Heart Energy Healing: Severe Neck pain gone in minutes

I have a very interesting experience in healing sever neck pain that I would like to share with you. In December 2016, I was at Delhi for conducting a training workshop for Reliance General Insurance and during our tea break, I told participants about the healing that I do, and asked if anyone had any health issues that I could help them with. One person who had severe neck pain approached me and I started working on him using the Heart Energy Healing method.

I told him to sit comfortably on a chair about 2-3 feet in front of me. After sending him healing energy of love from my heart chakra for about 5 minutes, I asked him to check and he was surprised to find that he was able to move his neck comfortably towards the left and then to his right and the pain had completely vanished.

He then asked me whether I had touched his neck during the process. When I replied in the negative and told him that all the time I was standing a couple of feet away from him, he was shocked and told me that he actually felt a pair of hands grab his neck from behind, pull his entire head up forcefully and set in place the upper bones of his spine, after which the neck had become free and pain had vanished. All the time he was thinking that I was doing it with my hands.

We both realized that there was something else at play here and someone or something beyond me was present there quietly doing whatever was required to heal the problem.

He was delighted to find that the severe pain that he had for several months had vanished with just five minutes of treatment. The healing power of Heart Energy i.e. Love is indeed amazing.

Healing by Listening to the Body at Zero Point: A healing experience

Today, I am sharing with you an early experience in healing that I had sometime in September 2016 when I had just started experimenting with this healing method (Healing by listening to the Body).

I was traveling to Gandhidham in Gujarat by train for conducting a Training workshop at Adani Ports. A lady of age Approx 50-55 sitting in my compartment appeared to be in pain and was searching for something in her luggage. after a while, I asked her about it, she said that she was suffering from Varicose Veins and that she had severe pain in her leg. She was searching for her tablets but it seems she had forgotten to carry them.

Since she was in pain, I mentioned to her about the treatment that I do and that I could try it on her leg. To be on the safer side, I warned her that I had never used this on Varicose Veins and wasn’t sure if it would work at all, however was going to give a sincere attempt. She agreed and I started moving my palms 8-10 inches above her leg kept trying to sense the communication from her leg. Soon I started feeling strong vibrations in my palms and continued the treatment for a total of 5 minutes. When I looked at her and asked her to check, she was looking relieved and told me that the pain had completely vanished. She almost considered it to be Miracle.

I was surprised too and happy that it had worked especially since this was a very initial state of my healing trials by this particular method.

While this was going on, a gentleman who was sleeping on a lower berth in our compartment suddenly got up and asked me if I could  help him. He had overheard what all had happened and wanted me to help him with his back pain. when I asked him about it, he told me that he was from Tanzania and was traveling to Gandhidham for some personal work. He told me that he had severe pain in his lower back and it was so intense that he was unable to stand comfortably even for a minute or two without intense pain. This was  happening for a long time and no doctor was successful in treating this condition.

I told him that I was myself a novice at this method and wasn’t sure if it would work for him. He requested me to try and I agreed. After about 5-7 minutes of treatment he suddenly burped and for me this was an indication that some Vatha that was stuck in his lower back had probably moved out. I told him that this was a good sign and continued the healing for 5 minutes more. In all after 10-12 minutes, I asked him to check and he was shocked to find that the pain was almost gone and he was able to stand properly after a very very long time.

He was so delighted that he started walking around the compartment excited like a small child and told me that he had not walked this much since a very long time.

What happened now was even more surprising. A short while ago, this very man had got into an argument with a lady. She was asking him to shift to her upper berth and give her his lower berth. He had refused stating that it was impossible for him to move up. He soon agreed to shift to the top berth and comfortably could climb up without any pain. In the morning, he came down and sat beside me and told me that I definitely had special magical powers. I told him that this was something that each one of us could do if we wanted and if we learnt this simple technique.

My own confidence in the technique was now growing. During that visit at the Adani township, I also helped 10-15 more people with the healing technique and almost everyone experienced significant relief. I will share one more very interesting experience about a Frozen shoulder case, however, in another post. Till then Good Bye !!

