Awareness : The Key to Pain Relief

Pure Awareness : The Key to Pain Relief

Here’s something that you can try to help you with your pain. I have personally found it extremely useful with many of my patients who have suffered from chronic pain. No medicines required, no pain killers. Just pure consciousness.

Our consciousness or awareness is something that can create tremendous healing and that too very quickly. Interestingly, our body knows this and therefore whenever our  body is in a state of disorder, it tries to attract our awareness /consciousness toward that place. And the body knows that the best way to attract our attention there is by creating pain or discomfort at that place so that we immediately put our attention there.

So actually if we give our pure awareness to that place whether it’s the back, knees, head or whatever part, it starts instantly healing itself using the body’s own intelligence and within a very short time, as the body recovers, the pain vanishes. I haven seen this happen in almost 70-80 % cases where people are suffering from pain.

However what most people do is that instead of giving our awareness to the body, we pop a pain killer and numb the pain. It’s like shutting the door to a crying child instead of listening to what it has to say. So, if we simply listen, pay attention and give our non judgmental awareness to the child, it just stops crying. That’s exactly what we need to do for our body as well. And pain will actually disappear quickly.

Most people are unable to create a state of pure awareness. Their minds are so distracted (due to the monkey mind jumping around) that their awareness even if presented to their body is just partial and distracted.

So if you suffer from pain and want to heal yourself from this, just do the following to present your pure awareness to your body.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and give your full attention to the body – or whatever body part that pains. Look at it, feel deeply all the sensations in that body part. Do this for 10 minutes. Your mind will probably jump around several times. Bring it back to that body part.
  2. Once you do this for a few minutes,  you will gradually start experiencing something happening inside your body. You might feel tingling, vibrations, feeling of heat /cold, flow. heaviness, lightness etc. There might be a vaat pressure correction that might get triggered. So you might suddenly start burping, yawning, having hiccups, sneezing, passing gas etc.. This indicates that your body has started healing itself. Sometimes you might find the pain shifting or reducing as well.
  3. Do step 1 i.e. presenting your awareness to the body, at least 2 times every day… 10 minutes or more. Even longer will do if you have time. Simply consider all of that pain as a communication of your body to you and listen to it silently with rapt attention.

Within a week you’ll find an unbelievable difference in your condition. I request you to try this for 2-3 days or a week and let me know what you experienced.

May god bless you with good health and complete freedom from any pain that you currently experience. Do connect with me for any support that you need while doing the above.

Suppression of Natural Urge and its ill effects on our Health


Suppression of Natural Urge and its ill effects on our Health

A lot of people who suffer from bad health, keep wondering that while they have followed a fairly good lifestyle and good eating habits, why is it that they are suffering from various health issues such as Arthritis, Cervical spondylitis, Knee pain , Back pain, Diabetes, Thyroid disorder, Heart disease, Digestive system disorders, Gynaecological issues etc. In this article, I have tried to explain why this happens, and what we can do in order to bring ourselves back to good health.

While there are several causes for health problems, one of the major reasons for health issues in today’s scenario is due to supressing natural urges. Most of us do this unconsciously and this in turn leads to severe Vata system disorder and in turn leads to various other health issues in the body.

Let me first explain what is Vata all about and what causes this to get disturbed. Vata (or Vaat), as per the Ayurved system of medicine, is the system that governs the flow mechanism in our body. The flow of blood, urine, stools, air, gastric fluids, nerve impulses, sweat, tears, menstrual fluids, flow of all endocrine gland secretions (Hormones) and also the pushing out of the baby from the womb, all happens by virtue of the flow mechanism of the body. This involves creating a high pressure at one end and low pressure at the other end, so that flow happens from one point in the body to another point that may be outside the body or in an organ inside the body.

When this flow mechanism gets disturbed, all of the above flow (blood, urine, stools, etc etc..) get disturbed and lead to various health issues. As a consequence of the ineffective flow mechanism, soon the body’s clean-up system fails, toxins start accumulating in the body, nutrition doesn’t reach organs, blood doesn’t reach organs and same is with hormones, oxygen and all other things that are needed for a healthy body. This leads to diseases in the long term and one lands up into a hospital or travels up to the heavenly abode.

