Goal Setting: If you don’t know where you want to go, which way you go doesn’t matter !!

It is said that everything in this universe is created twice. There’s a first creation in the form of a thought, a design or a visualized image. After this, then there’s a second creation. If the first creation is not done properly, then the second creation usually gets negatively affected.

If one is building a house, then he would first create a design or drawing in great detail trying to achieve everything that he wants in the house. the elevation, plans of the living room, bedroom etc even before a nail is hammered anywhere. If this first creation is not done properly, then he might have to make costly changes later.

The first creation is similar to what we call in life as ‘Goal Setting’. Knowing exactly where one wants to reach. i.e. the Destination.

Most of us have probably read the story Alice in the Wonderland (By Lewiss Caroll) in our childhood. This story has a very important lesson on the importance of Goal Setting.

In this story, Alice, a little girl gets lost in her wonderland and while she goes here and there trying to find her way, she gets lost. While walking around, she comes to a fork, where the road divides into two paths. Now Alice is confused since she doesn’t  know which way to go. Finally she finds a Cheshire cat and she asks the cat as to which way she should go. The cat in turn asks Alice ..”Where do you want to go?” and Alice say’s “I don’t know.” . Then replies the cat “My dear Alice, if you don’t know where you want to go, then which way you go, doesn’t matter” .

What this means is that if we are not clear about our destination, then what path we choose or what approach we follow, doesn’t matter. We must first be clear about our Goal, and only then everything else becomes relevant.

Goal setting is formally done in the corporate world every year where the organization sets its goals, which leads to the Management team’s goals, which then are broken down into departmental goals, and finally individual KRA’s (Key Result Areas) . However, people do  not realize that similar to this, goal setting is also very important in our personal life.

Each one of us, must essentially have clarity on our long term life goals. We must know what we intend to achieve in a lifetime.

Then we must break it down into 3 year or 5 year goals. At least that’s what I did. I had set a goal way back in the year 2002-2003 that by the year 2008, I would have my own firm offering training and consulting services to corporate clientele.  Exactly in 2008, I quit my job and started my consulting and training services. Clear goals naturally lead to flawless execution.

There’s a simple method that I follow for annual goal setting and trust me, this works like magic. For instance, in the annual goal sheet of year 2016, I had written that by the end of 2016 I possess the ability to heal people. Surprisingly,  in July 2016, things happened in such a manner that I actually was able to heal people and since that time till date I have now helped more than 450-500 people in helping them heal themselves from various ailments. Check out my blog category ‘Healing’ for more details.

I recommend that you too could follow this simple system of writing a goal sheet every year. Take a piece of paper and on the top, write the goal achievement date. For example,  you could write 31st Dec 2019 or for Financial Year 31st March 2020.

Then, below that write each goal in present tense as if you have achieved it. So instead of writing I will buy an apartment in Mumbai city, you have to write I have bought an apartment in Mumbai city. You could be slightly more specific too if you want, but don’t be too specific. Let the universe have some flexibility.  The reason why goals have to be written in present tense is because the universe does not understand Future tense. The only time zone it understands is the NOW (The Present Moment). So, this way, write each goal (Financial goal, Health Goal, Education goal, Materialistic goals, Family or relationship goals etc) in the present tense.

Then, at the end of the goal sheet, put your signature. That represents your  commitment  towards the fulfillment of that goal. Keep this goal sheet to yourself and do not make it public or show it to others. I normally keep it at a place where I would come across it at least once every quarter. I read it, and put it back.

Apart form an annual goal sheet (Macro Goal) , It is good to follow a system to write down our Micro goals i.e. a daily To-DO List.  In a separate post, I will share some tips on writing a daily To-DO list.  Till then think about your purpose in life, write down your long term goals and create an annual goal sheet. I wish you all the best. Have a wonderful day ahead. !!

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