Causes of Weight Gain and how Quantum Healing can help


Causes of Weight Gain and How Quantum Healing can help

Weight gain is a problem that a lot of people suffer from these days. This post tries to put across some thoughts on this subject and offer a simple approach to resolve this problem.

These days, almost one in every 5 people I come across have more weight as compared to the ideal weight that they should have for their height and body type. Although today’s generation suffers all the more from weight gain due to lifestyle issues and consuming  junk food, however, weight gain is not just because of eating more, it could happen to people who eat normal and also who don’t eat junk food.

I have found that most people attribute weight gain to the following factors.

  1. Wrong eating habits. (Eating too much, Wrong food choices, wrong timing and not chewing food properly)
  2. A sedentary lifestyle where there’s no exercise and no burning of calories.

While the above are definitely reasons for weight gain, apart from these, I have found that the following causes, listed below for your reference, are usually the primary underlying reasons why weight gain happens. Many of these causes can be addressed by eliminating the root cause, thereby triggering a correction in the body. I have shared how i use quantum healing to address these issues. In quantum healing, we simply use our awareness or consciousness to trigger a healing response in the body instantly.

Let’s look at the 4 common causes of weight gain:

Cause 1:  Problem with Thyroid function causes weight gain. People suffering from Hypothyroid condition, very often tend to gain weight. The Thyroid is nothing else but the Vishuddhi Chakra and if it is not producing the hormone Thyroxine in sufficient quantities, then it results into weight gain. Quantum Healing can very quickly correct the thyroid and thereby help the body maintain proper weight.  In most cases in just 1 session, the flow of thyroid starts getting corrected and people can actually feel a difference immediately. The disturbed or reduced flow of the gland starts getting regulated after blockages get released from the body. In due course people are able to completely get off medication.

Cause 2: Hormonal disturbances in women at the time of Pregnancy or Menopause can cause weight gain. During pregnancy, very often there’s a change in the hormone levels which triggers a weight gain especially in the lower abdominal area and waist. Very often this leads to other issues like irregular periods etc. I have observed that Quantum healing can very quickly correct the hormonal imbalance and people feel a change as soon as the hormones are balanced. The moment I focus my awareness on their Swadhsthana Chakra (Sacral Chakra), they start feeling changes happening inside. Some ladies have told me that they instantly felt tingling, vibrations or even rotational movement in the lower abdominal area. Blockages and stuck vaat start getting released immediately in the form of burps and they start feeling lightness and comfort in the lower abdominal region/ Pelvic region.

Cause 3: The third reason for weight gain is an underlying conscious or unconscious feeling of fear or insecurity in the mind. People who have some kind of uncertainty about what’s going to happen next, lack of security, feeling of being unsafe, fear of being harmed, not sure about their future, or any other kind of fear such as financial insecurity, anxiety, nervousness, worry, stress etc. often tend to gain weight. This is actually a natural response of any living being that’s not sure about its survival in the near future. For example, if a polar bear is able to sense a harsh winter in the near future, and an uncertainty of whether or not it will get food in the next few months, it will start automatically accumulating weight to enable it to survive through the harsh winter. The same happens with all other animals, and with humans too. Quantum healing can correct this as well. A common experience that overweight people get when they go through Quantum healing sessions, is that they start becoming aware of several deep rooted fears and emotions. Very soon these start getting released form their body, creating the desired change. There are people who start releasing these emotions right during the session and start feeling better.

Cause 4: There’s a fourth reason for weight gain, which like the earlier one, is also psychological in nature. The body increases its Weight so as to make the person look unattractive to others, especially to the opposite gender. You might wonder, why would one want to look un-attractive. Well, I have had quite a few cases where ladies who had gone through a sexual abuse in their childhood or teenage, suddenly after that started gaining a lot of weight. Their subconscious mind possibly did this to avoid looking attractive, thereby keeping men away from them. During Quantum healing sessions, often i have found that they become deeply aware of these feelings and are able to overcome the fear and trauma from the past abuse thereby correcting things at a deep psychological level. After this, the body corrects itself on its own.

I once came across a man who approached me for weight gain. During the session, when he started crying, I asked him what happened, and he said that he was sexually abused by a lady (his babysitter) in his childhood and later by another lady in his teenage, and that has made him dislike women and find ways to stay away from them. I could make out that due to this, his body had probably gained a lot of weight so as to make him look fat, unhealthy and unattractive to women.

Cause 5: Toxins accumulated in the body cause weight gain. Let me explain why this happens. Very often the body accumulates a lot of toxins due to certain things that we do in terms of our eating habits, consumption of alcohol, smoking, consuming some medicines etc. We often unknowingly add toxins to the body by consuming soft drinks, getting tattoos made on our skin, consuming foodstuff with lot of colors added, added MSG, artificial flavors etc. Our body tries its best to throw these out at regular intervals. However, beyond a point, our body starts finding it very difficult to throw these toxins out and instead what it does is that to keep our body healthy, it starts covering these toxin filled areas/ cells with fat cells and creates water accumulation around those toxins so as to dilute the concentration of the toxins so that it no longer is harmful. This often causes accumulation of fat as well as a lot of water retention in the body leading to weight gain in the process. Quantum healing can help the body by triggering  a cleanup response and thereby eliminating the need for fat and water accumulation. Many people experience release of such toxins through their skin, urine, through loose motions, discharge from eyes, nasal secretions etc after a healing session. They soon start feeling healthier, fresher and more energetic.

Quantum healing is a simple healing process which one can do using his/her own consciousness. This can be easily learnt and used on self as well as others on a variety of health issues. The body of the person uses its own intelligence to achieve the correction and so it is a zero risk method.

To learn Quantum Healing, you can refer to my e-book or online course on the following link.

-Sachin Karve

+91 9819858269, Mumbai, India

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