Healing: Principles

Disease is what happens when we are not at ease with things. It is a state where Energy and Order are out of balance. Healing happens when we attain the required levels of Energy, Order and achieve Harmony and Ease.

Although we normally consider health as something to do with our physical body, Health in this context includes Physical health, Mental health, Spiritual health, Emotional health, Financial health etc.

Here, although our focus is on dealing with physical health issues, please note that in the universe, there is no duality. Everything is connected. So when one system is out of balance, there is a possibility that other things too might have gone out of balance and when we create good health at one level, at other levels too, healing might probably take place.

What I imply is that although we are going to understand modalities that can help us heal ourselves from physical ailments, we might end up curing ourselves from several other disorders such as psychological issues, financial problems or relationship issues etc. faced at different planes and related to different aspects of life.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to some powerful healing methods which are much faster and far more effective as compared to conventional medicine.

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