A lot of people misunderstand Meditation and consider it to be something where one needs to follow certain postures, methods, rituals, visualizing, etc. Several books on Meditation have further complicated it too much.

I have found meditation to be very simple and straightforward. For me, meditation is the state of being aware and in the present moment. It is about immersing myself in a state where my mind ceases to exist and my ‘being’ comes into existence. I have been easily able to achieve a meditative state while traveling, walking, driving, having a bath, attending nature’s call and even right now as I write this blog.

Over the last several years, I have tried more than 10-12 different methods for meditation. However I have found that only about 6-7 of these have given me expected results and I believe that for a layman these are good ways to engage in meditation on a daily basis. Most books on Meditation have tried to complicate the process and make it look difficult, so people tend to try and drop these after failing to get results.

I have commonly used the following methods to achieve a meditative state:

  1. Attentive Eating
  2. Walking with full body awareness
  3. Heart Rhythm Meditation
  4. Being in the ‘GAP’ Meditation
  5. Breath focus meditation

I will be giving some details of each, and I am starting today with the next post on Attentive eating meditation titled ‘Meditation -1:  Attentive Eating. Subsequently as a set of 4 more separate posts, I will write about the others too.

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