Introduction to Quantum Healing

Introduction to Quantum Healing

When people experience the magic of Quantum Healing with changes happening in their body instantly and that too with me working on them from a distance of hundreds of miles, they get really curious about how this healing technique works. This blog post is a small effort to clarify things and answer some of the commonly asked questions about Quantum Healing.

Before I get into details about quantum Healing, Let me share with you a couple of comments on the effect of Quantum Healing by people who have learnt it and used it for themselves or their family members.

Taryn from South Africa, (Who learnt Quantum Healing from my Online Course) writes, “I’ve suffered from severe neck pain for  the past 3 years and after using Quantum Healing on myself two times, I’ve felt an 85% decrease in my pain! It’s really incredible.”

Dr. Prabhu from India (Who learnt Quantum Healing from my e-book ) writes, “My wife had fibromyalgic pain since 6 years. Yesterday I did Quantum Healing and to my great surprise she could feel the muscles giving way and she felt complete relief.

Both of them had tried years of conventional treatment without any relief and Quantum healing gave relief in just 1-2 healing sessions.

There are hundreds of other people who i have treated on video call who have got relief from ailments such as back pain, knee pain, arthritis, stiffness in fingers, menstrual pain, migraines, digestive disorders and several other conditions.

This might sound like a Miracle to most people, however, after using Quantum healing for almost 6 years and on thousands of people, to me such profound results have become routine. In fact, I find it surprising if Quantum Healing doesn’t work on someone. In almost 90% cases it gives fantastic results and starts creating a change inside the body practically in minutes. That’s why I call it instant Healing.

In this method we simply use our consciousness (awareness) to do the healing. No medicines, No painkillers, No Steriods, No Physiotherapy required. The healer doesn’t even need to touch the patient. It can be done over large distances using video call.

How does Quantum Healing give such wonderful results?

Quantum Healing works wonders and gives results that are much better than other methods of treatment since it works at the deepest level of human existence. Let me explain this further. We all know that in order to solve any problem we have to essentially go down to the root cause i.e. we need to go at least one level below the health issue faced. The deeper we go, better and more permanent will be the solution.

So, if we have any physical health issue with the body, we need to go at least one level deeper below the physical body i.e. to an organ level. That is exactly where a Physiotherapist or a Chiropractor or a Surgeon would work. If we want an even better quality healing, then we need to go further down, deeper below the organ level i.e. to the cellular level. That is where Naturopathy, Nutrition Therapy, Ayurveda work. If we want even better healing, then we need to go further deeper below the cellular level i.e. to an atomic level. That’s where Allopathy or conventional drugs work – at the atom level. If we want further deeper and better healing, we need to go one more level deeper i.e. to the Sub atomic / nano particle level and that’s exactly where Homeopathy works. If we want to go further deeper, then below the nano particle level there are waves. That’s where Radiation Therapy, Color Therapy, Light Therapy work. It is said that Reiki also works at the Wave form level for healing.

However if we wish to go straight down to the deepest level of existence, then we need to go below wave level, and below the wave level, there’s practically nothing. So, as a healer, if we reach this state of Nothingness, and simply insert an intention to heal, then we can create practically any change in the quantum field which will instantly create a change in the Waves, the Nano Particles, the Atoms, the Cells, the Organs and finally in the Physical Body. This happens practically in minutes.

I have witnessed these miraculous changes happening instantly almost every other day in more than 800 people who I have treated over the last 6 years. Every healing experience is nothing short of a miracle.

How is Quantum Healing Done?

The best thing about Quantum Healing is that you do not need me or any healer to do the healing for you, you can yourself do the healing just by learning how to use your own consciousness to do this.

When I do the healing for people remotely on Video call, this is how I do it.  I connect with people simply on any Video calling platform. A healing session is usually of 30 minutes duration. I ask people to sit in a way that their affected body part is visible to me on camera . So if a person is suffering from Migraine then I just need to see the head, or if a lady is suffering from Periods pain or endometriosis, then I need to see the lower abdominal/ pelvic region. Also, I don’t need to see bare skin. Covered body is fine. So people can be wearing whatever is comfortable.

