Vaat Disturbance causes Migraine and Headaches

In this post, I am going to tell you something which conventional medical practitioners don’t consider in their treatment approach.

Migraine or Headaches are often caused due to Vaat pressure that gets accumulated in the head. It causes pressure on the brain and can affect several functions of the brain along with an impact on one’s Eyes as well.

You might ask, what is Vaat so let me explain. As per the Indian Ayurved system of medicine, Vaat is the mechanism of the body that creates all kinds of flow in the body. Flow of blood, urine, stools, sweat, digestive secretions, menstrual discharge etc. It creates this flow by building a pressure in the body between two parts of the body.

When this flow mechanism gets disturbed, the pressure often gets stuck in a certain place and when that builds up, it causes pain. In case of Headache that’s what has been happening. When pressure in the head gets intense, one would experience migraine, when pressure is less, there will be a dull headache. I’m sure if you suffer from Migraine/ Headache, then you must have experienced gas pressure when you suffer from migraine.

I have personally treated practically hundreds from such conditions and use a very simple method using which this problem can be resolved in just 2-3 sessions done over a week’s time. Basically, I just connect with people on video call, listen to the body’s bio field communication using my palms while at a zero point silent state of mind (this is called Quantum Healing) and then the patient’s body automatically starts undergoing changes and initiates corrective action. The stuck pressure starts getting released in the form of burps and within minutes people get relief from severe migraine or headache.

There are no medicines to be taken, so no side effects and no harm to the body since your own body does the healing process once I provide the healing environment.

Do let me know if you are interested in trying this treatment. I treat people across the globe on video call for a small fee, however my fee applies only if their body shows a response to the treatment. That way people don’t end up spending without results.

Drop me a message if you are interested in trying this healing modality. Later, I can also teach you how to do this yourself so that you can heal yourself for a lifetime.

Cause of Migraine is Vaat Pressure in the Head

Dear Friends. Just to give you a background about this post, for  the last 5 years I’ve been experimenting with some patients suffering from migraine headaches. I’ve written about some of my observations in this post. I guess this might be of interest to those suffering from migraine /headache.

Let me clarify, I’m not a doctor, (I’m a mechanical engineer and now a Leadership Trainer by profession) I’ve also been into healing since 2016 and what I’ve written comes purely based on my observation of the healing done to several people suffering from headache and migraine whole got relief from their pain.

I have been using a method of healing where I sense the body’s bio field using my hands and in almost 90% cases where I was treating migraine or headache, I observed that during the treatment, people would tell me that they feel something moving down from their head towards the abdomen. Soon they would experience gas accumulation in the stomach and would start burping and the moment gas started getting released, the intensity of their pain would come down. That made me wonder what was the connection of gas with pain.

I was once shocked to experienced a case where after a 10 minute healing session, my patient started burping and kept burping and farting overnight and by next day morning he was completely relieved of his migraine pain.

I tried asking many of my experienced doctor friends for an explanation but they couldn’t explain this phenomenon.

Later several similar experiences followed in cases of headache, migraine, neck pain, back pain for practically hundreds of patients where their body would start releasing stuck gas and they would get cured. This made me very curious and I started experimenting and studying deeper.

Since conventional medicine didn’t have any explanation apart from calling it a neurological disorder, I started studying the Indian system of auyrveda and got a clue. As per the Ayurved system of medicine,  three regulatory systems govern the functioning of our body.. (these are called vaat, pitt and kaph). Kaph is responsible for structure of body, pitt manages the energy and metabolism and vaat is the mechanism that creates flow in the body (flow of blood, urine, air, menses, sperm, sweat, gastric fluids, nerve impulses etc). Soon I understood how vaat imbalance is what causes migraine and other pains in the body. Basically, The vaat mechanism uses some kind of pressure to create all kinds of flow in the body, however sometimes this pressure gets stuck at a certain place and when its intensity goes beyond limits it creates severe pain. At that time if this pressure is released by some means then pain immediately comes down.

Conventional medicine has no explanation of this gas pain (vaat pain) which Ayurved hints at.

