Severe Migraine cured using Quantum Healing


Here’s a very interesting experience of healing a person from severe migraine using quantum healing which gave results in a single day.

A few years ago, I was conducting a training program at Pune (India) for a Public sector company in the Petroleum business. It was a residential program and my accommodation was at the same place where participants too were staying. During my lunch break, I told my participants about that healing that I do, and offered to treat people in the evening between 6 to 8 pm, if anyone was interested.

In the evening, a participant approached me and told me that he was suffering from neck pain and migraine. He said that he had severe pain in the upper part of his neck and his head. He told me that he regularly suffered from severe migraine on the right side of the forehead. I asked him his current level of pain and he told me that at that moment he had only neck pain and not migraine and the current intensity of neck pain was approx. 8 on a 1-10 scale, which meant that it was fairly severe. He told me that whenever he had a Migraine attack the pain would be severe.

I asked him to sit comfortably on a chair and told him that I would be sensing the problem with my palms and would listen to the communication from his neck. I also asked him to keep me updated if he felt any change inside.

With my palms held at a distance of about 1.5 to 2 feet from his neck, I silently asked his body to tell me what its problem was and that I was there to listen to it. In a few seconds, I was able to catch signals on my palms which were in the form of vibrations and tingling. I started moving my palms in the air intuitively, randomly and slowly, keeping my entire awareness on my palms. Sometimes the signals were closer to his body, sometimes far. A couple of times I had to move back a few feet to get a stronger signal. This went on for about 2-3 minutes and then suddenly he told me that the pain in his neck had started shifting.

I told him that this was a very good sign. Knowing that pain is usually due to excess Vata pressure at a particular place, I understood that in his case, the Vata in the neck region and head was trying to move out of his body. I started sensing signals of his body with my palms moving around his neck and head and soon he told me that the pain was increasing in intensity and shifting up towards his head just like it happens when he suffers from migraine.

In the next 2-3 minutes, instead of the pain reducing, the intensity of pain had increased to that extent that he was unable to tolerate it. He was clearly in great discomfort. He told me that he had intense throbbing and unbearable pain in his head just like the severe migraine attack that he regularly experiences. By this time he had become so uncomfortable that he had tears in his eyes. I assured him that whatever was happening, his own body was doing it, and that it would definitely not harm him. I told him that at times when the stuck Vata is trying to move out of the body, it has to force itself through the available space and therefore temporarily could create pain, while it moves out of the body. He nodded and asked me to continue. Suddenly, he burped loudly and then surprisingly, a series of burps started every 3-4 seconds. I realized that his body had started releasing the accumulated gas.

This burping went on continuously for the next 5 minutes during which he had more than 40 burps. I was pretty much sure that he was on his way to recovery. He told me that the intensity of the pain had also suddenly gone down after the burps had started. After a total of 10 minutes of healing done to him, and more than hundred burps, I told him that we would stop now and will wait and watch what happens over the next few hours. I told him to eat something light for dinner that night, and meet me next morning at breakfast. I asked him to avoid taking a pain killer unless it was absolutely essential, and also asked him to keep his awareness to his neck and head. All this while he was burping non-stop.

Next morning, when he met me at the breakfast table he was looking very fresh and relieved. I smiled at him and asked him whether he was able to sleep well and what he told me totally shocked me. He said that he had not slept even for a single moment the entire night. When I asked him why, he said that since the time we said good bye, up to about 6 am in the morning, his body was continuously releasing gas. He told me that for the first 4 hours, he had burps non-stop one after the other and then for the next 4 hours he had both burps and farts continuously till about 6 am. Therefore he was unable to sleep for a single moment whole night. However the whole experience of gas release for more than 8 hours continuously was comforting and relaxing to him.

I was really surprised by this experience and when I asked him about the pain, he told me that the pain had completely vanished. He told me that the pain in his neck which he had rated as 8 on a 1-10 scale the previous night, had gone down to absolute zero. He also told me that a general heaviness that he used to continuously feel in his head and body, had vanished and he was feeling very light, fresh and relaxed. I was surprised to see how a person who had not slept for a minute the whole night, could appear so relaxed and fresh in the morning. Then he thanked me and told me that he almost felt as if he was born again.

I told him that instead of thanking me, he should thank and express his gratitude to the universe for bringing us together in that training program and giving him such a wonderful healing experience.

What amazed me most about this healing experience was the amount of Vata (as pressurized gas) that was stuck in his body for several years. So much of gas accumulated in his neck and head would obviously give him a bad migraine. The healing session had clearly triggered a Vata /gas release that completely healed him with just 10 minutes of treatment.

If any of you want to experience this healing process, you may contact me on for a healing session.

Those who wish to learn how to do this healing, can read my book ‘Instant Healing for self and others’ which is available on amazon kindle in the form of an ebook. Else you can go through my online course on Udemy. The link to my ebook and online course is available on the website

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