Unresolved emotions can be the cause of disease

This post is on a subject that we normally do not give much importance to. However, I have realized over the years that the root cause of most illnesses (especially those ones for which modern medicine is unable to treat successfully) are caused due to emotional disturbances.

Even the ones that modern medicine claims to cure, come back to the patient again in the same or some other form  especially since modern medicine deals with the physical symptom rather than the root cause which is often emotional in nature.

People keep trying various kinds of treatments without any success not knowing that the root cause lies deep within themselves in the form of some or other emotions such as guilt, hurt, sorrow, humiliation, traumas, phobias etc that are not addressed or resolved.

Over the last 2-3 years, I have been treating a few cancer patients. One thing that I noticed was that each one of them had some emotional issues deep inside their mind. In some cases, it took me lot of effort to help them bring these out. While I was doing healing sessions, they too realized how deeply the disease and the emotion were connected.

There was one lady (suffering from breast cancer) I was treating who felt a particular intense feeling in her body every time I did the healing technique. Later she revealed that she was struggling with a very old emotion related to an attachment and physical relationship that she had prior to her marriage. She had guilt that she had not told her husband about this.

Every time I did a healing session fer her, she would report a choking feeling in her throat, prompting me to ask her what she was unable to express. Finally after several sessions and counseling, she spoke about it. I am confident that she is on her way to creating a healthy mind and Body for herself.

Another lady, suffering from Liver cancer has issues related to Anger, depression and lack of love by her partner. This is a case of having a partner who was just not sensitive to her emotional as well as sexual needs. I am sure that we have thousands of such women around who suffer due to these issues.

I was treating a lady with lower back pain and a feeling of lot of discomfort in her abdominal area. When asked, she said it felt like a knot which was there permanently. When I started treating her, her body suddenly went into a motion where the abdominal area and chest started moving back and forth. It seemed  as if she was having convulsions. However, when I asked her if she was in any discomfort, she replied that she was feeling really good and comfortable. After a while tears started rolling down her eyes and she started telling me things about her life, family etc including an extra marital attachment that she has with a certain person and the guilt that she lives with.

As she kept telling me all this, tears were rolling down but she seemed to be feeling better and better. In about 5-7 minutes she had a smile on her face and when I asked her how she felt, she told me that the back pain was gone and the knot like feeling in her stomach had also vanished. I realized that the clearing up of emotional energy had led to the healing. I spoke to her a few weeks later and she told me that she was completely cured. She was surprised how in that moment she told me all those things which she had never mentioned to anyone in her life.

The Dongui Bogam is a Korean book compiled by the royal physician, Heo Jun (1539 – 1615) and was first published in 1613 during the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. The DongUiBoGam states the following: “Liver is in charge of anger, heart is in charge of happiness, spleen is in charge of thoughtfulness, lungs are in charge of sadness, and kidneys are in charge of fear.”

Have a look at this link where Louise Hay has given a list of various diseases or health issues and the emotional aspect that these are linked to.

Causes of symptoms according to Louise Hay

I am confident that the healing process that I use works at deeper levels where the root cause exists and help us address the issue at the deepest level of nothingness where cleansing happens spontaneously and good health can be created instantly. I am hoping to actively experiment on this in future.

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