Many of my patients tell me that their migraine pain keeps moving within the head. This gives me enough reason to believe that migraine is not due to any physical irregularity or damage but just vaat (gas) pressure that’s getting built in the head and moving around trying to find a way out. I guess that’s why, very often nothing is visible in CT or MRI scans since apart from pressure there’s nothing else inside the head that can be visible to a scanning Device.

Now I have started believing that one of the cause of Migraine headaches and some other symptoms that accompany it is the accumulation of high degree of vaat pressure in the head region.

I have reading that Some migraines happen due to a combination of vaat and pitt issues (pitt is also about gastric acidity) and that’s why many patients observe that they feel like throwing up when they suffer from migraine. The process of throwing up partly relieves the pressure built up and the pitt (acidity) and some people feel better.

Being into healing, I’m interested in exploring more about this since this can help hundreds and thousands of people who keep suffering from migraine /headaches for years just because conventional medicine can’t figure out a permanent solution and keeps working on getting rid of the pain using pain killers which come along with their side effects.

Ayurveda has a solution to this by consuming herbs etc , however I find my treatment method much simpler where one just has to listen to his/her body bio field with their palms and the vaat almost immediately starts getting corrected /released. This method can be used by anybody to heal themselves or others.

I’m curious to know how many of you would trust the Ayurved theory of gas pressure causing the pain based on your experience with the illness .

If there’s anyone who has information /experiences /insights similar to mine, please share your thoughts.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about the healing method that I use for migraine /headache, in an earlier post I have written about the simple step by step method so that you can do healing with your own hands without depending on any external treatment .

Namaste 🙏🙏

May god bless you with freedom from migraine !!

Heal yourself from Migraine & Headache

Headache or Migraine is caused due to stuck vaat pressure in the head region. Vaat is one of the three regulatory systems of the body, which creates various kinds of flow in the body. When Vaat system gets disturbed, the pressure builds up and can be very painful. It can cause various other symptoms in the head and sinuses.
Here is how you can try to heal your headache or migraine using your own hands. This method will basically help you to relieve the Vaat (Pressure) that is stuck in your head. Note that it will usually get released in the form of burps. The gas will move down to your abdomen and then you’ll either burp or fart, after which you will get relief.
Here’s the process.
1. Hold your palms facing each other in front of your body with a gap of about 3- 4 inches in between. Now move them clockwise or anticlockwise the way you’d pedal a bicycle with your palms (but with palms facing each other). Do this for 30 seconds or so.
As you do this, you will feel some very mild sensations on the skin of your palms or fingers such as tingling, vibrations, heat or cold, magnetic push or pull etc. Just feel these sensations for a minute or two. This is how our palms sense our body’s bio field communication. Note that these sensations are very very mild but noticeable.
2. Now once your hands have been able to catch the bio field communication, what you have to do to heal yourself is to simply sense the bio field signals of your head/ neck with your hands. So you’ll have to hold your palms 3-4 inches away from your head on both sides and try gently moving them around in the air so as to catch the bio field of the head (You’ll feel it as some or other mild sensations on your palms, just like before). You don’t have to touch the head. Just randomly move the hands in the area around the head and sense the bio-field with full attention. You’ll notice that while you do this, your mind will become very silent. This silent mind state is very important for the healing. This is the state that we healers use, so as to create a physical change at a quantum level.
3. As you move hands in the air, wherever your feel strongest signals on your hands, stop there and play around with the bio field in the air as if you are gently massaging the bio field in the air.
4. As you do the above you might start feeling some changes happening inside your head. Be attentive to that. You might feel some tingling, flow, movement etc . Basically the pressure that’s stuck in your head will start to move out. If you feel any change happening inside your head, it is clearly an indication that the healing has started happening. Then continue step 3 for 3-4 minutes.
Ideally, you’ll experience some gas getting accumulated in the abdomen and will get released as burps or as gas passing from below. You’ll immediately notice a change in your condition/ pain. In the next 24 hours you’ll see an improvement happening. Then do this process once or twice again.
Don’t worry if there’s a slight temporary increase in pain as the gas moves out of the head/ neck region. It will subside once the gas is gone.
Please note that if you are not comfortable in doing this with your own hands, someone else from your family can also do this for you. They just need to sense your head’s bio filed signals with their hands and follow the process..
Try this and let me know if it worked for you. Let me know if you have any queries or need any help in understanding this process.
May god bless you with good health and Joy.

