Levels of Awareness

In my earlier post on awareness, I have mentioned about the  importance of awareness in the process of healing. Bringing in Awareness opens up a portal through which one can access the frequencies that are instrumental in bringing the universe in order and balance.

It is interesting to note that awareness can be achieved at different levels and each level comes along with certain  feelings based on which the state of awareness can be identified.

We all normally operate at the following 4 states

  1. The state of being awake.
  2. The state of dreaming while asleep
  3. The state of being asleep without dreams
  4. Pure Awareness – A state of consciousness and unbounded Joy.

The state of Pure Awareness is what we are interested in and the best part is that once we access this state, the gates to further deeper states of consciousness open up.

This state of Pure Awareness can be easily identified since it comes along with a distinct feeling of inner joy, peace  and certain body lightness.

Once we achieve the above state and remain in this state consciously for longer periods of time, this state in turn leads us into a deeper state which can be identified by the feeling of Stillness and Bliss.  In this state, we are fully awake but experience extremely deep relaxation, something which our body and being would normally never experience in any other state.

The awareness of this state of stillness is the next level which brings in a feeling of spiritual awakening. I’ve had glimpses of this state on and off, and typically in this state, there is a feeling of being deeply in love with everything, extremely safe and secure, oneness with everything around i.e. a feeling of non duality and a feeling as if we are floating and practically weightless.

In the above state, the mind is completely silent . it is almost like a mindless state where we experience the presence of our own spirit and its union with the universal spirit.

The stages that I have personally experienced are something like this..

  1. Pure Awareness
  2. Awareness of Pure Awareness leads to a deep level of Stillness
  3. Awareness of Stillness leads to a state of weightless-ness, and expansion of our being
  4. State of Non Duality and Unbound Love

(In a subsequent post, I will write about an interesting experience that years ago had brought me into the state of non duality and unbound love while I was doing a powerful spiritual grounding exercise)

I have noticed that at times when I am at the level of Stillness Awareness, if a person suffering from an ailment comes to me for healing, or just comes into physical proximity or interacts with me or thinks about me, they tend to experience healing. I do not know how but this happens.

To reach the deepest state of awareness, takes time and effort and being in the state of pure awareness even for a minute at a time is very challenging since the mind easily gets distracted to several other things and awareness is instantly lost.   In a later post, I will try to explain simple methods of achieving pure awareness and then one can gradually take it to deeper levels systematically.

Healing through Awareness

One thing that most people don’t know is that one of the most important factor that ensures good health is presence of our Awareness.
Awareness and attention to our body and the environment around us instantly creates a connection at a deep quantum level and immediately starts putting everything into perfect order and balance.

In fact, we can say that Inattention and lack of awareness is the root cause of all diseases. In my earlier post, I have written how Disease is when we are no longer at Ease (Dis-Ease). I have experienced many healing sessions where I simply gave my attention or awareness to the body part of the person suffering from an ailment, and it instantly created a healing response and in many cases this has happened within minutes after which people have reported that their problems have vanished. I have several experiences where people suffering from frozen shoulder for years have achieved near to full motion of hands with just 5 minutes of my Zero Point Awareness Healing.

It seems that our body seeks our attention when healing is required. For example, a leg that is suffering from Dis-ease, and needs healing pains, thereby attracting our attention towards it. Unfortunately instead of giving our attention to our painful leg, we choose to take a pain killer and get rid of the pain. We feel good for a while, but soon the pain comes back with greater intensity. We need to understand that giving attention to our leg is the simplest form of treatment that can resolve the problem.
How many of you have noticed that when we apply a balm to a painful leg, we feel better. Think about this.. Application of the Balm creates a strong burning or cold sensation locally on the affected part, thereby bringing our attention and awareness to that part for a while. The Awareness and attention given to the body helps in the healing process.

One-Point awareness (Ekagra Chitta Ek=One, Agra= Point, Chitta = Awareness ) is extremely powerful in getting the universe around us in sync and balance with us.
Next time you are unwell, or if you are suffering from a chronic issue, I would suggest that instead of popping pills to kill pain or other indications, listen to your body with 100% attention, using all of your sensory organs and you will notice a significant shift in the problem within the next 6-12 hours. If you are lucky and can reach the state of One-Pointed awareness, you might even get relief in Minutes. When I engage with people in helping them heal, I simply give their body my awareness. Why it still works is that for the universe, there is nothing called duality. Everything is One. And so whether You give your body awareness or I do it, It has the same effect.

Action Points:
Live life with awareness. Do whatever you do with 100% attention, whether you are walking, eating, sleeping or Driving. And then see the change that happens to your life. Life will become blissful.

Healing: Principles

Disease is what happens when we are not at ease with things. It is a state where Energy and Order are out of balance. Healing happens when we attain the required levels of Energy, Order and achieve Harmony and Ease.

Although we normally consider health as something to do with our physical body, Health in this context includes Physical health, Mental health, Spiritual health, Emotional health, Financial health etc.

Here, although our focus is on dealing with physical health issues, please note that in the universe, there is no duality. Everything is connected. So when one system is out of balance, there is a possibility that other things too might have gone out of balance and when we create good health at one level, at other levels too, healing might probably take place.

What I imply is that although we are going to understand modalities that can help us heal ourselves from physical ailments, we might end up curing ourselves from several other disorders such as psychological issues, financial problems or relationship issues etc. faced at different planes and related to different aspects of life.

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to some powerful healing methods which are much faster and far more effective as compared to conventional medicine.

