Awareness : The Key to Pain Relief

Pure Awareness : The Key to Pain Relief

Here’s something that you can try to help you with your pain. I have personally found it extremely useful with many of my patients who have suffered from chronic pain. No medicines required, no pain killers. Just pure consciousness.

Our consciousness or awareness is something that can create tremendous healing and that too very quickly. Interestingly, our body knows this and therefore whenever our  body is in a state of disorder, it tries to attract our awareness /consciousness toward that place. And the body knows that the best way to attract our attention there is by creating pain or discomfort at that place so that we immediately put our attention there.

So actually if we give our pure awareness to that place whether it’s the back, knees, head or whatever part, it starts instantly healing itself using the body’s own intelligence and within a very short time, as the body recovers, the pain vanishes. I haven seen this happen in almost 70-80 % cases where people are suffering from pain.

However what most people do is that instead of giving our awareness to the body, we pop a pain killer and numb the pain. It’s like shutting the door to a crying child instead of listening to what it has to say. So, if we simply listen, pay attention and give our non judgmental awareness to the child, it just stops crying. That’s exactly what we need to do for our body as well. And pain will actually disappear quickly.

Most people are unable to create a state of pure awareness. Their minds are so distracted (due to the monkey mind jumping around) that their awareness even if presented to their body is just partial and distracted.

So if you suffer from pain and want to heal yourself from this, just do the following to present your pure awareness to your body.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and give your full attention to the body – or whatever body part that pains. Look at it, feel deeply all the sensations in that body part. Do this for 10 minutes. Your mind will probably jump around several times. Bring it back to that body part.
  2. Once you do this for a few minutes,  you will gradually start experiencing something happening inside your body. You might feel tingling, vibrations, feeling of heat /cold, flow. heaviness, lightness etc. There might be a vaat pressure correction that might get triggered. So you might suddenly start burping, yawning, having hiccups, sneezing, passing gas etc.. This indicates that your body has started healing itself. Sometimes you might find the pain shifting or reducing as well.
  3. Do step 1 i.e. presenting your awareness to the body, at least 2 times every day… 10 minutes or more. Even longer will do if you have time. Simply consider all of that pain as a communication of your body to you and listen to it silently with rapt attention.

Within a week you’ll find an unbelievable difference in your condition. I request you to try this for 2-3 days or a week and let me know what you experienced.

May god bless you with good health and complete freedom from any pain that you currently experience. Do connect with me for any support that you need while doing the above.

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