Cause of Migraine is Vaat Pressure in the Head

Dear Friends. Just to give you a background about this post, for  the last 5 years I’ve been experimenting with some patients suffering from migraine headaches. I’ve written about some of my observations in this post. I guess this might be of interest to those suffering from migraine /headache.

Let me clarify, I’m not a doctor, (I’m a mechanical engineer and now a Leadership Trainer by profession) I’ve also been into healing since 2016 and what I’ve written comes purely based on my observation of the healing done to several people suffering from headache and migraine whole got relief from their pain.

I have been using a method of healing where I sense the body’s bio field using my hands and in almost 90% cases where I was treating migraine or headache, I observed that during the treatment, people would tell me that they feel something moving down from their head towards the abdomen. Soon they would experience gas accumulation in the stomach and would start burping and the moment gas started getting released, the intensity of their pain would come down. That made me wonder what was the connection of gas with pain.

I was once shocked to experienced a case where after a 10 minute healing session, my patient started burping and kept burping and farting overnight and by next day morning he was completely relieved of his migraine pain.

I tried asking many of my experienced doctor friends for an explanation but they couldn’t explain this phenomenon.

Later several similar experiences followed in cases of headache, migraine, neck pain, back pain for practically hundreds of patients where their body would start releasing stuck gas and they would get cured. This made me very curious and I started experimenting and studying deeper.

Since conventional medicine didn’t have any explanation apart from calling it a neurological disorder, I started studying the Indian system of auyrveda and got a clue. As per the Ayurved system of medicine,  three regulatory systems govern the functioning of our body.. (these are called vaat, pitt and kaph). Kaph is responsible for structure of body, pitt manages the energy and metabolism and vaat is the mechanism that creates flow in the body (flow of blood, urine, air, menses, sperm, sweat, gastric fluids, nerve impulses etc). Soon I understood how vaat imbalance is what causes migraine and other pains in the body. Basically, The vaat mechanism uses some kind of pressure to create all kinds of flow in the body, however sometimes this pressure gets stuck at a certain place and when its intensity goes beyond limits it creates severe pain. At that time if this pressure is released by some means then pain immediately comes down.

Conventional medicine has no explanation of this gas pain (vaat pain) which Ayurved hints at.

Many of my patients tell me that their migraine pain keeps moving within the head. This gives me enough reason to believe that migraine is not due to any physical irregularity or damage but just vaat (gas) pressure that’s getting built in the head and moving around trying to find a way out. I guess that’s why, very often nothing is visible in CT or MRI scans since apart from pressure there’s nothing else inside the head that can be visible to a scanning Device.

Now I have started believing that one of the cause of Migraine headaches and some other symptoms that accompany it is the accumulation of high degree of vaat pressure in the head region.

I have reading that Some migraines happen due to a combination of vaat and pitt issues (pitt is also about gastric acidity) and that’s why many patients observe that they feel like throwing up when they suffer from migraine. The process of throwing up partly relieves the pressure built up and the pitt (acidity) and some people feel better.

Being into healing, I’m interested in exploring more about this since this can help hundreds and thousands of people who keep suffering from migraine /headaches for years just because conventional medicine can’t figure out a permanent solution and keeps working on getting rid of the pain using pain killers which come along with their side effects.

Ayurveda has a solution to this by consuming herbs etc , however I find my treatment method much simpler where one just has to listen to his/her body bio field with their palms and the vaat almost immediately starts getting corrected /released. This method can be used by anybody to heal themselves or others.

I’m curious to know how many of you would trust the Ayurved theory of gas pressure causing the pain based on your experience with the illness .

If there’s anyone who has information /experiences /insights similar to mine, please share your thoughts.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about the healing method that I use for migraine /headache, in an earlier post I have written about the simple step by step method so that you can do healing with your own hands without depending on any external treatment .

Namaste 🙏🙏

May god bless you with freedom from migraine !!

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