How to release stuck Vaat Pressure from the Chest region using Quantum Healing

Many people complaining of chest pain or stuck pressure in the chest region, go through various tests without being able to identify any particular cause.
Such pressure or pain is often caused due to stuck vaat pressure in the body.
As per the Indian ayurveda system of medicine, Vaat is one of the three regulatory systems of the body, which creates various kinds of flow in the body. When Vaat system gets disturbed, the pressure builds up and can be very painful. Doctor’s can’t see this in any diagnostic tests/ scans since it is basically stuck gas/air. Note that this is not stomach gas, this is the gas pressure which helps in creating all kinds of flow in the body. It’s essential to us, but when disturbed, can accumulate in certain places and result into pain.
Here is how you can try to release the vaat from your body. This method will basically help you to relieve the Pressure that is stuck somewhere in your chest. Note that it will usually get released in the form of burps. The gas will move down to your abdomen and then you’ll either burp or fart, after which you will get relief.
Here’s the process.
1. Hold your palms facing each other in front of your body with a gap of about 3- 4 inches in between. Now move them clockwise or anticlockwise the way you’d pedal a bicycle with your palms (but with palms facing each other). Do this for 30 seconds or so.
As you do this, you will feel some very mild sensations on the skin of your palms or fingers such as tingling, vibrations, heat or cold, magnetic push or pull etc. Just feel these sensations for a minute or two. This is how our palms sense our body’s bio field communication. Note that these sensations are very very mild but noticeable.
2. Now once your hands have been able to catch the bio field communication, what you have to do to heal yourself is to simply sense the bio field signals of your chest/ upper abdomen with your hands. So you’ll have to hold your palms 3-4 inches away from your chest / upper abdomen and try gently moving them around in the air so as to catch the bio field of the abdomen (You’ll feel it as some or other mild sensations on your palms, just like before). You don’t have to touch the body. Just randomly move the hands in the area around the body and sense the bio-field with full attention. You’ll notice that while you do this, your mind will become very silent. This silent mind state is very important for the healing. This is the state that we healers use, so as to create a physical change at a quantum level.
3. As you move hands in the air, wherever your feel strongest signals on your hands, stop there and play around with the bio field in the air as if you are gently massaging the bio field in the air.
4. As you do the above you might start feeling some changes happening inside your body. Be attentive to that. You might feel some tingling, flow, movement etc . Basically the pressure that’s stuck in your body will start to move out. If you feel any change happening inside your body, it is clearly an indication that the healing has started happening. Then continue step 3 for 3-4 minutes.
Ideally, you’ll experience some gas getting accumulated in the abdomen and will get released as burps or as gas passing from below. You’ll immediately notice a change in your condition/ pain. In the next 24 hours you’ll see an improvement happening. Then do this process once or twice again.
Try this and let me know if it worked for you. Let me know if you have any queries or need any help in understanding this process. I have treated many people using this method called Quantum Healing and can assure you that you will be able to heal yourself using this method.
May god bless you with good health and Joy.
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