If you maintain awareness on your body for a certain duration of time, it normally automatically leads to a feeling of peace, calmness and joy within just a few minutes. Once this feeling of stillness has kicked in, the healing process can begin. Over a period of time, you will notice that as soon as you take up a case for healing, this calm state of stillness will automatically come up.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Place one palm on the part that you desire to heal. Let’s call this as point ‘A’. Now become completely aware of point A, as intensely as you can. Feel the touch of your skin with the other’s body, feel the temperature or pressure at that point. Feel the surface of contact. Feel anything that is happening in your palm as you touch point A. Be aware of this for about 30 seconds to a minute.
  2. Now, intuitively place your other palm on any other point on the body of the person that you are healing. Let’s call this point as Point ‘B’ . Note that there’s no particular way to choose this second point. simply go by what your mind tells you. Become fully aware of this point too, as intensely as you were aware of Point A. feel the touch, sensations, pressure, temperature etc.. with as much awareness as you can maintain.
  3. Now, simultaneously bring your attention to Point A and Point B together as intensely as you can and then simply add a 3rd Dimension let’s call it Point C . Point C is nothing else but the feeling of stillness and bliss that is within you as a result of your own awareness of your body and witnessing the whole process.  Just be aware of A,B, and C together, and hold on to that awareness for 4-5 minutes.

Since the last 6 months, i.e. starting from Jan 2019, I have used this method very frequently for doing healing treatment and it has given me excellent results. When I use this method, usually within a minute, the person I’m healing starts feeling changes happening inside. This are in the form of twitches, shifts, movement, flow, jerks etc.. which I call as healing indicators.

I usually ask people to rate the intensity of their problem/ pain/ discomfort on a 1-10 scale prior to the treatment and then make them rate it after the treatment. In most cases there is a significant change either immediately or in a day’s time.

I have observed that the healing process depends largely on the feeling of stillness and joy that I experience i.e. Point C within myself. For you, getting this feeling simply depends on your level of awareness on your body. I have charged this page with my consciousness of my being and ideally, as you read this, the frequencies would have already made a change within your consciousness too. To check, stop reading for a moment, take your awareness inside to your spine and check if right now, you feel a much deeper sense of calmness, stillness and joy. I’m sure you must be feeling it.

If this method excites you and you want to learn this, drop me a message and I will be glad to help you learn this. Have a great day ahead !!