Healing by Listening to the Body at Zero Point : Principle & Method

A very powerful way of healing is by simply listening to the body’s energy field while at the Zero point state of Mind (A Mindless State). However, instead of using our ears as an input device, this listening has to be done by using our palms and our eyes as input and feedback sensing devices. Once we develop sensitivity of our palms, it is very easy to pick up and receive signals that are being transmitted by an ailing body. Our eyes simultaneously catch the healing indicators to guide us through the process.

Listening can be therapeutic is something that we all know. However what we are probably not aware of is that this applies to our body illnesses as well and if we intently listen to the complaints of the body, then the body has the ability to heal itself by creating a balance of energy and order.

In my experience, this listening process almost immediately triggers a flow in the body and probably starts correcting Vatha Imbalance or Blocks. For those who are not aware of Vatha, Vatha as per Ayurveda, is the force that creates various types of flow in the body. There are five different Primary flow systems and then further secondary flow systems in the body which regulate the flow of blood, urine, digestive juices, saliva, sweat, tears, gas, toxins, nutrients, nerve impulses etc etc. across the body.  (I will explain this later in a separate post about Vatha and its importance in our body)

A block in any particular flow system  creates a disease and then puts the other flow systems into imbalance. This healing method can trigger a corrective action and bring the body into balance.

In this method, I simply bring my entire attention to my palms and hold my palms near the ailing person’s body at a distance of anything between 1-3 feet. Then in my mind, I request the other’s body to tell me whats wrong and that I’m there to listen to it. Normally, in about 10-15 seconds, my palms are able to catch signals and these signals are in the form of various feelings that I feel on the skin of my palms. Paying attention to the feelings deeply anchors me to the present moment (NOW) thereby creating the Zero point state of mind ( A No mind state) . In this state, healing spontaneously takes place to restore energy and order wherever you intend to or wherever required by the body.

The feeling that I get on my plans typically is like vibrations, heat or cold, air flow, tingling, pinching, twitching, magnetic push or pull, or anything that feels different to the palm.

I keep listening to the body that I am treating through my palms and keep moving my palms around as if I am rotating a radio knob and trying to catch a radio station. The moment I get a signal, I stop my palms there and intently listen to the signals while moving my palms in a random clockwise or anti clockwise motion or for that matter any random motion.

After a few moments, I intuitively shift my palms to a new position where I get a signal and then do the same as mentioned above. Simultaneously I keep my awareness on the body of the person who I’m treating to check for healing indications which usually start happening inside the other’s body.  People tell me that they have started feeling movement, vibrations, flow, tingling, pins and needles inside their body. Very often I can see twitching or jerking of their fingers or other body parts, which indicates that the healing has started.

Basically, how I think this works is that during the listening process our mind automatically gets into a deeply silent state, commonly called the Zero point i.e. A mindless state of Pure Awareness. This state of awareness and oneness of spirit opens up a portal where our intention of healing manifests into a instant corrective action that is done by the body being healed. It connects the ailing body to the universe and thereby can access the infinite healing potential of the universe. In this method, we as a healer are practically doing nothing apart from Listening. Everything that is required is done by the universe and the body that’s being healed.

I do the above for anything between 5-7 minutes and then ask the person to check if there is any change in the symptoms. Very often, in just 5 minutes, people suffering from joint pain report significant reduction of pain or ease of movement of limbs. I have used this method to treat various issues with such as back pain, knee pain, neck pain, problems with the digestive system,  injuries, Pain, Headaches or Migraine, Sprains, diabetes, constipation, dental pain, earache etc. Basically I try it on whatever comes my way and watch for results.

I must say, I have been lucky to have experienced some amazing results which I will write about it in later posts.

The only requirement to use this technique is the ability of one’s palms to catch the signals of a body. To check if your palms are sensitive, I suggest that you could just hold your palms in front of each other and check if you feel any sensations between them.

If you don’t feel anything, I will help you in activating your palms. You can contact me on my email sachin.karve@gmail.com or call me on my cell number 9819858269.  I have assisted a lot of people on phone and since then, they have been successfully healing themselves and others.

