Learn healing in 10 minutes flat

When I talk to people about the healing that I do and when I tell them about my dream to teach this to the whole world, a question that is always asked is ..How much time does it take to learn?.

I tell them that it takes just about 10-12 minutes and this includes the time taken for me to explain the concept, help them get the feeling on their hands and then demonstrate how it is done.  This helps them to instantly start trying the healing on others. Very often, they are initially not willing to believe that they will be able to immediately start doing healing that gives instant results, but when they see miraculous results right in front of their eyes, they get completely convinced.

I  will share a recent experience while I was teaching this to a group of people who were attending my workshop on Leadership skills. At the end of the day, I mentioned to them about the healing that I do and some of them showed interest, so after dinner, we sat together and I explained the principle and application to them. After activating the palms of few in the group, some of them asked me who they could try it on. Luckily, there were a couple of others in the group who had back pain, leg pain, neck pain etc. so I suggested that they could try their newly acquired skill on these people.

Groups were formed and they started doing the healing. To their surprise, those who were being treated, almost immediately told them that they were feeling some movement happening inside their body. They could feel different sensations happening and a strong flow of something within. I told them that they should be happy that the healing process had started.

In a few minutes, one of the person being healed said that his back was feeling better and the pain had almost gone. In a short while, another lady started burping loudly and this went on continuously with burps after burps non-stop.

I told them that the burps were indicating a release of stuck vatha (Flow) from her back which was causing her the pain and that her back was definitely going to heal. They did treatment to her for 10 minutes more. She reported that she was feeling much lighter and relieved of pain and the next day she reported that the pain was completely gone.

Suddenly all those who were doing the healing the previous night realized the amazing power of healing that they had got within with just 10 minutes of learning. This would be with them for ever and they would be able to use this on their loved ones and several others who needed healing.

Just yesterday, I taught the technique to a person attending my session in as little as 5 minutes since we were really short of time and next day in the morning, he said that he had tried it on his wife who suffers from chronic headaches and that with just 5 minutes of treatment to her, the headache had completely vanished and she was feeling better.

All those who want to learn this technique, be assured that you can learn this in a very short period of time…practically in 10 minutes. The advanced concepts take a few sessions more, but to start the healing process, 10 minutes of learning of the fundamentals is good enough. If this excites you, do get in touch with me and I will be happy to teach this method to you.


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