Levels of Awareness

In my earlier post on awareness, I have mentioned about the  importance of awareness in the process of healing. Bringing in Awareness opens up a portal through which one can access the frequencies that are instrumental in bringing the universe in order and balance.

It is interesting to note that awareness can be achieved at different levels and each level comes along with certain  feelings based on which the state of awareness can be identified.

We all normally operate at the following 4 states

  1. The state of being awake.
  2. The state of dreaming while asleep
  3. The state of being asleep without dreams
  4. Pure Awareness – A state of consciousness and unbounded Joy.

The state of Pure Awareness is what we are interested in and the best part is that once we access this state, the gates to further deeper states of consciousness open up.

This state of Pure Awareness can be easily identified since it comes along with a distinct feeling of inner joy, peace  and certain body lightness.

Once we achieve the above state and remain in this state consciously for longer periods of time, this state in turn leads us into a deeper state which can be identified by the feeling of Stillness and Bliss.  In this state, we are fully awake but experience extremely deep relaxation, something which our body and being would normally never experience in any other state.

The awareness of this state of stillness is the next level which brings in a feeling of spiritual awakening. I’ve had glimpses of this state on and off, and typically in this state, there is a feeling of being deeply in love with everything, extremely safe and secure, oneness with everything around i.e. a feeling of non duality and a feeling as if we are floating and practically weightless.

In the above state, the mind is completely silent . it is almost like a mindless state where we experience the presence of our own spirit and its union with the universal spirit.

The stages that I have personally experienced are something like this..

  1. Pure Awareness
  2. Awareness of Pure Awareness leads to a deep level of Stillness
  3. Awareness of Stillness leads to a state of weightless-ness, and expansion of our being
  4. State of Non Duality and Unbound Love

(In a subsequent post, I will write about an interesting experience that years ago had brought me into the state of non duality and unbound love while I was doing a powerful spiritual grounding exercise)

I have noticed that at times when I am at the level of Stillness Awareness, if a person suffering from an ailment comes to me for healing, or just comes into physical proximity or interacts with me or thinks about me, they tend to experience healing. I do not know how but this happens.

To reach the deepest state of awareness, takes time and effort and being in the state of pure awareness even for a minute at a time is very challenging since the mind easily gets distracted to several other things and awareness is instantly lost.   In a later post, I will try to explain simple methods of achieving pure awareness and then one can gradually take it to deeper levels systematically.

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