Heart Energy Healing: My very first experience in Healing

This was in July 2016, I was returning from Bhuj in Gujarat after conducting a 2-Day Training workshop for Adani Ports at Mundra.

Surprisingly, for the earlier 4-5 days, my mind was consistently in a very silent state. I was almost floating in a state of Pure awareness several times in a day.

I had read that a state of Pure awareness can be helpful for healing and had  read about Heart energy healing somewhere on the internet in the past. I wanted to try it out however, was apprehensive since I thought that such abilities of healing people were possessed by very few people who had attained something spiritually, and I wouldn’t be able to do it.

I was determined to try this on someone but wasn’t sure how an opportunity would come my way. Surprisingly the universe presented someone who badly needed healing the same day that I reached home.

The lady who works at my home as a House help, came in asking for a week’s leave since her doctor had told her that her condition was serious and had asked here to take complete bed rest for a few days. On further inquiry she told that she had extremely severe pain in her lower back. She was unable to bend and was also unable to walk properly due to the pain. Sadly, she had hidden this from us for more than a week and had silently continued her work even when she was suffering in severe pain.

While she was just about to leave, I casually mentioned to her that I would like to try a particular treatment on her which could help her provided it worked. I told her that I would not need to touch her and would do it from a distance of about 2-4 feet. I was hoping that she would agree and luckily she did. I made her sit in a comfortable position and sat a few feet behind her with my attention fully focused on her lower back and then I started sending Heart Energy to her back. (Refer to my earlier post on Heart Energy Healing to know how this is done)

In about 3-4 minutes, she said that she could feel very strong vibrations in her lower back.  The vibrations were radiating from her lower back inwards and upwards. She felt as if something was actually moving inside. This response from her, gave me the confidence that the treatment was indeed working. After 5 minutes, I asked her to stand up and check. To her surprise, she could stand properly and the pain was gone almost 90% . She couldn’t believe this and then tried twisting her spine a bit to see if it pained now. Then I asked her to check if she could bend and to her amazement she was able to bend in front as well as sideways without any discomfort.

A day later I again did a 5-10 minute healing session for her and her remaining discomfort too vanished. She was able to work normally as if nothing had happened.  These days, whenever she has any such problems, she knows that she can get relief in minutes.

That particular day I saw her getting completely cured with just 5 minutes of treatment. It was a very special day for me and it’s been 3 years since then with hundreds of such experiences in healing people.



Heart Energy Healing: An Extremely Powerful Healing Method

The ability to heal ourselves as well as others is a very important skill to possess. It is usually felt that only certain people are born with such divine abilities and it is not something with every human can do. I too lived with the same belief. However, what happened in the last 3 years completely changed this belief, especially after I ended up helping more than 500 people in healing themselves using 2-3 different techniques which I think can be learnt by any human on this earth.

Of the above mentioned techniques, the one that this post is focused on is the one that uses Heart Energy for Healing. We could simply call it Heart Energy Healing. While reading more about such kind of healing, I realized that this method makes use of the Electro-Magnetic energy of the heart in order to heal oneself and others.  This is a Scalar energy form and can be transmitted in any direction and over distance without losing its intensity/ power. I have used this over distance, tried putting this into metal objects such as coins and it still works. It’s simply magical in nature.

Over the last 3 years, I have used this method of healing on more than 200 people with amazing results. some of the experiences are nothing less than miracles. This method of healing is very simple to understand and practice and practically anyone can start doing this in 5 minutes after a little bit of practice.

The essentials for using this method are as below:

  1. A high level of Awareness/ Consciousness of our body.
  2. Deep Breathing – Inhalation and exhalation
  3. A very deep sense of Love in the heart so as to amplify the energy
  4. An intention of healing the person but a mind that’s completely silent and not attached to the outcome
  5. Sending Heart Energy from the Heart Chakra (Anahat Chakra) for Healing
  6. Keen observation of what’s happening to the person being treated (Registers or Changes)

According to me, the only 2 points which are a bit challenging for many of us are points 1 and 4. I was able to get control of these just in a few days of practice.  However, let me tell you that for me, results came actually in the very first trial that I did on a lady who had severe back pain. With just 5-7 minutes of treatment, she was completely cured. I believe that you too in your first attempt could get such results. The technique itself is so powerful. Exciting isn’t it.

