Healing through Awareness

One thing that most people don’t know is that one of the most important factor that ensures good health is presence of our Awareness.
Awareness and attention to our body and the environment around us instantly creates a connection at a deep quantum level and immediately starts putting everything into perfect order and balance.

In fact, we can say that Inattention and lack of awareness is the root cause of all diseases. In my earlier post, I have written how Disease is when we are no longer at Ease (Dis-Ease). I have experienced many healing sessions where I simply gave my attention or awareness to the body part of the person suffering from an ailment, and it instantly created a healing response and in many cases this has happened within minutes after which people have reported that their problems have vanished. I have several experiences where people suffering from frozen shoulder for years have achieved near to full motion of hands with just 5 minutes of my Zero Point Awareness Healing.

It seems that our body seeks our attention when healing is required. For example, a leg that is suffering from Dis-ease, and needs healing pains, thereby attracting our attention towards it. Unfortunately instead of giving our attention to our painful leg, we choose to take a pain killer and get rid of the pain. We feel good for a while, but soon the pain comes back with greater intensity. We need to understand that giving attention to our leg is the simplest form of treatment that can resolve the problem.
How many of you have noticed that when we apply a balm to a painful leg, we feel better. Think about this.. Application of the Balm creates a strong burning or cold sensation locally on the affected part, thereby bringing our attention and awareness to that part for a while. The Awareness and attention given to the body helps in the healing process.

One-Point awareness (Ekagra Chitta Ek=One, Agra= Point, Chitta = Awareness ) is extremely powerful in getting the universe around us in sync and balance with us.
Next time you are unwell, or if you are suffering from a chronic issue, I would suggest that instead of popping pills to kill pain or other indications, listen to your body with 100% attention, using all of your sensory organs and you will notice a significant shift in the problem within the next 6-12 hours. If you are lucky and can reach the state of One-Pointed awareness, you might even get relief in Minutes. When I engage with people in helping them heal, I simply give their body my awareness. Why it still works is that for the universe, there is nothing called duality. Everything is One. And so whether You give your body awareness or I do it, It has the same effect.

Action Points:
Live life with awareness. Do whatever you do with 100% attention, whether you are walking, eating, sleeping or Driving. And then see the change that happens to your life. Life will become blissful.

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