Now, let’s come to the reason why this flow mechanism gets disturbed. I have mentioned earlier that for the flow to happen, a pressure difference has to be maintained. Now, whenever there’s an imbalance in the pressure i.e. if the actual pressure gets higher than what level is required, then the body immediately tries to regulate it by releasing the excess pressure from the body and this is done by releasing gas in the form of burps, farts, yawns or sneezes. However, if we try to suppress these burps, farts, yawns or sneezes, then the pressure remains in an imbalanced state and that high pressure starts accumulating further at one end, causing discomfort. Soon, more and more pressure keeps accumulating at that region and very soon it leads to intense pain. The pain is basically because of the intense air pressure that has formed at that place. If a doctor does an MRI Scan, he will not see anything since it’s just air pressure and nothing else. Soon this pressure starts causing physical damage in the area, leading to health issues. Sometimes the pressure becomes so high that it starts pushing bones and discs out of place leading to issues such as cervical spondylitis, slipped disc etc.

In Ayurveda this suppression is called as ‘Vega Dharana’

Let’s look at 16 types of suppression that we commonly do and what are the consequences of it.

  1. Suppression of Burps:

Burping is a natural process of getting the air out of the stomach when we eat or drink as well as for releasing the extra vata pressure as explained earlier. However, very often it is considered inappropriate to burp when in the presence of others so many people suppress the urge to burp and this leads to accumulation of the pressure in the abdominal and chest region leading to problems.

  1. Suppression of the urge for defecation:

Downward pressure in the lower abdominal region is created by the body due to two reasons. One type of pressure is the Apana Vata pressure (Pressure that’s responsible for downward flow such as stools, urine, menstrual bleeding, discharge etc) and the other type is to release the excess pressure generated in the flow mechanism (in the form of a fart) so as to achieve a balance. However many a times, we tend to suppress both of these pressures and prevent them from doing their job.

Very often, when we feel the urge to empty bowels, we might not be in a position to do that because we may be in an official meeting, or may be traveling or attending a social function. Very often, this happens also due to unavailability of a washroom nearby at that time. Sometimes we get so engrossed in what we are doing, whether it is a TV episode or a movie or a book that we are reading, that we avoid taking a bio-break and keep holding back the urge to empty bowels hoping that we will go for it after finishing the current activity. Unfortunately, by that time, the pressure has already moved either down to the hips/ knees/ legs or upwards to the spine and is no longer available to push the waste out. So even if we go to the toilet later, we come back without success, else we need to apply pressure to get the job done. This creates more trouble in the long term. Besides the vata that has gone down to the leg or knees might create cramps there.

  1. Suppression of Farts:

When pressure develops and we feel the urge to fart, we don’t do it since it’s not considered appropriate to do in a social setting or at the workplace and we forcefully hold it inside by tightening the anus muscles for a while repeatedly when the urge surfaces. This ‘Apana Vayu’ pressure then moves upwards creating a lot of trouble in the abdominal area or else in the groin causing hip pain/ leg pain/ knee pain. Sometimes it moves upwards to the back/ spine and even towards the head causing back pain or headache depending where it reaches.

  1. Suppression of Sneeze:

I have often seen people suppressing sneezes trying to hold them back forcefully or to do a partial release. This happens all the more in the post-covid scenario where people around us tend to get worried when we sneeze and so we try to avoid a sneeze while in the proximity of other people. We must note that there is intense pressure created by the ‘Udana Vayu’ to make the sneeze happen and if this is suppressed, all that pressure can get diverted to other areas such as the eyes, ears, jaw, throat or head thereby leading to problems there due to vata accumulation. This in turn also disturbs the flow mechanism in the head leading to headaches, migraine, eye trouble, ear pain or tinnitus etc.

