Quantum Healing – Healing Pain by Listening to the Body’s Communication

The purpose of this post is to give all those suffering from pain, a slightly different perspective on PAIN. Most people dislike pain and try their best to get rid of pain. While this is quite natural, one must not look at pain in that way. Besides, don’t forget that pain is just a symptom and not the Problem.
In this post, I would like to draw your attention to a very important aspect of healing yourself from Pain and intend to sensitize you how pain is actually not a problem, but the path that can lead you towards a solution to the problem. I will also give you a simple way to get relief from the pain.
A very interesting but less known fact about our Awareness or Human consciousness is that Awareness helps in healing illnesses and bringing the body in a state of harmony or balance. Whenever any part of the body is unwell, injured or tired, it obviously needs healing. The body knows that this healing can be quickly achieved by two ways
1. By feeding it with AWARENESS (Because the body knows that awareness helps in healing)
2. By ensuring that the body part gets rest to prevent it from further wear and tear.
The simplest way for our body to attract our awareness or attention is to create a sensation of Pain in that region so that we immediately give it our attention and the more the awareness that is required, or rest that is required, greater will be the pain.
So, say for example, your knee is not well, then to heal itself quickly, it creates a feeling of pain in that area, so that you immediately put your attention or awareness there .
At this time, if you feed your knee with your Pure awareness (i.e. simply give it your full undivided attention, look at it and listen to it, then your knee can actually heal itself instantly in minutes. (I say this with confidence after having done hundreds of such instant healing) . However what we do these days is that instead of listening to the knee and simply giving it our pure awareness, we ask it to shut up by taking a pain killer.
That’s where everything starts going wrong. A result of taking the pain killer is that we no longer are conscious or aware of the knee and also no longer feel the need to give it rest, and so we continue with our stressful use of the knee thereby damaging it further.
Besides, the pain killer comes along with its side effects.
Don’t you think this is the start point of all trouble. I always tell people that look at pain not as a problem but as a solution. If we simply give our pure awareness to the part that’s paining, in a short while the body or unwell part will do the needful that’s required and will get fine. Once the root cause is gone, pain (which is the symptom) will disappear automatically.
I call this process of healing by listening to the body’s communication and giving it our awareness as Quantum Healing. It is simple and anyone can do it. No need to go to a doctor, No medicines, no costly consulting and best thing is that there are zero side effects. Follow the steps as described below:
Let’s say you are suffering from Knee pain for example. This is what you need to do:
  1. Hold your palms facing each other 3-4 Inches away from each other and move them the way you pedal a bicycle. you can move them clockwise or anticlockwise.
  2. While you do this, you will feel some very very mild sensations on the skin of your palms and fingers. Just pay attention to these sensations. This is how your body senses the communication from any body part. In this case one hand is sensing the bio field communication of the other hand. Do this for a minute till you get a hang of how the bio field communication is sensed on our hands.
  3. Now, take both of your hands and hold them about 2-3 inches above the painful knee joint and move them very slowly in the air around the knee. You will be able to sense the communication from your knee in the form of very mild sensations on your palms. These sensations might feel like vibrations, tingling, scratchy feel, pinching etc..
  4. With full concentration keep sensing the communication from your knee. do this for 3-4 minutes. While you are doing this, you will start feeling some change happening inside your knee joint. You might feel some tingling, flow, heat or cold etc. The body will initiate the necessary corrective action and in the next 10 minutes you will feel a change in the intensity of the pain. Since knee pain is a Vata problem (Vata is a term from Ayurveda system of Medicine) , therefore there’s a strong chance that the stuck pressure might start getting released in the form of burps which is one of the many healing indicators that can be observed.
  5. For the next 12-24 hours, keep watching how your knee feels and do the above healing process 1-2 times more. You will notice a significant change in your illness. Sometimes the pain might temporarily increase while the stuck vaat is moving out but once it gets out of the body as burps or farts, the increased pain will immediately come down. So Don’t worry if symptoms increase for a short while.
You can try this on any kind of pain, be it foot pain, knee pain, back pain, Stomach pain, Menstrual cramps, Sprains, Injuries, etc and a variety of other health conditions.. Try it and let me know whether or not it worked for you. As a Quantum healer, I have used this method on hundreds of people with variety of health issues and I find that it gives fantastic results in near to 90% of the cases. I pray to the Universe to give you success in using this method and bless you with good health.
I would be glad to help you in case you have any queries on the process. You can drop me a message on sachin.karve@gmail.com 
Those who are interested in learning this technique in detail can have a look at my online course: Master Class on Quantum Energy Healing. The link to the course is as below:
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