How to write a Personal Goal Sheet

Personal Goal Setting 

Goal Setting is an important activity that one must do at the beginning of every year. I have personally been doing this for more than 15 years and it has given me excellent results. Many people ask me what is the right way to do this. The purpose of this post is to explain how one should create a personal goal sheet.

Here’s how it is done.

1) Take a sheet of paper (Avoid a soft copy). Handwritten goal sheets are better. Give it a title: ‘Goal Sheet 2022’ or ‘My Goals for 2023’

2) Put the date on top as the date on which you want the goal to be achieved. For an annual goal, I usually put it as 31st Dec of that year. (31-12-2022)

3) Identify which all aspects you’d like to have goals related to. Work, Finance, Family, Health & wellbeing, Relationships, Travel, Learning, Hobbies, etc. Try to include all that’s important for you.

4) For each of the above aspect, write down your goal in a way that it’s neither too specific(detailed) nor too loose(vague). So you’d write I have purchased a 2 Bedroom apartment at a good location in Mumbai City, rather than writing I have  purchased an east facing 2 Bedroom apartment measuring 1200 Sq Ft on the 10th floor in the XYZ complex of Santacruz in Mumbai city. That becomes too specific.

5. The goal must essentially be written in present tense since the universe does not understand the Future. The only thing it understands is the NOW. So write each of your goal statement as if you have already achieved it.

We don’t write ‘I will earn xyz amount every month’ that’s future tense. Instead we write ‘I am earning xyz amount every month’. That’s present tense.

So we write goals as ‘I have successfully brought down my weight to 60 Kgs’ or ‘ My weight is consistently maintained at 60 kg for the last 6 months’ or ‘My BP is within the Normal range of 120/80, or ‘I had a wonderful holiday at Maldives this year’ or ‘I have earned xyz amount this year through my book sales’ or ‘My relationship with xyz is wonderful’ or ‘I have received a promotion due to my excellent  performance this year’ or ‘ I have successfully completed my certification course in Quality Management’ .

5) Have big goals, but ensure that they are achievable. Make sure that they are not the kind of goals that are practically impossible for any human to achieve. If at the back of your mind, you yourself believe that these goals are impossible, then they may end up not manifesting them at all.

6)  Put your signature at the end of the sheet. This is done just to affirm your commitment to your goal.

Note that this goal sheet is to be kept personal & confidential – do not make it public. Keep it in a place where you would come across it a couple of times in a month or quarter. Read it once calmly whenever you happen to see it. While you go through it, try to maintain a deeply conscious state of being and a mind that’s calm and non judgmental.

We are basically dropping an intent into the pure quantum field of immense possibilities and then the universe will partner with you to make these goals come into reality.

You’ll be surprised when you read your goal sheet at the end date. My experience is that very often almost 70-80% of my goals have actually come true.

Wish you all the best in achieving your goals !!


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