Using my palms, I simply start sensing the bio field communication from the person’s body while I’m in a silent state of mind (called as the zero point). In seconds, I start receiving communication signals in the form of various sensations, and almost immediately, the person being treated starts experiencing physical changes happening inside his/her body. These are usually felt as vibrations, Tingling, Flow, Heaviness, Lightness or twitching of limbs. Basically, it means that the body has intelligently started making the necessary changes within. This is happening because I’m at the Zero point state of No-Mind and as explained earlier, at this state of nothingness, a simple intention to heal, can create the desired change instantly.

In case of people with Vaat problems (Which is usually the cause of all kinds of pain in the body), within moments the body starts releasing the stuck pressure in the form of burps or gas release and then people start instantly feeling relief from pain. I’ve had cases where people have burped for more than 100 times in a single healing session or at times burped for several hours after the session and then they got completely cured from the pain.

Advantages of Quantum Healing:

As compared to other healing methods, one great advantage of Quantum healing for the healer is that there’s no negative impact of the healing process on our body as a healer since we are not involved in sending any energy. The universe does the healing. We only create the environment of Stillness/ Silence/ Zero Point in which the healing happens.

The advantages of Quantum healing are as below:

  1. You need to know nothing about the Human body or about medical science.
  2. You don’t get tired since you are doing practically nothing apart from sensing the bio field communication
  3. No Rituals, Symbols, Procedures, Steps, Cleaning up negative energy etc.. like what is required with other healing methods. Unlike other healing methods, no Attunement is required.
  4. Very quick results. Most people get relief in just 1-2 healing interactions. Most of the time you’ll find changes happening immediately.
  5. Very often other secondary health issues start getting automatically corrected even when the healer is not told about the health issue. The body intelligently starts doing the healing itself.
  6. This can be used on Animals as well as Non Living Objects etc.
  7. The change is permanent and corrects the root cause.
  8. Healing can be done on Video call remotely. I have done it on Audio call as well or using a Photograph too.
  9. It can be used for Self healing. Thousands of people have learnt this from my online course and have successfully healed themselves and their family.
  10. It is very easy to learn and practice. Even a 10 year old will be able to learn and practice healing

What are the health issues on which Quantum Healing works.

Health issues on which I have personally seen Quantum Healing give fantastic results are

This also gives amazing results on chronic issues such as Diabetes, Thyroid, Arthritis etc.

How to schedule a Healing session:

Those who are interested in having a healing experience (themselves or for someone from their family) can connect with me on my number +91 9819858269 or drop me a message on to schedule a healing session.

I charge a very reasonable amount as a fee (Which is much lower than what energy healers usually charge). After the healing session if you feel that your body has shown absolutely no response to the treatment (No Healing indicators observed), then you can choose whether or not to pay me anything at all.

For those who want to learn this Technique

You may also choose to learn the healing technique by enrolling in my online video course on Quantum Healing. This is a detailed video course consisting

  • 70 + Recorded video lessons
  • Detailed Concepts on Quantum Healing explained in a very simple way
  • 11 Hours of video content which you can view at your convenience
  • Practical examples on Healing various conditions
  • Guidelines– Do’s and Don’ts
  • Several Detailed Demonstrations on Healing
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Lifetime connect with me for any guidance required
  • You can view this on any Mobile device or PC.

The course has been purposely priced at a highly discounted price so that most people would be able to easily afford it.

The link to the course is given below:

Have a look at what people have written about the course and how was their learning experience.

I encourage you to explore the wonderful world of Quantum Healing and take a step towards a lifetime of good health for you and your near and dear ones.

Wish you a life full of Good Health and Joy.

Connect with me on my number +91 9819858269 (Cell and Whatsapp)

– Sachin Karve

(Sachin Karve is a Mechanical Engineer and MBA Marketing from India and he’s a Leadership Trainer and coach by profession. His passion in Energy healing encouraged him to explore the amazing technique of quantum healing, after which he has authored a book on Quantum Healing techniques and these days he helps hundreds of people across the globe to achieve healing from  various health issues )

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