Learn Quantum Healing in 10 minutes

If you are willing to invest just 10 minutes of time for a lifetime of good health, this video will help you learn a very simple method for healing yourself or others using just your hands. No medicines, No side effects. This does not need one to have any understanding of medicine or human biology. Try it and you will be amazed.

Quantum Healing – Healing Pain by Listening to the Body’s Communication

The purpose of this post is to give all those suffering from pain, a slightly different perspective on PAIN. Most people dislike pain and try their best to get rid of pain. While this is quite natural, one must not look at pain in that way. Besides, don’t forget that pain is just a symptom and not the Problem.
In this post, I would like to draw your attention to a very important aspect of healing yourself from Pain and intend to sensitize you how pain is actually not a problem, but the path that can lead you towards a solution to the problem. I will also give you a simple way to get relief from the pain.
A very interesting but less known fact about our Awareness or Human consciousness is that Awareness helps in healing illnesses and bringing the body in a state of harmony or balance. Whenever any part of the body is unwell, injured or tired, it obviously needs healing. The body knows that this healing can be quickly achieved by two ways
1. By feeding it with AWARENESS (Because the body knows that awareness helps in healing)
2. By ensuring that the body part gets rest to prevent it from further wear and tear.
The simplest way for our body to attract our awareness or attention is to create a sensation of Pain in that region so that we immediately give it our attention and the more the awareness that is required, or rest that is required, greater will be the pain.
So, say for example, your knee is not well, then to heal itself quickly, it creates a feeling of pain in that area, so that you immediately put your attention or awareness there .
At this time, if you feed your knee with your Pure awareness (i.e. simply give it your full undivided attention, look at it and listen to it, then your knee can actually heal itself instantly in minutes. (I say this with confidence after having done hundreds of such instant healing) . However what we do these days is that instead of listening to the knee and simply giving it our pure awareness, we ask it to shut up by taking a pain killer.
That’s where everything starts going wrong. A result of taking the pain killer is that we no longer are conscious or aware of the knee and also no longer feel the need to give it rest, and so we continue with our stressful use of the knee thereby damaging it further.
Besides, the pain killer comes along with its side effects.
Don’t you think this is the start point of all trouble. I always tell people that look at pain not as a problem but as a solution. If we simply give our pure awareness to the part that’s paining, in a short while the body or unwell part will do the needful that’s required and will get fine. Once the root cause is gone, pain (which is the symptom) will disappear automatically.
I call this process of healing by listening to the body’s communication and giving it our awareness as Quantum Healing. It is simple and anyone can do it. No need to go to a doctor, No medicines, no costly consulting and best thing is that there are zero side effects. Follow the steps as described below:
Let’s say you are suffering from Knee pain for example. This is what you need to do:
  1. Hold your palms facing each other 3-4 Inches away from each other and move them the way you pedal a bicycle. you can move them clockwise or anticlockwise.
  2. While you do this, you will feel some very very mild sensations on the skin of your palms and fingers. Just pay attention to these sensations. This is how your body senses the communication from any body part. In this case one hand is sensing the bio field communication of the other hand. Do this for a minute till you get a hang of how the bio field communication is sensed on our hands.
  3. Now, take both of your hands and hold them about 2-3 inches above the painful knee joint and move them very slowly in the air around the knee. You will be able to sense the communication from your knee in the form of very mild sensations on your palms. These sensations might feel like vibrations, tingling, scratchy feel, pinching etc..
  4. With full concentration keep sensing the communication from your knee. do this for 3-4 minutes. While you are doing this, you will start feeling some change happening inside your knee joint. You might feel some tingling, flow, heat or cold etc. The body will initiate the necessary corrective action and in the next 10 minutes you will feel a change in the intensity of the pain. Since knee pain is a Vata problem (Vata is a term from Ayurveda system of Medicine) , therefore there’s a strong chance that the stuck pressure might start getting released in the form of burps which is one of the many healing indicators that can be observed.
  5. For the next 12-24 hours, keep watching how your knee feels and do the above healing process 1-2 times more. You will notice a significant change in your illness. Sometimes the pain might temporarily increase while the stuck vaat is moving out but once it gets out of the body as burps or farts, the increased pain will immediately come down. So Don’t worry if symptoms increase for a short while.
You can try this on any kind of pain, be it foot pain, knee pain, back pain, Stomach pain, Menstrual cramps, Sprains, Injuries, etc and a variety of other health conditions.. Try it and let me know whether or not it worked for you. As a Quantum healer, I have used this method on hundreds of people with variety of health issues and I find that it gives fantastic results in near to 90% of the cases. I pray to the Universe to give you success in using this method and bless you with good health.
I would be glad to help you in case you have any queries on the process. You can drop me a message on 
Those who are interested in learning this technique in detail can have a look at my online course: Master Class on Quantum Energy Healing. The link to the course is as below:

