Heart Energy Healing: My very first experience in Healing

This was in July 2016, I was returning from Bhuj in Gujarat after conducting a 2-Day Training workshop for Adani Ports at Mundra.

Surprisingly, for the earlier 4-5 days, my mind was consistently in a very silent state. I was almost floating in a state of Pure awareness several times in a day.

I had read that a state of Pure awareness can be helpful for healing and had  read about Heart energy healing somewhere on the internet in the past. I wanted to try it out however, was apprehensive since I thought that such abilities of healing people were possessed by very few people who had attained something spiritually, and I wouldn’t be able to do it.

I was determined to try this on someone but wasn’t sure how an opportunity would come my way. Surprisingly the universe presented someone who badly needed healing the same day that I reached home.

The lady who works at my home as a House help, came in asking for a week’s leave since her doctor had told her that her condition was serious and had asked here to take complete bed rest for a few days. On further inquiry she told that she had extremely severe pain in her lower back. She was unable to bend and was also unable to walk properly due to the pain. Sadly, she had hidden this from us for more than a week and had silently continued her work even when she was suffering in severe pain.

While she was just about to leave, I casually mentioned to her that I would like to try a particular treatment on her which could help her provided it worked. I told her that I would not need to touch her and would do it from a distance of about 2-4 feet. I was hoping that she would agree and luckily she did. I made her sit in a comfortable position and sat a few feet behind her with my attention fully focused on her lower back and then I started sending Heart Energy to her back. (Refer to my earlier post on Heart Energy Healing to know how this is done)

In about 3-4 minutes, she said that she could feel very strong vibrations in her lower back.  The vibrations were radiating from her lower back inwards and upwards. She felt as if something was actually moving inside. This response from her, gave me the confidence that the treatment was indeed working. After 5 minutes, I asked her to stand up and check. To her surprise, she could stand properly and the pain was gone almost 90% . She couldn’t believe this and then tried twisting her spine a bit to see if it pained now. Then I asked her to check if she could bend and to her amazement she was able to bend in front as well as sideways without any discomfort.

A day later I again did a 5-10 minute healing session for her and her remaining discomfort too vanished. She was able to work normally as if nothing had happened.  These days, whenever she has any such problems, she knows that she can get relief in minutes.

That particular day I saw her getting completely cured with just 5 minutes of treatment. It was a very special day for me and it’s been 3 years since then with hundreds of such experiences in healing people.



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