Flexibility: A critical attribute

In my previous blog on the fundamental principle of success, I have written about the importance of Flexibility in achieving success. Flexibility is critically important in life too. However, remember that here we are talking about the flexibility of our approach, and not of our Goal.

Flexibility is an essential requirement for anything to flow. Whenever we aspire to create a flow, flexibility is the Key.
There is a law called as the Law of requisite variety by W. Ross Ashby. The Law of Requisite Variety is so powerful that it is known as the First Law of Cybernetics. The law implies that the degree of control by any element in a system is proportional to the amount of flexibility of that element.
The element with the highest degree of flexibility will be able to control the movement of the other elements of the system.

For example, in a car, the steering mechanism has greater flexibility compared to other fixed elements in a car. so it gets the ability to control the motion of a car.

In life too, you will agree that flexibility is the key to survival. for example, the most flexible organism will survive for the longest period. Similarly, in a storm, the most flexible tree will survive the storm, whereas the rigid ones will get uprooted.
We too exist in an ecosystem with various entities and stakeholders. If we want to gain control on other elements, we simply need to ensure a high degree of flexibility in our approach.

Success Principles

Success is something that everyone is seeking, be it on personal or professional front. However, in the absence of a reliable formula, we keep trying hard often without success and finally give up. We often keep looking at a few others who have succeeded and wonder how they were able to succeed while we have put in much more effort than them. 

Well ..it turns out that success is not dependent on the amount of effort that is put into a task. It actually depends on whether we are using the right process to achieve success. 

There is a formula for success, which I have figured out after closely observing a lot of people who were successful in what they were doing. The formula is very simple and straightforward and if followed well, can definitely lead one to success. 

Success requires the following two key ingredients. 

1. A Rigid goal 

2. A flexible Approach    

Let me explain the above by means of an example. How many of you have observed children at the age of 5 years. You would agree children at that age have an extremely  high success rate in terms of getting what they want, whether it is a toy, a balloon, cookies or a chocolate. How do they manage this. Do they have many years of experience? have they attended training so as to develop this skill of influencing and convincing?

If the answer is NO, then how are they able to get what they want. How we get what we want, with a near to 100% success rate. The answer is simple. We need to ensure the two key ingredients.

  1. A completely rigid goal and
  2. A completely flexible approach. 

Let’s take a scenario where a 5 year old girl has a craving for chocolates and she knows that nobody at home would allow her to have that since it was time to go to bed and she had already finished brushing. She tries convincing her mother, who refuses point blank. Do you think this girl would go to bed without that chocolate. Never. Now she tries convincing her dad. He too refuses and asks her to go to bed, knowing that his wife will be really upset if he allows her to have it. Do you think the child goes to bed without the chocolate.. Never. now the child tried other ways to get it. Probably tries emotional blackmail with grand parents knowing that the melting point of their hearts is lower .. and if that too doesn’t work then will try other innovative ways to get it. Probably will try whining and disturbing parents as they watch their favorite TV series or if that too doesn’t work, will fall down, cry hoping that parents will give the chocolate to pacify her. 

Only when she finally gets the chocolate, then she’s going to bed. Also, if you try to offer her something else instead of the chocolate, do you think she is willing .. Never. She would either refuse all that or else take all of that and then again keep pushing for the chocolate that she has set her heart on. Parents, however smart cannot negotiate with a 5 year old. 

Now if you look at the approach of the child, you will find that the child is using exactly the same two principles. 

1. A Rigid or Non Negotiable Goal 

2. A flexible approach

These two attributes lead to success. Let’s now understand both of these in a little more detail. 

Rigid Goal: 

You will find that people who are successful always have very clear goals and they have a very high level of commitment and determination towards their goals. They never let go their dreams and goals even when faced with adversity, failure and barriers. They get up and continue on their path even when they fail multiple times. They do not change their goals when they fail. When Edison was working on the light bulb and failed a thousand times, somebody asked him about his failure and he said, ” Now I know 1000 Things that Don’t work as the filament” and went ahead with his work till the time he came across the Tungsten filament. 

Flexible Approach: 

Flexibility in approach means that we try doing things in a different manner to achieve the desired goals. In science, we all know that there is a very simple principle that applies to all experiments i.e. If we keep doing the same things as before, we will keep getting the same results as before” . If we want a different result, then we essentially need to do something different. Successful People know that if a particular approach has led them to failure, then doing the same things again exactly in the same way will get them exactly to the same result as before. Therefore they identify what part of their process needs to be changed and then try again in a different manner, and when they do this repeatedly, they finally land up with the right combination that leads them to success. 

In contrast, unsuccessful people, like horses have Blinkers (Blinkers, sometimes known as blinders, are a piece of horse tack that prevent the horse seeing to the rear and, in some cases, to the side.) These Blinkers prevent people from seeing other possibilities and roads that lead to our goal.

In school, we all learnt a quote that “If you fail once, then keep trying”, unfortunately whoever created that quote forgot to put something at the end … 

“If you fail once, then keep trying — in a different direction” 

People who are creative and keep trying in various ways have a much greater probability of success than those who aren’t.

Action Point:

Ask yourself–> 

1. Do I have a clear goal?

2. Am I committed towards achieving it even when faced with repeated failure?

3. Do I have Horse- Blinders which can enable you to spot different approaches?

4. Am I willing to trying various approaches in the journey towards that goal?

Very often, we lack the courage and confidence to allow the possibility of failure. Successful people know that failure is a step towards success.


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