Getting quick relief from Back pain and Joint pain

Quick relief from Back pain and Joint pain

The purpose of this post is to share some interesting insights about back pain and joint pain that I have gained while treating many people suffering from these health issues. I will also share a simple approach that I use to resolve back or joint pain quickly.

This approach might help you successfully regain your health and that too quickly without spending any money, without costly procedures, without any medicines or their dangerous side effects.

First let me clarify what causes joint pain/back pain. Our body has a mechanism that creates all kind of flow across various parts (flow of blood, urine, gastric juices, sweat, saliva, menstrual bleeding, nerve impulses, stools, mucous etc). This mechanism is called as Vata in Ayurveda the ancient Indian medicine system. (you can Google this). Modern medicine however has no clue of this flow mechanism. Now let us try to understand how the vaat system creates flow and how that’s related to the pain that you experience.

The body needs several type of things to flow from one place to another. It achieves this flow by maintaining a pressure difference across any two points between which the flow is required. One point is kept at a high pressure and the other is at a lower pressure. That’s how flow happens.

Sometimes, due to certain reasons when there’s an obstruction or a disorder then the high pressure at one end remains stuck at that point causing it to further build up over a period of time.

For example if a man is in a job where he’s sitting for 8 hours in a certain uncomfortable posture, working on a laptop, the flow in his hands and legs gets affected and vaat pressure starts building up in his lower back and in his shoulder joint.

Soon, the pressure gets intense and starts creating pain. Sometimes it gets so intense that it can start pushing bones out of place. Unfortunately when an MRI or CT scan is done, doctors can’t see anything since it’s just air pressure. Sometimes the can see the bones out of place but can’t see the pressure causing that since it’s just air pressure. It’s very much there and needs to be released as soon as possible before it creates further damage by leading towards arthritis, slipped disc, spondylitis or more severe issues. Doctors might feel that the bone of the spine needs to be pushed into place by surgery whereas actually the solution is just to get the stuck vaat pressure released.

You might ask that if this is true, how do we get the pressure released. Well the answer will surprise you but is true and I’ve personally used it on actually hundreds of cases with back pain, joint pain, cervical pain, and even headaches.

Now understand this .. Human consciousness… Yes our own awareness when presented to our body for even 5-7 minutes can trigger a powerful response where the body, on its own starts releasing the stuck pressure from within . It usually comes out in the form of burps or farts, however in some cases I’ve seen this pressure release as yawns, hiccups, sneezes etc.

Now here’s the method of how you can present your awareness to the body. I do this using my hands. I sense the bio field of the painful joint using my palms, focus my eyes on the joint and move my hands around the joint trying to sense distinct vibrations on my palms. Note that this can be done by each and every one of us. We are all born with this ability. I just sense the bio field on my palms for 5-7 minutes, this in turn brings my mind into a silent state called the zero point which is an essential factor for the healing process and then in minutes, the body starts releasing the trapped gas pressure from the joints. Flow stars getting corrected. People often start feeling tingling, vibrations, heat, waves etc in the affected areas and soon gas release begins. The pressurized airĀ  reaches the abdomen (I really don’t know how but it does happen) and then as gas is released. more and more gets released and the pain immediately starts reducing.

Once all the pressure is released, the pain is completely gone. Most often there’s significant relief in next 30 minutes and often complete relief in just 24-48 hours. The body uses its own intelligence to heal heal itself. So we don’t need to know anything about what’s happening and how it’s happening. I’ve used this across the globe on video call too and it works wonders.

I urge you to try this as explained and I’m sure you will surprise yourself. Do connect with me in case you have any queries or need any further info or guidance on how to do this. Good luck to you in starting a journey towards a life free from pain.

May the universe bless you with complete relief from any pain in your body and fill your life with abundance of good health & joy.

-Sachin Karve (Mumbai, India)

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