  1. Suppression of Yawning:

Yawning is body’s natural way to release excess Prana Vata in the upper region (Eyes, ears, head, jaw, neck, thyroid, chest etc.). You might wonder how I know this. Well, I know this because when I do Quantum healing to patients with health issues related to all the above mentioned regions, they often instantly start releasing vata in the form of a series of yawning which their body triggers so as to release the excess pressure.

We often tend to suppress Yawning since it may not look good while we are in a discussion with seniors, a meeting with clients or we are in a classroom, listening to a trainer or speaker. This suppression causes lot of problems in the long term.

  1. Suppression of Hiccups:

I have observed that when hiccups occur, most people tend to take actions intended to stop the hiccup since the hiccup puts us in a state of discomfort and we may not be able to continue the work that we are doing or continue with a discussion that we are into at the workplace. There are various home remedies that people try so as to stop hiccups. However, stopping a hiccup is not good. We need to let it happen and allow it to clear off the stuck vata.

  1. Suppression of Emotions/ Crying :

When the body needs an emotional clean-up, it achieves that pressure release by releasing tears along with certain repeated movements of the diaphragm that you’ll typically observe when a person is sobbing excessively. This helps in relieving the pressure (of Prana Vata) that’s built up in that area and brings the body to a state of harmony. However, very often, people tend to suppress their emotions. Men often end up holding back their emotions since they feel that being a man, they shouldn’t cry. Women also may not be able to express their emotions several times and end up holding back tears. This causes huge emotional pressure to get blocked up in that particular area and often leads to problems such as Thyriod disorder, problems with the Reproductive system and sometimes Headache, Migraine or Back pain.

You might ask, how do I know that? Well, several times when I am doing a quantum healing session for people with these ailments, for no reason they start crying a sobbing uncontrollably and then after they finish the release, they instantly start feeling better and the body pain also vanishes.

  1. Suppression of Hunger and Thirst:

The suppression of hunger/ thirst happens usually in three cases. One is where due to unavailability of food or water at the time when hunger pangs or thirst is felt. Second reason is that we delay eating and drinking water, just because our favourite TV episode is going on and we don’t want to get up. Third reason is that we are on a diet and so don’t want to eat even when our body has created hunger pangs. This causes trouble with the flow mechanism in the digestive system and in turn causes problems of hyper acidity, bloating, gas and other digestive disorders. Lack of eating on time also causes lack of nutrition to cells and unavailability of energy to body and brain and therefore can lead to other disorders.

  1. Suppression of the urge to Urinate:

Very often, we tend to suppress the urge to urinate because we don’t want to get up and go to the washroom since we are busy with something important (Yes. Body is the least important thing for us in this universe. Everything is more important) . We think that our bladder will definitely be able to hold it for longer and so keep delaying the process of emptying it. This leads to imbalance of the downward flowing Vata called Apana Vata and in due course causes trouble with the bladder, prostrate, kidneys, adrenal glands and other organs in the lower abdominal region. It also is a primary cause for urinary tract infections in ladies. Don’t forget that this can cause kidney stones as well.

  1. Suppression of ejaculation of Sperm:

This is very important to ensure the proper functioning of the reproductive system in Men. A male may naturally get sexually aroused in the presence of a stimulus or even by engaging in reading or viewing images that may cause sexual arousal. Within moments the body starts building the required vata for creating ejaculation of sperm. Now, if that person engages in the sexual act immediately or else masturbates to cause the release of sperm, then the Apana Vata pressure that’s built up by the body gets released successfully. However, if this is not done, then the vata pressure remains built-up in this region till the next release and can cause problems in the testicles, prostrate or even other organs in the lower abdominal or pelvic region. It can also cause pain in the testicles which is commonly experienced by many men who get aroused but aren’t able to go through a sexual release.

  1. Suppression of Apana vata release due to C-section delivery:

At the time of delivery, the body of a lady build up huge pressure inside using the Apana vata mechanism which is instrumental in pushing the baby out of the womb. You can imagine how much pressure this would be, that pushes the baby out though the relatively narrow opening. However, these days, doctors commonly advise ladies to go for C-section delivery to ensure painless delivery for the lady (and also for obvious commercial reasons as well). Due to this, the accumulated vata pressure doesn’t get a chance to get released in a natural way. This huge amount of pressure then remains stuck there in the lower abdominal region / pelvic region and often is the primary cause for back pain after delivery. I have come across several ladies who experience back pain immediately after a C-section delivery and suffer from that pain for several years and in many cases, for a lifetime.

