Burning Mouth Syndrome healed in 1 day using Quantum Healing

Burning Mouth Syndrome
Burning Mouth Syndrome

In this post, I have shared a very interesting healing experience of successfully treating the ‘Burning Mouth Syndrome’ in just one healing session using the technique of Quantum Healing.

Let me give you a bit of a background. In the first week of May 2021, I had mentioned about my work in the areas of Quantum healing on a facebook post and a lady based in a city in the northern part of India replied to it, asking whether quantum healing could help with her burning mouth issue. She was also curious to know about the healing modality. This interaction happened on 10th of May 2021. Subsequently I spoke with her on phone. I told her that I knew nothing about the Burning mouth issue and while I had treated hundreds of people for various health issues, I had never treated anyone for this particular condition. Since she was curious to know about Quantum Healing, I explained to her the principle of this healing method how it gave instant results, could be done on video call, didn’t have any side effects and didn’t involve any medicines. At the end of the discussion, she was all the more curious and eager to experience the healing process. She asked me to schedule a healing session for her.

As a standard practice, I asked her about the history of the problem, and what treatment she had taken and whether she had any other health issues. She she told me that apart from the Burning mouth issue that she had for about 4 months, she also had been experiencing some issues related to her digestive system. She told me that for the burning mouth issue, she had checked with her dentist who suggested some medication which didn’t help, further she tried some more home remedies and conventional allopathy medicines without any relief.

Her Ayurved doctor was of the opinion that this was due to increased pitta in the body which needed to be calmed. She tried antacids and other medicines to reduce acidity. She had acute burning sensation the day she spoke to me and was clearly in discomfort due to it. That was her highest priority for healing and she wanted me to focus on that during the session.

I told her that while I would do the healing session focusing on the burning mouth issue in mind, her body would finally take the decision where to create a change depending on the priority. It could be the digestive system or the burning mouth issue whatever the body felt was of higher priority. I told her that I was not a doctor, didn’t understand medicine and human anatomy/ biology and that I actually don’t do the healing. The healing is done by the universe and her body. My job was to only present the environment required for the healing to get triggered in the body. I told her that this is exactly how I had done healing for more than 700 odd people on variety of health issues.

Next day, I did a 30 minute healing session for her and asked her to report the response in the next 24 hours. Next morning, she told me that she felt that a good amount of healing seemed to have happened in her body, especially in the digestive system. She was feeling more relaxed and felt good relief. However she said that there was absolutely no change in the burning sensation in her mouth. I told her to wait for a few days since sometimes the body does take a little longer to heal.

About a week later, I connected with her again just to check whether there was any change in her burning mouth sensation. She said that there was absolutely no change even a week after the healing session. I somehow felt very curious about this burning mouth condition and started asking her more about the condition. I had never before treated anyone with this condition and was curious to explore. Interestingly in a few moments, she gave me some inputs which eventually led us successfully to a solution to the problem.

She said that she was a part of a Facebook group on Burning Mouth Syndrome and on that group some expert doctor from abroad had written that while there were several reasons for the burning mouth syndrome, one primary cause was due to some nerve in the neck getting affected or pinched. He had mentioned that in case of patients who had no other issues such as dental nerve damage, sores, rashes, candida, ulcers etc, and had suffered for very long periods without relief from any treatment, the vagus nerve could be a major cause of the problem. She told me that the Vagus nerve was located in the neck region connecting the mouth, throat and tongue. When this nerve got pinched/ pressed in the neck bones, this created a false feeling of the burning sensation in the brain even when actually there was no problem in the mouth or throat.

I found this input very interesting and asked her where was this nerve located and she showed me the approximate position with her hand. I asked her if she had any problem with her  neck and she said that for a few months she had been experiencing some clicking sound while moving her neck to the right side and that there was some pain that the felt in her shoulder as well.

This input gave me a clue that there was something out of place in the neck and shoulder region and I was wondering whether this could be connected with the Vagus nerve and could be related to the same cause due to which the vagus nerve was getting pressed/ pinched , causing the burning sensation.