Learn how to heal yourself or others using Quantum Healing – Online Course

This is for all those who are interested in learning how to heal themselves or others from a variety of health issues using a powerful Quantum Healing Technique.

I have put up a course online titled ‘Quantum Healing: A Practical approach to Energy Healing’ which can help you easily learn and master a powerful healing technique that can be used on self or others and also works remotely from a distance.

The course has 5 hours of Video content which includes, principles of Quantum Healing and their application along with demonstrations on how to do healing.

The link to access the course is as below:


Excellent Relief from Migraine Pain using Quantum Healing 

On 2nd of January 2021, I saw a post form a lady ‘Jenna’ on a facebook group that I am a part of. This is what she wrote.

I felt really sad for her and decided to help her with healing. Starting from this year 2021, I had decided to offer one healing session every week as a gift to anyone known or unknown to me. Therefore, I asked this lady if she would accept my gift. She happily accepted and agreed to connect on facebook video call for the healing session.

I used the technique of listening to her body’s communication using my palms and within minutes she told me that she was feeling something unusual happening in her head and neck. When I asked her to describe what was happening, she said that she felt as if something like waves was moving out of her head, neck and face and was dropping down or getting dissolved into the surroundings.

I was myself feeling lot of vibrations on  my palms and kept concentrating on those signals. in about 10 minutes, she said that she was feeling a good amount of relief in her pain. However there was still some pain in the areas behind her eyes and temples. Then I focused on healing the area behind her eyes and in the next 5-7 minutes, the entire pain behind her eyes was gone.

After a total of 30 minutes, I stopped and asked her how she felt. She told me that she no longer felt any pain. It was evident that the healing session had definitely helped her.

I am thankful to the universe and to quantum healing that I was able to help this lady in getting relief from something that she was suffering for a very long time. This experience is one of my several experiences in healing migraine successfully using quantum healing.

Those of you who are interested in having a healing session with me, can contact me on my number +91 9819858269 or email address

I will be glad to do a healing session for you on video call. My healing charges apply only if the person’s body shows a response to the healing treatment. Else I do not charge any fees.

Lower Back pain cured in just one healing session on video call using Quantum Healing

Last week I had a very interesting experience of healing a person who was suffering from lower back pain for a very long time. This post is to give you an insight on how it happened.

A 63 year old man approached me for healing from his back pain. He has been suffering from pain for many years and finally got his medical scans done which clearly showed gaps in L4, L5 vertebrae. When he decided to go for treatment, one of his friend who’s a doctor advised him not to go for conventional medical treatment but instead try alternate medicine.

I agreed to treat him and due to the pandemic, told him that I would not be able to do a personal session, instead we would have to connect on video call. I assured him that the technique works on video call as well since the principles of quantum healing work beyond the constraints of distance, space and time.

I asked him about the pain and he told me that although usually the pain is much higher, that day it was moderate pain in the lower back. I started by telling him about the fact that in most cases, this pain is due to vaat pressure getting stuck in the spine.

According to   ayurveda, vaat is the mechanism of the body that uses pressure to create various types of flow in the body. When there is an imbalance in vaat or there’s a blockage of flow, the pressure builds up in that part, creating pain. Sometimes the pressure builds up to that extent that it starts pushing the bones out of place, thereby causing gaps in the vertebrae which had happened in his case.

I told him that very soon I would start listening to his body’s communication using my palms and then his body would start making the necessary corrections and changes within. If this happens, he would experience indicators of vaat release in his body which is usually experienced in the form of gas release i..e Burps or Farts, else in the form of Hiccough, Yawns, Sneezes, tears or salivation.