In addition to this, Doctors often administer epidural injections in the lower part of the spine to help ladies deal with delivery related pain and this also causes problems of back pain for a very long time.  I have observed that these days almost 90% of today’s generation opts for C-section delivery and they are unknowingly choosing an option that will create back pain for the rest of their life.

  1. Suppression of Free-Flow of Menses by using Menstrual Cup:

Menstrual cup is actually a fantastic alternative to using Pads or Tampons and I would highly recommend ladies to go for it. However the only issue with these cups is that when inserted in the body, there is a chance that the Apana Vata (Downward flow creating vata) could get affected. I have not yet got sufficient data to confirm this however, logic says that normally for a lady who uses a pad, the blood flows from a Higher pressure level (Whatever pressure the Apana vata has created inside the body)  to a lower pressure level (Which is atmospheric pressure). However, with a lady wearing a cup inside her body, the lower pressure level is no longer atmospheric pressure, but instead the pressure that’s built up inside the cup. This pressure will keep increasing as the flow continues and blood keeps accumulating in the cup. I have observed that there are tiny micro holes made on the sides, maybe to allow air to pass but prevent blood from going out. However, we need to do some research before we conclude that it’s allowing the inside of the cup to be at Atmospheric pressure. I have my own doubts.  When my wife initially started using a Menstrual cup used to experience unusual pressure in the lower abdomen while using the cup, which she would later release in the form of burps. This clearly means that it definitely has some effect on the Vata system.

  1. Suppression of Sleep:

Sleep suppression is very common. We often experience yawning and know that our body needs sleep, but we keep resisting it and stay awake for some or other reason. Imbalance in the vata then causes a lot of problems such as headaches, migraines and also other issues in the ENT and respiratory system. Many people these days suppress sleep just because they enjoy staying up till late. I remember how 30-35 years ago, people would go to bed at 9 PM. These days most people sleep near to 11-11:30 PM, some stay awake even longer. The Mobile phone keeps today’s generation awake even longer for chatting on whatsApp or watching Netflix.

  1. Suppression of the urge to Vomit:

I have observed that people often suppress the urge to Vomit when they are unwell, or have indigestion, infection or hyper acidity and even take allopathy medicines to suppress it. This disturbs the ‘Udana Vata’ system. Also whatever toxins the body is trying to throw out urgently, eventually don’t get out of the system quickly and so the infection, acidity or whatever problem it was, continues for much longer. People also suppress loose motions by taking allopathy medicines which is also not a good thing to do. Sometimes when we travel, we suffer from motion sickness. In such cases also while the body wants us to throw up, we keep resisting it forcefully. This often creates trouble such as headache.

  1. Suppressing the urge to Cough:

I have observed that many people try to suppress the urge to cough and do not cough fully and properly. We must understand that the body creates the urge to cough so as to get rid of something that needs to get out of the wind pipe/ lungs/ throat and if this is not removed, it can be harmful for the body. Also, if we don’t cough properly, the huge pressure that’s created by the body for the coughing action remains unreleased and therefore can create issues with Vata accumulation in the chest region. This disturbance in ‘Prana Vayu’ can cause issues with the respiratory system or the heart as well.

In addition, I have seen a lot of people who pull mucous inwards and swallow it when they are suffering from a running nose or excess secretion of mucous. So, while the body is trying to get all of this out of our system, we end up pulling it back in. Isn’t that a crazy thing to do? We must understand that everything that the body does and every natural urge of the body has a valid reason and must never be stopped.