Now, here’s the process which you follow:

  1. Sit in front of the person you wish to heal. (Remember that you are not healing. The universal energy of love is doing the healing through you as a medium)
  2. Keep breathing in and out normally and with every inhalation and exhalation, become fully aware of your body right from the tip of your toes to your head and the tip of your fingers. An easy way to do this is that as you inhale, take your awareness (attention) from tip of your toes to the head, and as you exhale, take your awareness from the head to the tip of your fingers.
  3. Now, bring in a very strong feeling of love in your heart (Somewhere at the center of the chest, nest to the physical heart lies the Heart Chakra (Vortex) . Imagine as if it is full with love. This is the love that we feel about any person, animal, say a small kitten or puppy, a baby or for our loved ones. Just feel the feeling of love in the heart region. Feel a sense of unity between you and the other person.
  4. With an intention to heal, (but no attachment to outcome), as you exhale, send a stream of Heart Energy to the part that needs healing. Imagine a stream of yellowish white or golden light going from your heart to the affected part. for example, if you are healing someone with joint pain, send the energy to the joint.  You would need to breathe a bot deeper than normal and then with every exhale send heart energy.  Do this with every exhale for the next 5 minutes. Make sure you maintain the body awareness while you do this. The body awareness will also help to in achieving a silent state of Mind.
  5. Observe if the person being treated is feeling any change happening inside his/her body. Often, people report a feeling of heaviness. lightness, tingling sensations, pins and needles, flow inside, burps, heat or cold feeling etc. Watch that since these are the registers that indicate that change has started happening inside.
  6. Do this for 5 minutes or till the time you are comfortable. Often people feel a bit hyperventilated if they breathe too deep. If that is happening to you, do not breathe too deep. Breathe normally. Rest of the process will remain same.
  7. A good idea is to first check the level of pain/ discomfort on a 1-10 scale (1=nothing, 10= severe) . Then after the treatment, again check if there is any change in the level of pain. Very often, you might notice a change. in most cases, i have found that people report next day that they have significant relief or have completely got cured. It probably depends on the person’s body- i.e. it’s  ability to initiate healing and also on the intensity of the problem.
  8. Do a repeat session for 5-7 minutes next day if the person reports an improvement.

In this technique, I have observed that the body uses the energy int he best way that it feels right. I was once treating a person for a finger injury and next day he reported that his finger was much better but what was most surprising that his tooth which was very painful for several days had suddenly stopped paining that night.  Note that I wasn’t even aware of this tooth pain while I was doing healing for him.  So trust that the body is intelligent enough to decide where to use the available energy.

Try this once, and trust me, there will be no looking back. The same method is use while treating ourselves. The power of our Heart Energy is so amazing. It brings in surprises practically every time.  Try it and share your experiences with me on sachin.karve@gmail.com . Feel free to write to me if you need any further guidance. Happy Healing !!

Intention to Reality @ the Zero Point

It is said that we all are born with the ability to have our intentions instantly manifest into reality. The prerequisite is that certain conditions and a particular environment is required for for our intention to instantly transform from a Seed of Desire to a Fruit laden Tree in Reality.

However, very often, since the fundamental principles of this process are not known to most of us, the environment that is essentially required  for this instant manifestation is not available and then manifestation does not happen.

In this post, I am trying to share my understanding of what this environment is all about, and how do we create this environment to enable effortless manifestation of our desires.

We must understand that in order to create something, we must first access the field of the ‘Nothing’ . From the field of Nothingness, Something will emerge after a relevant stimulus strikes it. For example,  if I want to create  ripples, then I need to throw a pebble into a still water body. Then, the intensity with which the pebble transfers its energy (Potential Energy+ Kinetic energy) will decide how the wave or the ripple gets created.

