Vaat Disturbance causes Migraine and Headaches

In this post, I am going to tell you something which conventional medical practitioners don’t consider in their treatment approach.

Migraine or Headaches are often caused due to Vaat pressure that gets accumulated in the head. It causes pressure on the brain and can affect several functions of the brain along with an impact on one’s Eyes as well.

You might ask, what is Vaat so let me explain. As per the Indian Ayurved system of medicine, Vaat is the mechanism of the body that creates all kinds of flow in the body. Flow of blood, urine, stools, sweat, digestive secretions, menstrual discharge etc. It creates this flow by building a pressure in the body between two parts of the body.

When this flow mechanism gets disturbed, the pressure often gets stuck in a certain place and when that builds up, it causes pain. In case of Headache that’s what has been happening. When pressure in the head gets intense, one would experience migraine, when pressure is less, there will be a dull headache. I’m sure if you suffer from Migraine/ Headache, then you must have experienced gas pressure when you suffer from migraine.

I have personally treated practically hundreds from such conditions and use a very simple method using which this problem can be resolved in just 2-3 sessions done over a week’s time. Basically, I just connect with people on video call, listen to the body’s bio field communication using my palms while at a zero point silent state of mind (this is called Quantum Healing) and then the patient’s body automatically starts undergoing changes and initiates corrective action. The stuck pressure starts getting released in the form of burps and within minutes people get relief from severe migraine or headache.

There are no medicines to be taken, so no side effects and no harm to the body since your own body does the healing process once I provide the healing environment.

Do let me know if you are interested in trying this treatment. I treat people across the globe on video call for a small fee, however my fee applies only if their body shows a response to the treatment. That way people don’t end up spending without results.

Drop me a message if you are interested in trying this healing modality. Later, I can also teach you how to do this yourself so that you can heal yourself for a lifetime.

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