Based on my past experience in healing, I immediately suspected that it was stuck vaat pressure in the neck that was probably causing the pain in the shoulder and was also pressing the vagus nerve thereby causing the burning sensation in her mouth. Most people don’t know this but according to the Indian system of Ayurved, Vaat is the mechanism of our body that creates various kinds of flow across the body (Flow of Blood, urine, stools, sweat, saliva, gastric fluids, menstrual flow, ejaculate, etc.). Vaat achieves this flow by creating a pressure difference between two points of the body. However, when this pressure gets stuck in some part of the body for some reason, then problems start. Typically the stuck pressure gradually starts building up in intensity and after a while becomes so intense that it starts creating pain, it starts pressing the surrounding nerves, muscles, bones and also doesn’t allow proper movement of the body. I realized that it was this vaat that could possibly be pressing the vagus nerve and therefore the solution was to get this pressure released.

Luckily, Quantum healing is extremely effective in getting the vaat system regulated and I have personally treated hundreds of people for vaat disorders where the stuck vaat pressure in their body simply got released from the body on its own in the form of burps or farts. I knew that here too, we could possibly expect a similar thing happen.

I asked her whether she’d allow me to work on her neck and shoulder and luckily she agreed. We connected on 23rd May 2021 on video call. I asked her to sit with her back/ neck towards the camera so that I could focus on her spine and the Vagus nerve. She helped me by tying her hair up properly so that I could see her neck and she was also wearing suitable clothes that would allow me to see her neck and shoulders properly from behind.

I started sensing her bio field with my palms while being at the zero point state of No-Mind. Gradually started feeling lot of vibrations on my hands. I also sent lot of scalar energy from my heart Chakra (Heart vortex) to her neck. In all, I must have done this for 10-15 minutes. I kept asking her if she felt any change happening but she replied in the negative. Just to check if any vaat pressure was getting released, I asked her if she felt any gas accumulating in her abdomen, and again the answer was ‘No’. She was not experiencing any healing indicator. Fortunately, since the same had happened with her in the earlier sessions too (i.e. No Healing response during the session) , I knew that although there was no response right now, probably next day she would feel a difference.

I asked her to move her neck to the left and right slowly at the end of the healing session just to check if there was any change in her shoulder pain and she told me that although the light clicking sound was still there, her shoulder pain seemed to be a bit lesser compared to what it was earlier. It was now easier to move her neck to the left and right as well. This gave me some hope that a change was underway.

Next day when I asked her, what she revealed was a pleasant surprise to me. She told me that at night she had felt a lot of pressure in her rectum as if there was a lot of gas stuck there, however she did not pass any gas. However in the morning her bowel release happened along with tremendous gas pressure getting released with it. She had to go three times and every time a lot of gas got out of the body along with stools.

She also realized that surprisingly there was absolutely no burning sensation felt in her mouth any more. Neither in the mouth, nor in the throat or the tongue. There was no discomfort, nothing. it was just gone overnight.

During the day, she purposely tried eating some spicy food to see if the burning sensation came back, but nothing happened. Her problem seemed to be completely resolved. When she told me this later I was really surprised and soon realized what must have happened.  As a result of the treatment, the vaat pressure stuck around the vagus nerve must have got released, along with the pressure stuck in the shoulder. That’s what got released in the morning as gas. Once the vagus nerve was no longer in a pressurized state, the wrong signals that it was sending to the brain instantly stopped.

I was really happy that an issue which is considered so difficult to get cured got resolved so easily. She told me that it seemed that 95 % of the problem was gone. She felt a little sensation somewhere on her tongue.

Next day, we connected again for one more session just to ensure that the stuck vaat had completely got released from her neck. Else it could create trouble later. She also told me that she had a very little sensation on her tongue. Just 5% of the earlier burning sensation. She said that it felt like the sensation that one feels on the tongue after drinking something hot.  Rest of her mouth felt perfectly fine. I realised that there was some vaat pressure still stuck somewhere around the vagus nerve pressing it. So I did a healing session for her and in about 5-7 minutes she got a gas release in the form of 2-3 big burps. Immediately I asked her to check and she told me that the slight burning sensation in the tongue had completely gone.

I later did a search on google and realised that thousands of people across the globe keep suffering from this problem for years without any relief. That is when I decided to write about my experience so that others too could get benefited.

I am sure that this healing method can help a lot of people suffering from Burning mouth syndrome.

Namaste !! I bow down to the Divinity in you. May God Bless you with good health and Joy. Have a wonderful day ahead.

Please note that I am not a Doctor. I’m an Engineer and MBA Marketing and now a leadership trainer by profession. I’m into Quantum Healing for the last 5-6 years due to my passion of helping people achieve good health and Joy.


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