The Power of Consciousness and how to achieve it in a simple way

Consciousness is undoubtedly, the most valuable thing to have in life. No wonder that people who were able to access their consciousness were willing to let go of all worldly pleasures and luxuries since they realized how worthless everything else was, in comparison with their consciousness.

The purpose of this post is to give you some interesting facts about consciousness with the hope that you too get excited about exploring this wonderful thing that’s luckily accessible to each one of us. Money, luxuries, fame, etc. may or may not be accessible to all, we really don’t know… but consciousness is undoubtedly 100% accessible to each and every one of us, and if we achieve just that much, then I have experienced that Prosperity, Joy, and good health automatically comes to us in abundance.

Well friends, what I’m writing today got triggered by a couple of very interesting experiences that happened last week. Although these experiences might look like miracles to you, these have become a normal experience for me for the last 5-6 years, since the time I got into Consciousness Healing. Let me first quickly share 1-2 experiences and then the message that I have for you.

The first experience is of a lady from the city of Bangalore in India who had painful and stiff fingers of both hands as well as pain in her legs due to arthritis. I connected with her on video call and practically within 30 seconds of focusing my consciousness (pure awareness) to her body, she started telling me about some waves and vibrations that she felt in her fingers and later in her entire hand too. In 3-4 minutes more, I asked her to check her fingers and to her surprise, she was able to effortlessly open and close her fingers to make a fist, which was not possible earlier due to lot of pain and stiffness. In the next 10 minutes, I focused on her legs and she was able to get up more easily and then walk around without pain. Quite amazed, she asked me how did this happen, and my reply as usual was … “It’s the miracle of consciousness, dear”. I had just provided her body with my consciousness for about 15 minutes and that was good enough for her body to heal itself quickly. Don’t forget that I was sitting at Mumbai and she was at Bangalore, a distance of around 1000 kilometers.

Three days ago, a man from Pune contacted me with severe back pain and leg pain. I just provided his body with my pure awareness /consciousness and we had just 30 minutes of interaction during which he started burping repeatedly, which meant that his vaat system was getting corrected. Next day he reported that his back pain was completely gone. He told me that he had this pain for more than 20 years and he had gone to several doctors and specialists (Including   AIIMS Delhi) who were unable to provide a solution. He asked me how a 20 year old ailment could disappear in just 1 interaction and my answer was again the same … “It’s the magic of consciousness, dear.” I told him.

I have been humbled by these miracle almost every day for the last 5-6 years while treating more than 800 people from across the globe who suffered from various health issues. Interestingly, people who learnt how to build consciousness from me, have themselves experienced similar miracles within minutes of acquiring this skill. So it is not something which needs several years of penance or going up to a mountain top and meditating. I personally never did any of this.

Friends, consciousness is actually the most wonderful and powerful quality that we humans could ever possess. Unfortunately our situation is like a poor man searching desperately for a pot of gold/ diamonds to change his life, while being completely unaware that he’s himself been sitting on top of it for years.

I have also realized that while consciousness is extremely simple to achieve, the most difficult part is maintaining it over a period of time. Consciousness is very easy to lose and it goes away in minutes or even seconds unless we develop a robust way to maintain prolonged levels of mindfulness and awareness.

I invite you to a journey in consciousness and request you to include it as one of your high priority goals for the year 2022. Here’s what you can do to achieve awareness or consciousness in your day to day life. These are simple steps that you need to follow.

Please note that I am not asking you to do this for 15 days. Just follow these steps for 3-5 days and maybe from day 2 itself you’ll start feeling a very different unique never-before felt kind of sensations inside your body. Trust me, you’ll get ample proof that something within you is definitely changing, shifting and getting better. You’ll start feeling lighter, healthier, more energetic, stress free and expanded in consciousness. You’ll start experiencing a never before level of peace and joy within along with a deep level of one-ness and belongingness with everyone around you & everything around you, even including tables and chairs or even the cellphone in your hand.

After you go through this experience, I will no longer need to convince you to do this further since you will yourself continue it once you start enjoying the benefits of consciousness. Once consciousness becomes a part of your life, you’ll also notice much faster and easier manifestation of your desires.

There are several known ways to gain higher consciousness, to avoid confusing you and to keep things simple, I am sharing the simplest method that you can follow.

Just become more and more aware of your body. Our body is the easiest and ever available tool to achieve awareness. So, as you go about with your regular routine, just place a certain degree of your awareness on to your body or to your actions every time. Do this while you walk around, drive your car, buy groceries, cook food, while you’re having a bath or even while having some intimate moments with your partner. If you follow conscious eating, that itself will feed you with a huge dose of consciousness at least 3 times a day. Attentive eating is so amazingly therapeutic that those 10-15 minutes where you completely immerse yourself in the eating process, can give you benefits greater than the greatest meditation.

