Shoulder pain healed in minutes

This is a recent experience that I had during a training program that I was conducting on problem solving Techniques at Ahmedabad.

During a discussion on root cause analysis, I explained to the group that we need to go down to the Root cause to solve problems. The deeper we go, better will be the solution. The Why-Why Analysis helps us to go deeper and identify the Root cause and if we go deep enough, we can solve problems instantly, practically in minutes.

I told them that I was involved in healing which worked on the same principles and that for me such instant healing occurrences were common. The group didn’t seem to be convinced about my statement, and I understand that since this indeed is difficult to believe unless one experiences it personally.

There was a participant who interrupted and mentioned that he had lot of pain in his shoulder due to which he was unable to lift his right hand above horizontal and was unable to move or turn his hand comfortably without pain. He requested me to demonstrate the healing on him.

Since we were at a juncture in the program where we were supposed to have a 10 minute tea break, I offered to demonstrate the healing process to all by doing 2 minutes of healing by listening to his shoulder (using sensory ability of palms) and 2 minutes of zero point healing.

In about 4-5 minutes, I asked him to check his hand and to his surprise his hand was able to go up straight pointing up to the ceiling effortlessly. He tried moving it up, down sideways, everywhere and said that the pain had completely vanished.

If you want to learn this method, simply go through the step by step guidelines given on this blog in an earlier post dated 6th July 2019.


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