Once I started treatment, within about 2-3 minutes, he started feeling tingling in his arms which indicated that some flow had started in his body. Very soon he started feeling some shift within and told me that his upper back had started paining. I told him that this was a good sign since it indicated to me that some of the stuck vaat had started moving up in the process of getting released from the body.

Soon, the pain moved towards his shoulder and then his chest, and in the next two minutes, he burped. That was an indication that some trapped vaat had moved out. He immediately felt a slight reduction in the pain. The temporary pain in the upper back and shoulder had gone and the lower back pain too was lesser. As I continued the treatment, there were 4 more burps and 3-4 times he released gas in the form of farts.

Very soon he started salivating and yawning which indicated that there was further correction happening to harmonize the vaat. After 10 minutes more and a few more burps and farts, I stopped the session and told him to monitor himself for the next 12 to 24 hours. I told him that his body would probably continue with the vaat pressure release during the rest of the night.

Next day he spoke to me in the morning and told me that his back pain had completely vanished. He was feeling much lighter and better. Inspite of spending some time in the garden with his plants, he did not feel any pain in the back, which he said he would usually feel in the morning.

I did one more healing session for him during which he kept continuously yawning which was an indication of vaat correction. There were 3-4 more burps, indicating that some more residual vaat pressure was getting released. He realized that he had got cured from the pain in a single healing session. I was glad that as always, quantum healing helped him heal his body instantly.

If you wish to learn this wonderful technique, drop me a mail on and I will be able to teach you this technique on Video call in a duration of about 2 hours. You can also get guidelines from my book ‘ Instant Healing for Self and others’ that is available on Amazon Kindle.

Severe Migraine cured using Quantum Healing


Here’s a very interesting experience of healing a person from severe migraine using quantum healing which gave results in a single day.

A few years ago, I was conducting a training program at Pune (India) for a Public sector company in the Petroleum business. It was a residential program and my accommodation was at the same place where participants too were staying. During my lunch break, I told my participants about that healing that I do, and offered to treat people in the evening between 6 to 8 pm, if anyone was interested.

In the evening, a participant approached me and told me that he was suffering from neck pain and migraine. He said that he had severe pain in the upper part of his neck and his head. He told me that he regularly suffered from severe migraine on the right side of the forehead. I asked him his current level of pain and he told me that at that moment he had only neck pain and not migraine and the current intensity of neck pain was approx. 8 on a 1-10 scale, which meant that it was fairly severe. He told me that whenever he had a Migraine attack the pain would be severe.

I asked him to sit comfortably on a chair and told him that I would be sensing the problem with my palms and would listen to the communication from his neck. I also asked him to keep me updated if he felt any change inside.

With my palms held at a distance of about 1.5 to 2 feet from his neck, I silently asked his body to tell me what its problem was and that I was there to listen to it. In a few seconds, I was able to catch signals on my palms which were in the form of vibrations and tingling. I started moving my palms in the air intuitively, randomly and slowly, keeping my entire awareness on my palms. Sometimes the signals were closer to his body, sometimes far. A couple of times I had to move back a few feet to get a stronger signal. This went on for about 2-3 minutes and then suddenly he told me that the pain in his neck had started shifting.

I told him that this was a very good sign. Knowing that pain is usually due to excess Vata pressure at a particular place, I understood that in his case, the Vata in the neck region and head was trying to move out of his body. I started sensing signals of his body with my palms moving around his neck and head and soon he told me that the pain was increasing in intensity and shifting up towards his head just like it happens when he suffers from migraine.

In the next 2-3 minutes, instead of the pain reducing, the intensity of pain had increased to that extent that he was unable to tolerate it. He was clearly in great discomfort. He told me that he had intense throbbing and unbearable pain in his head just like the severe migraine attack that he regularly experiences. By this time he had become so uncomfortable that he had tears in his eyes. I assured him that whatever was happening, his own body was doing it, and that it would definitely not harm him. I told him that at times when the stuck Vata is trying to move out of the body, it has to force itself through the available space and therefore temporarily could create pain, while it moves out of the body. He nodded and asked me to continue. Suddenly, he burped loudly and then surprisingly, a series of burps started every 3-4 seconds. I realized that his body had started releasing the accumulated gas.