If you want to make this further easier to do, simply slow down your actions and movements by just 10% while you go about with your routine. This is an amazing way to bring your consciousness to your body immediately. If you want proof of this right now, just try moving your hand slowly from any point A to point B… do it very very slowly. Do it in slow motion for just half a minute

I’m sure that while you were doing this, you must have definitely felt the presence of a very silent and conscious mind, some peace and probably some tingling sensations or something different somewhere in your body. That was due to presence of your consciousness and energy flow.

Once you start doing this, for a few days, you’ll have to pull your awareness back to your body several times and you might suddenly realize how quickly our awareness goes away and we start doing things unconsciously. Again pull your awareness back and you’ll probably have to do this several times for initial 2-3 days till it becomes a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you would never go back to living an unconscious life.

You might soon experience profound changes and positive shifts in your life and in your health. Your body would start releasing energy blocks in just 2-3 days of doing this and you’ll start feeling better and lighter in your body.

Just in a few days after this, while you are in a deeply aware state of mind, if you just look at an ailing body part of any person, he/she might spontaneously experience instant healing due to the Zero point entrainment process that happens when we feed our consciousness to any ailing body.

Do this and let me know how was your experience. Do connect with me on my number +91 9819858269 or my mail address if you need any further guidance.

Lots of love and wish you a Wonderful 2022 and beyond that’s full of Consciousness and Bliss.

Quantum Healing gives relief to Painful hands and Stiff Fingers in minutes

Quantum Healing never fails to surprise me. I am always amazed at the way the universe so wonderfully creates health and harmony just by feeding it with an intention and creating the right environment for quantum field changes to take place.

Here’s an experience which happened just yesterday (22nd Dec 2021). A lady from a major metro city in India approached me for a healing session. She suffered from lot of pain and stiffness in her hands i.e. finger joints and wrist and was not able to move her palms freely. She was not able to open and close her fingers and was unable to use her hands when she needed to prop her body or get up from a sitting position. She also had fairly severe pain in her feet  and was not able to get up quickly from a sitting position due to this.

The interesting part is that she is herself a Reiki Healer but was not able to resolve this problem using reiki. I agreed to help her with a healing session on video call.

As usual, I got into a deeply silent state of mind called the Zero point and started providing her body with my pure awareness by consciously observing her hands and sensing the bio field of her hands. I started getting vibrations on my palms almost immediately which was clearly the communication from her body that my hands were sensing. I kept listening to the vibrations and other signals with a completely silent and non judgmental mind.

In about 2-3 minutes, she started feeling a flow happening in her hands. She mentioned about tingling, a scratchy feel and waves moving from her hands outwards. She mentioned that she felt vibrations in her fingers. This was happening in both hands but more prominently in her left hand.

within 5-7 minutes, she was feeling a good amount of relief in her hands. I asked her to check her range of motion and she was able to move her fingers properly, open and close her palm and also rotate and shake her hands.

After a while I asked her to change her position to get a better view of her hands and when she  momentarily rested her hands on the bed to adjust her sitting position, she realized that she was able to adjust and align her body posture very easily using her hands which she was not able to do earlier due to lot of pain in her hand.

Soon she started reporting that pain was shifting from one place to another within her hand which indicated to me that a change was definitely underway. Soon she found a good amount of relief in her hands. This was within just 15 minutes of starting the session. I too wasn’t expecting a change so soon.

I then focused myself on her feet. Asked her to place her feet in a way that I could see them on the video call. Within 5 minutes, she had started to feel a distinct change in her feet. in 5 minutes more, there was a further  improvement and then I asked her to get up and walk for a minute to check the change or improvement. She was surprised since when she tried to get up, she was able to very easily get up and walk, which she was not able to do earlier without having lot of pain. With a total of 15 minutes of treatment, she was feeling very relaxed in both her hands and feet.

A short while ago, I got an update from her that since morning, her body is experiencing a gas release. This indicates that her body is clearly in a recovery mode and my experience says that very soon she would get excellent relief from pain.

Quantum healing never fails to surprise me and others too. Do connect with me on my email or my cell number +91 9819858269 to know more about this method or to schedule a healing session for yourself.

Please note that fees for the healing session apply only and only if your body responds to the treatment. else you can choose to pay me absolutely nothing. May god bless you with good health and joy.

To learn this technique, visit my website for which the link is given below:

This has a link to my e-book and Online course on Quantum Healing.