Choose your profession based on your passion

Choosing one’s profession  is a decision  that can majorly impact not only the financial success and well being of an individual but also the happiness and satisfaction that he/she experiences in life.

I have observed that many people often get their first job based on chance than choice.  In case of most campus placements, boys and girls recruited from their campuses are not aware of their exact job profile. The only thing they know is the organization they are joining. In several cases they don’t even know their location of posting. All those details are disclosed later by the organization. People often end up doing jobs that they never wanted to do.

I know people who ended up spending years in a particular domain, area or profile just because their first job got them into that field and then, time and again, in their subsequent shifts they got pushed into the same field, whether they wanted it or not. Very few are able to shift into their area of interest.

I have observed that when an individual works in a field that he/she is interested in and passionate about, even 12 hours of a stressful work schedule does not create fatigue whereas when one is working in a field that is not their area of interest, just four hours are enough to get them tired.

I recommend everyone to choose his/her profession primarily based on their area of interest. That will ensure that they remain happy, enthusiastic, energetic and engaged on their job every day. Such people eagerly wait for Mondays so as to get back to their exciting workplaces and are not waiting for Weekends to rejuvenate themselves after a dull, boring and stressful week at work.

However, finding one’s area of interest is also a challenge and then building one’s profession around that is another challenge. I have noticed that in many cases people don’t give a thought to the above as a result of which their areas of interests remain simply as hobbies which they indulge in only once in a while, when they have spare time. Their jobs and their interests are in two completely different areas.

Later in life, with multiple roles and responsibilities, and when time is a major constraint, we completely forget about our areas of interest and hobbies for years together, often till our retirement. Most often, by that time it is too late to start.

So ask yourself, is there any way by which I can identify my passion areas and then invest time in finding out how I can build my profession in that area. I consider myself very lucky that I got an opportunity to build my career in the area of Training and Development which was my area of interest. I thoroughly enjoy my work and even after 8 hours of standing and delivering training, I am fully charged and never tired.

I hope the universe helps you too in achieving the same. Good Luck to you !!

In my next post, I will share a very interesting approach using which one should choose his / her profession. It is called the  Ikigai (in Japanese).

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