Flexibility: A critical attribute

In my previous blog on the fundamental principle of success, I have written about the importance of Flexibility in achieving success. Flexibility is critically important in life too. However, remember that here we are talking about the flexibility of our approach, and not of our Goal.

Flexibility is an essential requirement for anything to flow. Whenever we aspire to create a flow, flexibility is the Key.
There is a law called as the Law of requisite variety by W. Ross Ashby. The Law of Requisite Variety is so powerful that it is known as the First Law of Cybernetics. The law implies that the degree of control by any element in a system is proportional to the amount of flexibility of that element.
The element with the highest degree of flexibility will be able to control the movement of the other elements of the system.

For example, in a car, the steering mechanism has greater flexibility compared to other fixed elements in a car. so it gets the ability to control the motion of a car.

In life too, you will agree that flexibility is the key to survival. for example, the most flexible organism will survive for the longest period. Similarly, in a storm, the most flexible tree will survive the storm, whereas the rigid ones will get uprooted.
We too exist in an ecosystem with various entities and stakeholders. If we want to gain control on other elements, we simply need to ensure a high degree of flexibility in our approach.

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