My Awakening Experience through a Grounding Exercise

Several years ago, (around the year 1997-98), I experienced a very powerful awakening experience while doing a particular grounding meditation exercise. In this post, I am sharing this experience, and my learning and observations from this.

I was trying out a ‘grounding’ exercises mentioned on a certain website. I was sitting in front of my PC, reading out the explanation displayed on screen and following the steps. Basically, it involved visualizing cosmic energy from the sun, coming down from the cosmos, getting into the body through my crown chakra, and then going down through my spine and my feet straight upto the bottom of the earth. Then the energy would come back up the same route and create a cycle / Loop.  The Heart chakra then opened and white light from the Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra) formed a cover around my body. It was a detailed exercise and I was intensely doing it. Suddenly something magical happened, and it came as a shock.

I felt as if all my body weight was gone. It seemed as if I had dissolved in the surrounding ether. It is very difficult to describe the feeling that I experienced, since there was a paradox in it. I had become light just like a feather, but at the same time heavier than anything else. I was smaller than the smallest, at the same time bigger than anything around. I felt as if I did not finish anywhere.

There was a tremendous unbound love that I felt all around myself, and I suddenly realized that everything around me was “ME”. The feeling of boundaries did not exist. The PC in front was Me, the Chair below was Me, the Bed next to me was Me, and same was the state of everything in that room.

Miles below me there was nothing, and miles above me there was nothing. I was floating in the air, and I didn’t have any weight either. I realized that while I had completely lost myself,  it was just me and me all over  …everywhere. The feeling was amazingly wonderful, but the moment, I felt the loss of boundaries, the loss of my body limits, and then suddenly my insecure self probably felt that I had lost myself and I got pulled out of that state back into my earlier level of consciousness.

There again I was in front of my PC. However, now the PC seemed different from me, same was with the bed, the walls and everything around. I was now aware of my body. The unity had gone. There was a slight feeling of lightness, but not floating as before. I was reeling from the intense experience. Thinking nothing. Just sitting on the chair dumbfound as if struck by lightening.

The strongest realization of this experience, was the fact that ‘I’ was not my body, and that ‘I’ was also not my thoughts and feelings. I was certainly something much more and beyond these. I realized that in this universe there was indeed no Duality. Everything was one, and the feeling of being separate or duality was simply an illusion created by the mind.

I never thought that Spiritual grounding could be so amazing. This experience made me realize that ‘I’ was something beyond ‘my mind’ and ‘my thoughts’ and ‘my body’. Today I live my life with an understanding that everyone around me, including you and all those who are reading this blog are Me and Me itself. We all are made of the same divine spirit and consciousness that runs through the entire universe. There is nothing called Living and Non-Living. Everything around me is living and is united with my Spirit or Soul.

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