One thing that is important to understand is that in the process of creating a ripple, the environment (i.e. the state of water) is what plays a critical role.  I have a question for you. Think about this. If I drop a huge big rock into the extremely turbulent Atlantic ocean, do you think it will create ripples?  Well the chances are low. However in contrast to this, what do you think will happen if I drop a tiny grain of sand in a completely still bucket of water.  Don’t you think ripples will definitely get created.

In an absolutely still pond, if I drop a pebble, then I will get ripples instantly. There will be nothing to disturb my creation, and the entire force that I have applied will be used in the creation. similarly, when we intend to insert an intention into the universe, the first thing that we muse ensure is a silent still state of our mind and being.

For most people, their minds are in an incessant chatter mode. Their mind keeps  jumping around from thought to thought like a monkey jumping form one branch to another on a tree. Stillness is completely absent. Very often, half of the thought waves are in a direction opposite to the goal or outcome that we desire. Thoughts of Failure, Fear, uncertainty, doubt etc keep creating turbulence in the mind. We all know how at times the mind works more in the negative then the positive. Now, in such an environment, if we insert an intention in the field, do you really think our goals will manifest?

In order to create the perfect environment for manifestation, first create a perfectly still state of your being. Then a simple thought will manifest into reality. During the healing treatments that I do, very often, while I am at the Zero point State of stillness, simply looking at an ailing person or body part, triggers a healing reaction almost instantly. The desire to heal manifests itself in the field of the stillness of my being.

The simplest way of creating this still state is to anchor ourselves in the present moment. This is because, in the present moment, the mind has no existence. It can only exist in the Past and Future, and therefore keeps pulling us in these two zones, to keep itself active. However, in the present moment, it simply disappears, and then what remains in the background is the default stillness and silence which is the eternal nature of our being. Once the ship of our being is anchored in the present, it can move nowhere even if a storm comes in.

I normally simply bring my awareness to anything that’s happening in the present moment and anchor my awareness to that. It could be my body, breath, or even any action that I am performing. Even right now as I write, I am experiencing a very deep level of stillness, I have a feeling as if I have got united and one with the universe, and an integral part of the creative field.

Once this silent state is created, then I simply bring in my awareness to the desired goal as it has already happened, (not as it will happen – remember that the universe does not understand future tense. it only understands present tense) and then I thank the universe for already having done whatever was required and then just release this reality creation pebble in that amazing potential field of creation, thereby allowing the universe to take over and use its infinite organizing ability to create what is desired.

If your being is anchored in the NOW during this process, trust me, not a single negative thought will cross your mind  and therefore, there will be nothing to disturb the universe in its creation process.



Levels of Awareness

In my earlier post on awareness, I have mentioned about the  importance of awareness in the process of healing. Bringing in Awareness opens up a portal through which one can access the frequencies that are instrumental in bringing the universe in order and balance.

It is interesting to note that awareness can be achieved at different levels and each level comes along with certain  feelings based on which the state of awareness can be identified.

We all normally operate at the following 4 states

  1. The state of being awake.
  2. The state of dreaming while asleep
  3. The state of being asleep without dreams
  4. Pure Awareness – A state of consciousness and unbounded Joy.

The state of Pure Awareness is what we are interested in and the best part is that once we access this state, the gates to further deeper states of consciousness open up.

This state of Pure Awareness can be easily identified since it comes along with a distinct feeling of inner joy, peace  and certain body lightness.

Once we achieve the above state and remain in this state consciously for longer periods of time, this state in turn leads us into a deeper state which can be identified by the feeling of Stillness and Bliss.  In this state, we are fully awake but experience extremely deep relaxation, something which our body and being would normally never experience in any other state.

The awareness of this state of stillness is the next level which brings in a feeling of spiritual awakening. I’ve had glimpses of this state on and off, and typically in this state, there is a feeling of being deeply in love with everything, extremely safe and secure, oneness with everything around i.e. a feeling of non duality and a feeling as if we are floating and practically weightless.

In the above state, the mind is completely silent . it is almost like a mindless state where we experience the presence of our own spirit and its union with the universal spirit.