  1. Suppressing the urge to Scratch:

Whenever the body wants us to rub or stimulate our skin of a certain area on the body, it develops an itch, thereby making us scratch it. This action of scratching is important to increase the blood flow in that region, push something out of place or help in regulating the flow of stuck vata. One should avoid suppressing an urge to scratch the body. I have observed that during quantum healing sessions, people often suddenly feel a massive urge to scratch their body and when they do it, they get quick relief from pain or stiffness in that part of the body.

The above are 16 common suppressions that I have observed people doing regularly. I am sure that you too must have experienced most of the above and might have tried suppressing these at some or other time.

My only request to you is that in the interest of your good health and long term wellness, please avoid doing this as much as possible. Due to our current lifestyle, you may need to suppress some of these but then at least once in a while do something for correcting the stuck/ blocked and pent-up pressure and vata imbalance so that the body regains its state of harmony.

I suggest that anyone who might have suppressed some or other natural urge, and is suffering from health issues due to it, must certainly go through a Quantum healing session once every quarter which can keep him/her healthy for a lifetime.

During the Quantum healing sessions that I do, people automatically start releasing the stuck / blocked pressure from different body parts. Some people end up burping for hours together, some keep farting, coughing. Some start spontaneously crying thereby releasing suppressed emotions, some feel pressure releasing from their body through sudden sweating, vibrations, waves, release of mucous. A lady from Egypt reported vata release through her ear (repeated popping of ears) which was most surprising for me. Very often ladies with back pain get their periods mid-cycle and then their back pain suddenly vanishes completely. Some people who I’ve treated for Eye related problems end up Yawning for hours, while some get hiccups and others with digestive disorders or IBS experience loose motions as a part of the clean-up. I look at all these as signs of the body releasing the stuck pressure (The pressure that got blocked due to suppression of some or other natural urge)

Once the clean-up is complete their health issues miraculously vanish. In just 1-2 days after a session is done, people feel excellent relief from their problems. Quantum Healing is simple and uses just pure awareness to achieve this clearing up and correction. No medicines involved so no side effects. Best part is that it can be done yourself by your own hands or can be done by a Quantum Healer remotely on a video call .

Anyone who needs any further information on how to do this or how to learn this, may contact me. Details of my book on instant healing and my online course on Quantum Healing are available on my website .

Sachin Karve (Quantum Energy Healer)

Mumbai, India

Cell: +91 9819858269


Causes of Weight Gain and how Quantum Healing can help


Causes of Weight Gain and How Quantum Healing can help

Weight gain is a problem that a lot of people suffer from these days. This post tries to put across some thoughts on this subject and offer a simple approach to resolve this problem.

These days, almost one in every 5 people I come across have more weight as compared to the ideal weight that they should have for their height and body type. Although today’s generation suffers all the more from weight gain due to lifestyle issues and consuming  junk food, however, weight gain is not just because of eating more, it could happen to people who eat normal and also who don’t eat junk food.

I have found that most people attribute weight gain to the following factors.

  1. Wrong eating habits. (Eating too much, Wrong food choices, wrong timing and not chewing food properly)
  2. A sedentary lifestyle where there’s no exercise and no burning of calories.

While the above are definitely reasons for weight gain, apart from these, I have found that the following causes, listed below for your reference, are usually the primary underlying reasons why weight gain happens. Many of these causes can be addressed by eliminating the root cause, thereby triggering a correction in the body. I have shared how i use quantum healing to address these issues. In quantum healing, we simply use our awareness or consciousness to trigger a healing response in the body instantly.

Let’s look at the 4 common causes of weight gain:

Cause 1:  Problem with Thyroid function causes weight gain. People suffering from Hypothyroid condition, very often tend to gain weight. The Thyroid is nothing else but the Vishuddhi Chakra and if it is not producing the hormone Thyroxine in sufficient quantities, then it results into weight gain. Quantum Healing can very quickly correct the thyroid and thereby help the body maintain proper weight.  In most cases in just 1 session, the flow of thyroid starts getting corrected and people can actually feel a difference immediately. The disturbed or reduced flow of the gland starts getting regulated after blockages get released from the body. In due course people are able to completely get off medication.

