Severe Leg and Back Pain vanished within a day.

I recently had a very interesting experience of healing a lady who was suffering from severe leg and back pain and had almost become restricted to her bed for a couple of months.

One day our housemaid mentioned to my wife that her sister in law was suffering from severe pain in her leg and back was unable to walk. My wife told her that I would help her out but at that time I was continuously traveling for various training assignments for days together, and this slipped off my mind.

In the meanwhile this lady consulted various doctors and underwent treatment without getting any relief. Her condition had become so bad that finally she completely stopped going to work and was restricted to her home. She could barely walk from her bed and had intense pain. Doctors suggested MRI scan, CT scan and various other tests. However, none of these could lead to any diagnosis. She also tried massage therapy and several other treatments without any results and finally was dependent on pain killers daily.

One day, when I was back from a hectic training schedule, my housemaid reminded me of her sister in law and told me that now it was more than 2 months that she was in pain and had not even gone to her office. Since my housemaid herself had experienced the power of this healing method (in 2016, she was the first person I had tried this on) , she requested me to help her sister in law without any further delay.

I went to her place the same day and did a healing session for her leg and back for about 20 Minutes. I used both techniques i.e. Listening to the Body’s energy field using my palms as well as the Heart Energy Healing  for 10 minutes each. Though I was feeling very strong vibrations and signals in my palms,  she was not feeling any change inside  her body nor any relief.  I almost felt that this was not going o work for her. I asked her to wait for 1 day and let me know what happens next morning.

Surprisingly next day she told me that she was able to walk properly and almost 70-80 % pain had disappeared. I realized that the treatment was working and did one more session for about 15 minutes the next day. The very next day she told me that she was perfectly normal and immediately resumed her duties at her workplace.  People at her home were amazed since after suffering so badly for more than 2 months and after trying several treatments, none of which worked, this simple method of healing could get her back on her feet in just 2 consecutive short sessions done over 2 days.

My house maid still believes that I have god’s gift of healing and I keep telling her that this is something that anyone and everyone can easily learn and practice.  If this story excites you about the power of this healing method, what are you waiting for … Learn this immediately and become a healer.

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