This burping went on continuously for the next 5 minutes during which he had more than 40 burps. I was pretty much sure that he was on his way to recovery. He told me that the intensity of the pain had also suddenly gone down after the burps had started. After a total of 10 minutes of healing done to him, and more than hundred burps, I told him that we would stop now and will wait and watch what happens over the next few hours. I told him to eat something light for dinner that night, and meet me next morning at breakfast. I asked him to avoid taking a pain killer unless it was absolutely essential, and also asked him to keep his awareness to his neck and head. All this while he was burping non-stop.

Next morning, when he met me at the breakfast table he was looking very fresh and relieved. I smiled at him and asked him whether he was able to sleep well and what he told me totally shocked me. He said that he had not slept even for a single moment the entire night. When I asked him why, he said that since the time we said good bye, up to about 6 am in the morning, his body was continuously releasing gas. He told me that for the first 4 hours, he had burps non-stop one after the other and then for the next 4 hours he had both burps and farts continuously till about 6 am. Therefore he was unable to sleep for a single moment whole night. However the whole experience of gas release for more than 8 hours continuously was comforting and relaxing to him.

I was really surprised by this experience and when I asked him about the pain, he told me that the pain had completely vanished. He told me that the pain in his neck which he had rated as 8 on a 1-10 scale the previous night, had gone down to absolute zero. He also told me that a general heaviness that he used to continuously feel in his head and body, had vanished and he was feeling very light, fresh and relaxed. I was surprised to see how a person who had not slept for a minute the whole night, could appear so relaxed and fresh in the morning. Then he thanked me and told me that he almost felt as if he was born again.

I told him that instead of thanking me, he should thank and express his gratitude to the universe for bringing us together in that training program and giving him such a wonderful healing experience.

What amazed me most about this healing experience was the amount of Vata (as pressurized gas) that was stuck in his body for several years. So much of gas accumulated in his neck and head would obviously give him a bad migraine. The healing session had clearly triggered a Vata /gas release that completely healed him with just 10 minutes of treatment.

If any of you want to experience this healing process, you may contact me on for a healing session.

Those who wish to learn how to do this healing, can read my book ‘Instant Healing for self and others’ which is available on amazon kindle in the form of an ebook. Else you can go through my online course on Udemy. The link to my ebook and online course is available on the website

Complete relief from pain due to Ankylosing spondylitis

In the month of May 2020, I did a healing session on Video call for a person based at Mumbai, who was suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis and what was amazing was that he got instant relief from severe back pain that he had for several years.

Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a rare type of arthritis that causes pain and stiffness in one’s spine. This lifelong condition, usually starts in the lower back. It can spread up to the neck or damage joints in other parts of the body.

Actually, a friend of mine, having read my e-book on Instant Healing, asked me whether I could help his workplace colleague who had been suffering from this condition for many years. I mentioned to him that I wasn’t aware of this kind of illness, and did not know what this condition was. However, since not having the knowledge of the illness is never a constraint in this healing modality, I agreed to treat him.

This person was suffering from severe back pain for about 10 years. Since the last 6 years, the back pain was so severe that he had to take injections for pain relief and since these injections were very expensive, his total expense on this treatment was more than 3,00,000 Rupees annually. Which means that in 6 years he had spent more than 18,00,000/- rupees just on pain management. Inspite of this, he still was experiencing lot of pain. He had tried Ayurveda treatment for 3 years but had not got any relief.

Since the lockdown was in force in Mumbai, I had no option but to do a healing session for him on video call. During the healing process, he could actually feel movement happening inside his spine. He experienced vaat release in the form of burps during the session as well as later on at night, which indicated that the stuck vaat pressure in his body was getting released by his body.

The very next day he reported that 90% of his pain had disappeared that night. We did another session a couple of days later and his pain completely vanished. The remaining discomfort also vanished after a couple of interactions and I also taught his wife how to do the healing to him.

It has been more than 3 months  since then and he has reported that there is complete relief from pain in his back.

I encourage you to learn this fantastic method of healing and create good health for yourself as well as others. The link to my e-book is there on this blog. Else you can visit my website for the link.


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