The stages that I have personally experienced are something like this..

  1. Pure Awareness
  2. Awareness of Pure Awareness leads to a deep level of Stillness
  3. Awareness of Stillness leads to a state of weightless-ness, and expansion of our being
  4. State of Non Duality and Unbound Love

(In a subsequent post, I will write about an interesting experience that years ago had brought me into the state of non duality and unbound love while I was doing a powerful spiritual grounding exercise)

I have noticed that at times when I am at the level of Stillness Awareness, if a person suffering from an ailment comes to me for healing, or just comes into physical proximity or interacts with me or thinks about me, they tend to experience healing. I do not know how but this happens.

To reach the deepest state of awareness, takes time and effort and being in the state of pure awareness even for a minute at a time is very challenging since the mind easily gets distracted to several other things and awareness is instantly lost.   In a later post, I will try to explain simple methods of achieving pure awareness and then one can gradually take it to deeper levels systematically.

Healing through Awareness

One thing that most people don’t know is that one of the most important factor that ensures good health is presence of our Awareness.
Awareness and attention to our body and the environment around us instantly creates a connection at a deep quantum level and immediately starts putting everything into perfect order and balance.

In fact, we can say that Inattention and lack of awareness is the root cause of all diseases. In my earlier post, I have written how Disease is when we are no longer at Ease (Dis-Ease). I have experienced many healing sessions where I simply gave my attention or awareness to the body part of the person suffering from an ailment, and it instantly created a healing response and in many cases this has happened within minutes after which people have reported that their problems have vanished. I have several experiences where people suffering from frozen shoulder for years have achieved near to full motion of hands with just 5 minutes of my Zero Point Awareness Healing.

It seems that our body seeks our attention when healing is required. For example, a leg that is suffering from Dis-ease, and needs healing pains, thereby attracting our attention towards it. Unfortunately instead of giving our attention to our painful leg, we choose to take a pain killer and get rid of the pain. We feel good for a while, but soon the pain comes back with greater intensity. We need to understand that giving attention to our leg is the simplest form of treatment that can resolve the problem.
How many of you have noticed that when we apply a balm to a painful leg, we feel better. Think about this.. Application of the Balm creates a strong burning or cold sensation locally on the affected part, thereby bringing our attention and awareness to that part for a while. The Awareness and attention given to the body helps in the healing process.

One-Point awareness (Ekagra Chitta Ek=One, Agra= Point, Chitta = Awareness ) is extremely powerful in getting the universe around us in sync and balance with us.
Next time you are unwell, or if you are suffering from a chronic issue, I would suggest that instead of popping pills to kill pain or other indications, listen to your body with 100% attention, using all of your sensory organs and you will notice a significant shift in the problem within the next 6-12 hours. If you are lucky and can reach the state of One-Pointed awareness, you might even get relief in Minutes. When I engage with people in helping them heal, I simply give their body my awareness. Why it still works is that for the universe, there is nothing called duality. Everything is One. And so whether You give your body awareness or I do it, It has the same effect.

Action Points:
Live life with awareness. Do whatever you do with 100% attention, whether you are walking, eating, sleeping or Driving. And then see the change that happens to your life. Life will become blissful.

Healing: Principles

Disease is what happens when we are not at ease with things. It is a state where Energy and Order are out of balance. Healing happens when we attain the required levels of Energy, Order and achieve Harmony and Ease.

Although we normally consider health as something to do with our physical body, Health in this context includes Physical health, Mental health, Spiritual health, Emotional health, Financial health etc.

Here, although our focus is on dealing with physical health issues, please note that in the universe, there is no duality. Everything is connected. So when one system is out of balance, there is a possibility that other things too might have gone out of balance and when we create good health at one level, at other levels too, healing might probably take place.

What I imply is that although we are going to understand modalities that can help us heal ourselves from physical ailments, we might end up curing ourselves from several other disorders such as psychological issues, financial problems or relationship issues etc. faced at different planes and related to different aspects of life.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to some powerful healing methods which are much faster and far more effective as compared to conventional medicine.


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