Cause 2: Hormonal disturbances in women at the time of Pregnancy or Menopause can cause weight gain. During pregnancy, very often there’s a change in the hormone levels which triggers a weight gain especially in the lower abdominal area and waist. Very often this leads to other issues like irregular periods etc. I have observed that Quantum healing can very quickly correct the hormonal imbalance and people feel a change as soon as the hormones are balanced. The moment I focus my awareness on their Swadhsthana Chakra (Sacral Chakra), they start feeling changes happening inside. Some ladies have told me that they instantly felt tingling, vibrations or even rotational movement in the lower abdominal area. Blockages and stuck vaat start getting released immediately in the form of burps and they start feeling lightness and comfort in the lower abdominal region/ Pelvic region.

Cause 3: The third reason for weight gain is an underlying conscious or unconscious feeling of fear or insecurity in the mind. People who have some kind of uncertainty about what’s going to happen next, lack of security, feeling of being unsafe, fear of being harmed, not sure about their future, or any other kind of fear such as financial insecurity, anxiety, nervousness, worry, stress etc. often tend to gain weight. This is actually a natural response of any living being that’s not sure about its survival in the near future. For example, if a polar bear is able to sense a harsh winter in the near future, and an uncertainty of whether or not it will get food in the next few months, it will start automatically accumulating weight to enable it to survive through the harsh winter. The same happens with all other animals, and with humans too. Quantum healing can correct this as well. A common experience that overweight people get when they go through Quantum healing sessions, is that they start becoming aware of several deep rooted fears and emotions. Very soon these start getting released form their body, creating the desired change. There are people who start releasing these emotions right during the session and start feeling better.

Cause 4: There’s a fourth reason for weight gain, which like the earlier one, is also psychological in nature. The body increases its Weight so as to make the person look unattractive to others, especially to the opposite gender. You might wonder, why would one want to look un-attractive. Well, I have had quite a few cases where ladies who had gone through a sexual abuse in their childhood or teenage, suddenly after that started gaining a lot of weight. Their subconscious mind possibly did this to avoid looking attractive, thereby keeping men away from them. During Quantum healing sessions, often i have found that they become deeply aware of these feelings and are able to overcome the fear and trauma from the past abuse thereby correcting things at a deep psychological level. After this, the body corrects itself on its own.

I once came across a man who approached me for weight gain. During the session, when he started crying, I asked him what happened, and he said that he was sexually abused by a lady (his babysitter) in his childhood and later by another lady in his teenage, and that has made him dislike women and find ways to stay away from them. I could make out that due to this, his body had probably gained a lot of weight so as to make him look fat, unhealthy and unattractive to women.

Cause 5: Toxins accumulated in the body cause weight gain. Let me explain why this happens. Very often the body accumulates a lot of toxins due to certain things that we do in terms of our eating habits, consumption of alcohol, smoking, consuming some medicines etc. We often unknowingly add toxins to the body by consuming soft drinks, getting tattoos made on our skin, consuming foodstuff with lot of colors added, added MSG, artificial flavors etc. Our body tries its best to throw these out at regular intervals. However, beyond a point, our body starts finding it very difficult to throw these toxins out and instead what it does is that to keep our body healthy, it starts covering these toxin filled areas/ cells with fat cells and creates water accumulation around those toxins so as to dilute the concentration of the toxins so that it no longer is harmful. This often causes accumulation of fat as well as a lot of water retention in the body leading to weight gain in the process. Quantum healing can help the body by triggering  a cleanup response and thereby eliminating the need for fat and water accumulation. Many people experience release of such toxins through their skin, urine, through loose motions, discharge from eyes, nasal secretions etc after a healing session. They soon start feeling healthier, fresher and more energetic.

Quantum healing is a simple healing process which one can do using his/her own consciousness. This can be easily learnt and used on self as well as others on a variety of health issues. The body of the person uses its own intelligence to achieve the correction and so it is a zero risk method.

To learn Quantum Healing, you can refer to my e-book or online course on the following link.

-Sachin Karve

+91 9819858269, Mumbai, India


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