Heart Energy Healing: Severe Neck pain gone in minutes

I have a very interesting experience in healing sever neck pain that I would like to share with you. In December 2016, I was at Delhi for conducting a training workshop for Reliance General Insurance and during our tea break, I told participants about the healing that I do, and asked if anyone had any health issues that I could help them with. One person who had severe neck pain approached me and I started working on him using the Heart Energy Healing method.

I told him to sit comfortably on a chair about 2-3 feet in front of me. After sending him healing energy of love from my heart chakra for about 5 minutes, I asked him to check and he was surprised to find that he was able to move his neck comfortably towards the left and then to his right and the pain had completely vanished.

He then asked me whether I had touched his neck during the process. When I replied in the negative and told him that all the time I was standing a couple of feet away from him, he was shocked and told me that he actually felt a pair of hands grab his neck from behind, pull his entire head up forcefully and set in place the upper bones of his spine, after which the neck had become free and pain had vanished. All the time he was thinking that I was doing it with my hands.

We both realized that there was something else at play here and someone or something beyond me was present there quietly doing whatever was required to heal the problem.

He was delighted to find that the severe pain that he had for several months had vanished with just five minutes of treatment. The healing power of Heart Energy i.e. Love is indeed amazing.

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